I will never ever go to the PetsMart at 20 mile in Parker, Co. The male vet is an arrogant ***.

He makes you wait FOREVER in the exam room and then he walks in like he is a god. He doesn't even act like he likes animals. How low is Petsmart going to hire such heartless uncaring vets.

The nurses and reception people are a thousand times warmer and approachable then this ***.

This is the second time I have been unfortunate to get this vet.

If I knew what days he worked I would avoid these days. Please Petsmart fire this horrible man.

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Petsmart and Banfield Pet Hospital are not the same business.


ok people if banfield is not part of petsmart what the heck is it doing inside of petsmart? anyway I also had a bad experience with those "vets" I started taking my pets to a real animal hospital, forget petsmart


"Fire the horrible man". I had to LOL.

Do you realize that they would have to fire hundreds of vets? Lmao sad times in the cold and dreery NorthWest...

Go see Dr.

Kevin Fitzgerald at Alameda East. Good honest knowledgeable vets are hard to find...


if you do not like that Vet and they have more than 1 you can request to only see the Vet you like and not the other one or you could even try another Banfield in your area if there is one.

and the Vet is Banfield not Petsmart

good luck


Petsmart does not hire the vet or any other employees of the vet. Your complaint is against Banfield, they are a seperate company apart from petsmart. Maybe if you voice your complaint to banfield you may see some results.

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