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Petsmart Princess Anne/Landstown store:

YOU MUST LIE TO THE SALES PERSON IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE FISH: Lie about what size tank you have, that is the first question they will ask you.

I went into this Petsmart store to purchase two 27 cents goldfish for my son. I was asked what size tank I had and I told the young man it was about 1 1/2 gallons.

He began to tell me that this fish needs so much space and that was not large enough, and he suggested a Betta fish. These 27 cent goldfish are feeder fish and live in a very crowded tank in Petsmart. So I asked him, "So your telling me that you will not sell me a goldfish". He said that he was not allowed and it was against store policy to do so.

With that I asked him why do they sell Goldfish bowls/containers and questioned him that he would sell these fish as feeders only to be consumed and killed.

I do believe that any of those goldfish would love to live in my 1 1/2 gallon tank verses being sold only to be eaten. I will spend my money else where.

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You are an absolute moron. People like you shouldn't be allowed to keep animals.

Your absolutely dense if you think a quick and easy death for the fish is a better fate then choking on their ammonia, you're really sick. Would you lock a puppy in a box for its whole life? A child in a closet? Fish are living breathing creatures.

And yes they are sold as feaders, because turtles need to eat too. We eat cows, pigs, chickens but they dont deserve to be locked up in a confined space until they slowly die. You are a horrible mother for teaching your child a creature is a toy for their entertainment and doesn't have needs of it's own.

And suggesting to other people to lie to torture an animal is so sickening. I cannot stand people like you who have no respect for life.

@Ps employee

Petsmart refused to sell me a live mouse because it was going to be a feeder mice My snake will not eat frozen mice. Which is more cruel letting one animal starve to death or one being food


IDC YOU WANTED TO “SAVE” THESE FISH!!!!!! Yeah I’m pissed!!!

For another reason!!! FOR REAL!!! I currently have 1 goldfish in a 60 gallon, he is 8 inches long and STILL GROWING these majestic fish live for 10 to 20 years, and can get about a foot in length!!! No goldfish will be healthy in a 1 gallon.

Do not listen to those people that say “they grow to the size of the tank” they DIE FASTER because they will be STUNTED. imagine, would YOU rather be eaten, or shoved in a shoebox? Same goes for the fish. Fish eat other fish, it’s NATURE.

But YOU are ignorant about their care and choose to do “good” by abusing them. YOU ARE DOING NO GOOD. They are in small aquariums at pet stores to be SOLD not live in luxury. Imagine trying to catch a goldfish to sell in a 500 gallon aquarium, just...

No. Here’s the rule: ONE goldfish PER 20 gallons. Every OTHER goldfish, you add 10. (Betta fish require 5 gallon as minimum.

Get you a moss ball, or feeder shrimp. They require nothing, and can live happily in a tiny 1 gallon.)


Seriously? Goldfish can get huge and put out way too much waste. That would be cruelty.


Same thing just happened to me tonight. I wanted a few goldfish for my classroom (10 gallon) aquarium.

Long story short, I was told they could grow to be over a foot long. I replied with , if they do I will take them home to my larger tank. Nope, they still wouldn't sell me the 16 cent goldfish to keep as a classroom pet, but would have if I was going to feed it to another animal.

I don't get it. Also, they had at least 50 goldfish in a 10 gallon tank in the store................


I work at PetSmart, and sadly there are many restrictive fish *** who love to tell customers they aren't adequate to buy this fish. I try to inform people if they aren't fully aware what they're taking on, but ultimately it's your money. And these are fish, not toddlers.


Same thing happened to me today. Wanted 1 gold fish for a gallon tank. Would not sell me a fish.They talked me into a beta fish and now I don't want it.


If the tank is too small it’s a painful death so being eaten is a better death than that! I would not sell you a goldfish for that tank size! Sorry


They are being hypocritical but goldfish need like 30 gallons plus so he was very right not to sell you one because that tank is way too small for a goldfish even if they're cheap


Even though I understand your frustration because I purchased two gold fish today for about $30.00 per fish. The young man ask me the exact same question, what size tank do I have.

I hesitated for a moment because I wanted to buy the fish and not have some one ask me a bunch of questions like I am breaking the law because I want to add a couple more fish to my tank. I told him that I have a 110 gallon tank and a 90 gallon tank. Then he went on to tell me that it is important to have a special tank just for gold fish.

I mention that I had a tank with other fish.

I really felt like the fish police was after me. I told him that I am not a newbie at this. At this moment I purchased the fish and have the gold fish with many other types of fist like, Molly's, Tetra, Guppy, Angel Fish.

I have been doing my best to find out how I can have a tank of fish that can do well together.

Gold fish living with fish that require more heat and a different PH level. Gold fish require colder temps. So I had to come up with an ad ***. PH LEVEL should be 7.0 and the adverge temp for all fish is 74.6 degrees and I would ad *** that to 75 just because Angel fish need a higher temp.

I just don't believe that fish can't live together in a tank unless the eat each other. I been told that my Angel fish may eat my Tetra when the get bigger.

