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My 3 year old son got a new Shih Tzu puppy for Christmas, and he was excited beyond words!He would have it no other way than for the dog to sleep in his room beside his bed from day 1.

Last Saturday, March 15 2014, we took him for his first ever grooming day. He got a bath, nails cut, and hair cut. By the following Monday he acted like he didn't feel good. Keep in mind this puppy was wired!

Bouncing off the walls 24/7. By Tuesday he started vomiting, took him to the vet. By Wednesday he couldn't walk or eat. By Thursday second trip to the vet where he never left!

Diagnosed with Parvo. Vet said he had to have gotten it from another dog. He was never around any other dog except for his trip to Petsmart in Oxford, MS for grooming.

Beware!Its not a pleasant thing to try and explain to a 3 year old his new puppy isn't coming home!

Review about: Petsmart Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.


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How old was your puppy?Did you give it all of the needed shots?

It honestly sounds like it came from a puppy mill.

"Local breeder" probably means pet store.AKA: puppy mill.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #816283

Do yourself a favor and google Puppy Mill Mississippi. You won't be wondering why your new "healthy" puppy from a pet store came down with Parvo. Don't support the mistreatment of animals.

to Erin Chicago, Illinois, United States #816288

Erin, can you tell us exactly how you assumed this puppy was bought from a "puppy mill" or even a "pet store?" Neither are true! This puppy was bought from a local breeder in our home town that we know personally with an excellent reputation as a breeder as well as being genuine good people. Your assumptions were way off base.

to s_hill Orange, California, United States #816379

Can you just grow up and admit you killed your puppy instead of blaming it on pet smart? Have you sold it's carcus to a Korean restaurant yet?

to s_hill #816519

Sorry for your loss.

to s_hill #862522

It's called inbreeding. Kinda kills the immune system when your $800 pup came from dad humping daughter to make your little miracle. Pure breed parvovirus goodness

Portola Valley, California, United States #804720

The reality is that if you did not bleach your shoes or remove them before entering your home, you could have brought the disease home that way from your own community in places you walked.Sadly, the vet did not inform you of that.


I'm sorry for your loss. It's a terrible sickness. Just like any microscopic illness, you never know where it could be lurking in any environment.

Your vet should not assume that's where it was transmitted if you haven't been sanitary to begin with.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #797885

Its very horriblethat your puppy died but it is certainly NOT petsmarts fault.It is yours.

Why was your puppy not vaccinated with its puppy shots? Parvo is so so so contagious that unless your puppy was NEVER going to ever step foot outside, not even to go to the bathroom ever(obviously this would never happen) then he should have been vaccinated.

It is not petsmarts fault yyou failed to care properly for a puppy who depended on you to give him everything he needed.Also,thete is no way to even tell if your puppy got it from petsmart

to Ericarae11 Mesa, Arizona, United States #797886

I just saw thatyou actually had the puppy properly vaccinated so i apologize for saying it was your fault.I am actually a groomer at petsmart, and the only shots we REQUIRE by law is the rabies shot, but obviously we HIGHLY recommend that your dog have all its other shots as well.

Parvo is a very scary disease too. Your puppy didnt have to even come in contact with a dog to get it, when you stepped out of your car in the parking lot he could have picked it up from the grund there, or even in your drive way, anywhere another dog could have passed by and left it behind.

Or your puppy could have contracted the virus before you had him vaccinated from wherever you got him from(this is a very common and horrible problem when you get from "breeders") it may have laid dormant that whole time and then the stress of his first experience at the groomers may have brought it out.Again, im sorry for what i said and sorry forvyour puppy.

to Ericarae11 San Antonio, Texas, United States #797925

You are a very inconsiderate individual.They lost their pet.

Did you know that vaccinations are not 100%. Just because you work at PetSmart, doesn't make you an authority. PetSmart does not monitor every pet's vaccinations when pets come in the door, nor do they sanitize the floor constantly, therefore, this puppy could have very well contracted Parvo from PetSmart.

PS...this is a website to vent on.

Your views don't matter to these people. Let people vent. Butt out!

Oh, and learn to spell, type and punctuate properly!:roll

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