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Took my cat to get her nails trimmed. She was feral when I rescued her as a kitten and gets skittish only if someone else takes her out of carrier.

They insisted on taking her out. She got vocal when lady tried to get her out. So she put on arm guards, got a nail stuck in the guard, tore half of it off. The cat wet herself.

And she said I should have a vet sedate her. I went right to petco after. They let me take her out.

No problems with trim. Never going to petsmart again.

Review about: Petsmart Cat.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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If your cat won't even let them take her out of the carrier why would they trust she'd let them cut their nails? They have to cut nails on the grooming table, they typically would have the carrier on the table and move the cat directly, avoiding any carrying the cat loose because it can be very risky, for safety reasons the policy is customers can't come back to the grooming tables so for you to take the cat out the employees would have to cary the agitated cat freely back there to the table.

I assume if your cat escaped while doing so you would be upset? I'm glad petco managed to do it but their decision makes perfect sense to me.

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