I understand that Gold fish should not live in a small tank because as the fish grows you will stunt the growth as the inside will continue to grow and the fish will die a cruel death. So the truth is they would be better off be feeder fish.

I however buy feeder fish as my cheap pets. I think it is ok for PetSmart to give guidance but to sell fish and discriminate on the basis of an answer seems wrong.

I however would suggest people research fish keeping before getting involved. GOOD LUCK


I just visited Petsmart today. Their feeder comet tank have about 10% dead fish in it, and about 30% of the live fish look too sick to even swim, and they have the nerve to suggest animal cruelty if the customers fish tank is too small? Such hypocrites!


I know this was posted years ago, but....

That employee had every reason to deny you. That is not a big enough set up AT ALL.

Yes, even for a '27 cent' fish. Because obviously a creature's life is only as valuable as how much it's being sold for. Because those fish? Comet goldfish?

Yea, they can reach upwards of two feet very quickly. I doubt you'd be ready for a 50 gallon tank for a single goldfish because 'it's just a GOLDFISH' right?

Others have already explained these fish need a lot of space and grow quickly, and yea you could 'keep one' in a small container but not for long because it would die of debilitating illness and disease. These fish live 20-30+ years, so every time someone has told me 'I kept goldfish, and they did just fine in a bowl... they lived 2 years!' made me want to punch them in the face.

No, they didn't do fine. They probably had a billion health issues and you made them suffer because you didn't want to educated yourself before the purchase/educate yourself after the purchase/didn't care/assumed you knew how to take care of the animal based on heresay. And those fish so lived forever when you were younger you didn't take care of properly? That you 'did it like this when I was a kid and it was fine'?

Yea, I'll bet it died and your parent replaced it constantly without you knowing -like a lot of parents tell me they're doing all the time (so not okay).

And FYI to everyone who wants to cry about 'but they're kept in an overcrowded tank' or 'the tank I bought was the same size' etc..........

PetSmart uses two separate systems. One is for their main system (non-feeders) and the other is for the feeder/comet fish. What you SEE is not the entirety of their system.

The separate 'tanks' you see are not separate. At the store I was at, the main system was about 1000 gallons (and as a customer you could see approximately a fourth of that). That water is constantly being removed, added to, tested, dosed, etc. And the fish are rarely there for any extended amount of time.

The feeder system was about 400 gallons, and about 100 gallons you see as a customer. And we would be empty of the tanks within five days of delivery.

And, yes. It is against store policy to sell an animal into a habitat that will kill it.

Maybe be angry about an ACTUAL issue; not being angry that you're ill-informed and want to just buy an animal, only to have it die, because it cost you a quarter so who cares. I would much rather sell the fish to be eaten (yes, a quick death), rather than to die a slow, sometimes years-long death because someone is an entitled *** who thinks they can just do whatever they want.


Roses are Red Violets are Blue, shut the *** up!


Well you sound plesent, anon knows what he's talking about. If you don't want to listen to reason then that's on you not anon.


Ha ha


Same thing happened to me i had a 10 gallon and they wouldnt sell me 3 comet gold fish for 14 cents


Im sorry but if you think that a goldfish would be happy in a 1 and a half gallon tank than your just ***. To be honest its more morally correct and nice to have them as feeder fish than to have growth stunt , poisen of nitrate, ammonia, ph and phosphate.

Goldfish dont have stomachs there for produce a huge bio load. Making your tank a doom tank for any fish that produce even close to a big bio load. I am so glad that they refused you a goldfish let alone 2. I wouldn't recommend even a Betta if you want some fish get at least a 5 gallon and that for just a betta.

Yes i get it there are hundreds in the tank at pet smart but understand that there tanks are just for a little time while people come in to buy them. Look i bought 5 and put them in a 20 gallon which is wrong. But now those guys are in a 2,700 gallon pond and are 11 inches each.

I understand you wanted a fish and you came in for what you wanted. Sounds like you dont want to change what you want to get but there job is not just to sell the fish but to make sure it can not survive but THRIVE in there new aquarium.


Ok smarty! Petsmart CAN have a lot of feeder fish in one tank because THEY have industrial size filters!

Duh! I'm so happy there are people such as that young man who actually take the time to educate people like you so they can live happy little swimming lives.

So in your mind you suffocating them slowly and allowing them to die in their own high ammonia(which is why they need a larger tank with filtration) is much more humane than a quick swallow? *** me!!!


I just asked the same question and I was told "because as a feeder, they die a quick death and in a small bowl, it would be a slow death". Really?? I'll never shop at petsmart again!


Even the small feeder fish can get to about 12 inches. Goldfish bodies grow to fit the tank they're in, but their organs keep growing.

Not only do they need a large amount of space for that reason, they need heavily filtered water because they produce a lot of waste. Waste produces ammonia, and ammonia kills fish.

Pet stores that carry any kind of fish bowl intend them for use with betta fish, though I don't recommend putting even a betta in anything less than 5 gallons.