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I took my 4 and 1/2 month yorkie for grooming in the store in wayne NJ and was appauled at the way the groomer was talking to one of the other dogs. When it was my turn she looked as if she was having a bad day.

This did not sit well with me. She was very rude. She looked at my 4 month old puppy and said that she moved to much, and her hair would have to be shaved off of her legs. She had no patiences at all.

She should look into another kind of work. Nervous dogs should not have to deal with her treatment.

Review about: Petsmart Customer Care.

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I am a groomer. My service is ONE APPOINTMENT at a time, because no one likes an assembly line.

Each fur-baby is an INDIVIDUAL, just like humans, and they have their own little personalities, likes, fears, etc. Fur-kids need lots of patience, and all of the hustle and bustle, barking, noise, etc stresses them out. You have to be extra gentle and loving with them.

****This is extremely important and I tell this to ALL of my customers.... If you go to any groom shop or pet sitting establishment with your fur-kid - and you feel the "UH OH" feeling in your guts ---- LEAVE!

Trust your guts - ALWAYS!!! You have your PICK of groomers and sitters - there are TONS of us out there - you don't have to put up with ANY mistreatment or BS with you or your baby!

These are not DOGS anymore - these are our family members!


To egh I did not stay. Only a fool would stay and have services rendered by an unpleasent person. I have to much respect for myself and my puppy Lola !


Then why did you continue to stay and have your dog checked in to be groomed? Puppies are not going to sit well.

Unless it was matted (tight knots that the puppy would not tolerate being brushed out)

You knew it wasn't a nice pleasant feeling when you arrived there so its partly your fault as well.

If your uncomfortable at a place when you arrive leave. This is your dog not theirs.


:) Thanks, wish I lived closer to you!


I agree. Customer service is number 2.

Being good with the dogs is number 1. I personally love the wiggle butts and the difficult dogs that need extra TLC. I love to turn it around for them and make them enjoy the spa day. All my staff are the same.

In particular, puppies need extra sweet talk and positive reassurance.

There has to be a certain amount of fun and discipline to have them good for their life time of grooming. Next time, come to us in NY!

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