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Petsmart Princess Anne/Landstown store:

YOU MUST LIE TO THE SALES PERSON IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE FISH: Lie about what size tank you have, that is the first question they will ask you.

I went into this Petsmart store to purchase two 27 cents goldfish for my son.I was asked what size tank I had and I told the young man it was about 1 1/2 gallons.

He began to tell me that this fish needs so much space and that was not large enough, and he suggested a Betta fish. These 27 cent goldfish are feeder fish and live in a very crowded tank in Petsmart. So I asked him, "So your telling me that you will not sell me a goldfish". He said that he was not allowed and it was against store policy to do so.

With that I asked him why do they sell Goldfish bowls/containers and questioned him that he would sell these fish as feeders only to be consumed and killed.

I do believe that any of those goldfish would love to live in my 1 1/2 gallon tank verses being sold only to be eaten.I will spend my money else where.

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Channelview, Texas, United States #1347700

I just visited Petsmart today. Their feeder comet tank have about 10% dead fish in it, and about 30% of the live fish look too sick to even swim, and they have the nerve to suggest animal cruelty if the customers fish tank is too small? Such hypocrites!


I know this was posted years ago, but....

That employee had every reason to deny you.That is not a big enough set up AT ALL.

Yes, even for a '27 cent' fish. Because obviously a creature's life is only as valuable as how much it's being sold for. Because those fish? Comet goldfish?

Yea, they can reach upwards of two feet very quickly. I doubt you'd be ready for a 50 gallon tank for a single goldfish because 'it's just a GOLDFISH' right?

Others have already explained these fish need a lot of space and grow quickly, and yea you could 'keep one' in a small container but not for long because it would die of debilitating illness and disease. These fish live 20-30+ years, so every time someone has told me 'I kept goldfish, and they did just fine in a bowl... they lived 2 years!' made me want to punch them in the face.

No, they didn't do fine. They probably had a billion health issues and you made them suffer because you didn't want to educated yourself before the purchase/educate yourself after the purchase/didn't care/assumed you knew how to take care of the animal based on heresay. And those fish so lived forever when you were younger you didn't take care of properly? That you 'did it like this when I was a kid and it was fine'?

Yea, I'll bet it died and your parent replaced it constantly without you knowing -like a lot of parents tell me they're doing all the time (so not okay).

And FYI to everyone who wants to cry...

PetSmart uses two separate systems. One is for their main system (non-feeders) and the other is for the feeder/comet fish. What you SEE is not the entirety of their system.

The separate 'tanks' you see are not separate. At the store I was at, the main system was about 1000 gallons (and as a customer you could see approximately a fourth of that). That water is constantly being removed, added to, tested, dosed, etc. And the fish are rarely there for any extended amount of time.

The feeder system was about 400 gallons, and about 100 gallons you see as a customer. And we would be empty of the tanks within five days of delivery.

And, yes. It is against store policy to sell an animal into a habitat that will kill it.

Maybe be angry about an ACTUAL issue; not being angry that you're ill-informed and want to just buy an animal, only to have it die, because it cost you a quarter so who cares.I would much rather sell the fish to be eaten (yes, a quick death), rather than to die a slow, sometimes years-long death because someone is an entitled *** who thinks they can just do whatever they want.

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Riverside, Alabama, United States #1325765

Same thing happened to me i had a 10 gallon and they wouldnt sell me 3 comet gold fish for 14 cents


Im sorry but if you think that a goldfish would be happy in a 1 and a half gallon tank than your just ***.To be honest its more morally correct and nice to have them as feeder fish than to have growth stunt , poisen of nitrate, ammonia, ph and phosphate.

Goldfish dont have stomachs there for produce a huge bio load. Making your tank a doom tank for any fish that produce even close to a big bio load. I am so glad that they refused you a goldfish let alone 2. I wouldn't recommend even a Betta if you want some fish get at least a 5 gallon and that for just a betta.

Yes i get it there are hundreds in the tank at pet smart but understand that there tanks are just for a little time while people come in to buy them. Look i bought 5 and put them in a 20 gallon which is wrong. But now those guys are in a 2,700 gallon pond and are 11 inches each.

I understand you wanted a fish and you came in for what you wanted.Sounds like you dont want to change what you want to get but there job is not just to sell the fish but to make sure it can not survive but THRIVE in there new aquarium.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1252959

Ok smarty!Petsmart CAN have a lot of feeder fish in one tank because THEY have industrial size filters!

Duh! I'm so happy there are people such as that young man who actually take the time to educate people like you so they can live happy little swimming lives.

So in your mind you suffocating them slowly and allowing them to die in their own high ammonia(which is why they need a larger tank with filtration) is much more humane than a quick swallow?*** me!!!


I just asked the same question and I was told "because as a feeder, they die a quick death and in a small bowl, it would be a slow death". Really?? I'll never shop at petsmart again!

to Anonymous Beaverton, Oregon, United States #1318915

Even the small feeder fish can get to about 12 inches.Goldfish bodies grow to fit the tank they're in, but their organs keep growing.

Not only do they need a large amount of space for that reason, they need heavily filtered water because they produce a lot of waste.Waste produces ammonia, and ammonia kills fish.

Pet stores that carry any kind of fish bowl intend them for use with betta fish, though I don't recommend putting even a betta in anything less than 5 gallons.


No.They would not like to live in your one and a half gallon aquarium.

Minimum tank size for fancy gold fish is 20 gallons and ten gallons for every additional goldfish. Single tail goldfish is a completely different story. They require so much more space.

I would rather them have a quick death at the hand of a turtle than to suffer tremendously in the inadequate living space you have provided.Do some research before you purchase your child an animal and don't be surprised if you are declined the sale of a living breathing creature because you clearly have no clue what you're doing nor do you have any business owning an animal.


The reason for this is because those feeders get huge. They do not stay small, and can get up to 8 inches


So ya i get wat everyone here is saying about how fish need more room especially goldfish but wat i cant get over are the comments about hobbiests and children..really?

Thats wat u call yourselves? Hobbyists? Idk why but for some reason that jus sounds terribly wrong to me..and as for the comments about children having no place in any animals life even a fish? Thats B.S.!!

When i was a kid ya i didnt know about filters but i was 8 years old and took pride and care in my one fish that most ppl of any age would.. i was the one to teach myself how to clean the tank, feed him and tell what his colours meant when they changed and i learnt on my own that they actually breathe air which btw weirded me ouy at the Time lol.. point being? Just because some of u r close minded jerks doesnt mean that every kid is a danger or risk to animals..

and jus in case anyone was wondering? I got my fish for my 8th birthday and had it until i was almost 12 which is when it died amd that was because i had to give him away and the family that had him didnt listen to the rules i had set out.. and they were adults !! ..

dont always assume that kids shouldnt hav anything to do wit these little creatures..

it doesnt only teach them about responsibility and pride..it teaches them about respect!!

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