class is a joke trainer allowed dogs to jump on her and really what is covered would and should take 10 minutes. Then they let you loose in the store to view their products oh I mean to "train" your dog Don't wast your time or money.

This is a rip off.While trainer is nice I doubt her ability to run a class.Some of the behavior of dogs should elimninate them from class as they are to aggresive or disruptive to be in this setting.Again save your time and money.Wasting words as there is nothing else to say

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Thats not usually how it goes with the training classes I personally was involved in one myself and what the trainers (as there were two for my store) did with the classes was amazing. They let you go out in the store so that you can get more room for you to do what they are trying to train your dog to do. I guess every trainer is different but just because you had a bad experience doesnt mean that everyone does.


Get a one to one class. Problem solved.

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