We made an appointment at the groomer's days in advance because of how booked they were. When we arrived every grooming table was taken and three dogs were waiting.

It took the associate 10 minutes to even acknowledge our presence. While we were standing there a gentleman came in to pick up his dog and it took them almost as much time to greet him. And it wasn't even the girl at the front desk, but a groomer in the very back of the room that asked if she could help him!

They were very helpful allowing us to postpone the appointment until later that day to retrieve our forgotten paperwork, and I'm thankful they did---we began calling other groomers in the area who quoted us $20-30 less than Petsmart---almost half the price! When my husband called to cancel the appointment he was met with a, "Hullo...whaddit ya say?" They seemed over booked and over worked and we will be going elsewhere, where our dog can have a less stressful and more positive experience.

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You cost whomever was to groom your dog that day money. And prevented another client, probably loyal one, from getting in.

You took that spot up for days , forgot the only thing they asked you to remember, were nice enough to rebook you, then you f them over???? Why didnt you call around for prices BEFORE you booked??? Wow. Cheap too.

Really classy.

Entitled much? You probably drive a mercedes suv.


so you were irritated that they were booked? or that they were busy?

and you forgot your paperwork and they still wer able to squeeze you in? i dont understand what the problem is.

you were just shopping around anyway for the cheapest so why does it matter if the place was busy? that usually means something.

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