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some employees really do love the pets and do the best they can with the help they are given. The boarded pets are neglected 95% of the time because there is never enough staff to care for the pets that do not have play time/day camp scheduled.

The tall atrium rooms you see are not given to all pets. If you have a "small" pet(PetSmart standards) and that includes golden, husky and lab puppies, they will be put in a room that they can only stand and make a full circle with their body. So when you hear "upper or lower" 300 or 400 room number that's the small rooms you aren't able to see. Its all about money and how many reservations can be booked, even requiring call center to overbook.

If you leave your pet at the hotel book the lobby(display) suite only, customers can see the pets full room so they will be taken care of for sure. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAT THERE EVER!! The cat stays in shoe box size room and might come out for 5mins to scoop litter. If you cat doesn't like strangers they will NOT be let out.

I have no reason to make up anything, PetSmart did not treat me badly and I was not fired. Someone should take video footage of a day at the hotel, especially during holidays. The individual playtime will be done wherever you can find a spot, a small bathing room or laundry area because the day camp rooms are used from 9am-5pm and corporate is aware of this. DO NOT TAKE PET THERE DURING ANY HOLIDAYS, its too chaotic and traumatizing for pets when busy season comes (Oct 25th-Jan 6th).

I miss all the pets even the grumpy cat that hated everyone, a lot of my co workers and managers that break their backs caring for these pets but are not given the help or tools needed to ensure every pet is getting the care/attention that pet parents are paying for. That's why hotel staff seems annoyed or always stressed. I have never seen or heard of a staff member physically or intentionally hurting any animal because of stressors from the job, just unintentional neglect that they have no control over. The pics below are just showing sizes of pets rooms, bathing room and laundry area doesn't look like that when being used for individual playtimes, just showing the space.

the room with vomit/*** is showing that when 1 overnight associate is scheduled(more than 1/2 the year) can not open and clean room due to PetSmart safety policy. You can be fired for opening a room unless the pet is seizing or dying.

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Seems like more staffing and more space is necessary.

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