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Full Refund and an Apology from the Manager

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Warning: This is a razor injury that the groomer put on the left side of my precious pet’s head near her ear. This is terribly traumatizing, inexcusable, unethical and unprofessional!

Original review posted by user Mar 15

Warning***Warning***Protect Your Pet from PetSmart!

This is the Worst grooming salon ever! For my grooming appointment at PetSmart, I clearly specified with Brooke (and called back in 10 minutes to confirm) that my dog Billie's beautiful fluffy hair would only be cut down at the most 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch, and not cut down to her skin. She only had a couple of small matted spots. When I picked up my dog, she looked like skin and bones with an ugly Cockapoo cut. Almost all of her hair is gone and she now has red raw spots at the joint of her front legs and behind both ears from being shaved too much. To think that I was made to wait four hours for this huge disservice! Poor little Billie was so traumatized, she was unable to calm down and kept trying to get out of the grooming salon. I don’t blame her. My blood pressure was so high from being devastated, frustrated and upset that I was put on bed rest, in observation at the hospital because I passed out on the way to my car. Thank God for kind Good Samaritans who assisted me.

To add insult to injury, I was grossly overcharged twice for Brush/Demat/Scissor 1 hour at $28.00, for a whopping total of $140.00, which is very unprofessional, unprecedented and unfair. Specifically, Brooke told me she had to charge me extra for the dematting. Usually with bath, grooming and dematting, I pay a total of $60- $72.00 at the most and add a tip. Why charge me so much money when all that was done was shave my dog nearly bald? Now she’s ugly and trembles a lot because she has no hair to keep her warm. Apparently, the groomers are poorly skilled with regards to dematting hair.

Furthermore, they won’t release your dog until you pay, which is not the way a business should be run. First, you should see the services performed. Obviously, they know what a terrible disservice they offer by butchering customers’ pets, no matter what customers requested. No support from the grooming manager sitting in front of me. Brooke should be fired for such unprofessional, terrible, inconsiderate service. I have Never before seen such disregard for consistency with corporate guidance and price statements given to pet parents before in my life. The PetSmart grooming staff should provide the correct service as requested, without changing standard prices on customers, instead of actively trying to rip customers off.

Do not go to PetSmart. Save your money. Protect your pet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Grooming Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $140.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Petsmart Cons: Animal abuse, Groomers do not follow customer instructions, Managers or costumer service.

  • Poor Customer Care
  • Animal Abuse
  • Petsmart Signal Hill
  • Petsmart Grooming Service
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Why do people buy dog breeds they cannot groom ? Then expect a groomer to demat a dog without any pain , no stress , or time?

It’s imposible .

If you buy a long haired breed , learn to care for the coat before you buy the breed, don’t expect someone to make a matted dog look like a show dog in a few hours ! Talk sense .


It is impossible to quickly learn everything about how to care for any dog when you suddenly become a pet owner by rescuing a dog. Someone in serious financial crisis recently asked me to take this pet and give it a home so it would not have to live in the streets.

There is a lot to learn on the fly especially when you have not owned a dog for many years. I’m doing the best I can on short notice. No one else would help. This is a huge responsibility and my civic duty.

Know all of the facts before you offer a comment. Talk sense.


I do agree. If dog has long hair it must be brushed every day.

Then when taken to groomer.

There isn't a lot of matting. Duh


I take excellent care of my dog with daily brushing and a thorough daily healthy regimen. My dog looks show room gorgeous and receives compliments every day.

Therefore, I have not used any grooming services since this incident. There is No need for any further comments from you.

You had your chance to provide excellent service and failed. Case closed.


Again, I did not buy this dog. Since this review, I’ve learned how to care for this rescued pet breed on my own. She is in excellent health and looks show room gorgeous every day.