Be aware!!!!. I took my dog this morning to the pet smart in Orlando, Fl 8219 S John Young Pkwy.

When i picked him up the lady told me that by mistake she hurt a little his tongue. After paying and going to my car, I saw that she actually cut a whole piece of his tongue and he was bleeding. We talked to the manager and they send me to the vet where they say they cant do anything about it.

I think this is crazy. I'm really mad and i will never take him to this place again....

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Manager.

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Petco or any of those pet store groomers are the same way, please stop taking your pet to those idiots. I heard they don't have to even be licensed to be a groomer.

I volunteer with the cats at a petco for a shelter and just this past Friday, I heard the groomer yelling at the dog. God knows if she was yanking it, I couldn't see. Don't trust grooming your pets at pet stores , for your pets safety, if you love them.

Or wait with them and watch. Don't leave your pets side for gosh sakes!

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, United States #1234463

Sue them you have two years so sue them.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1039331

The people in this world today have no respect for anyone. I don't trust a single person and this is why.

ACCIDENTS do happen but, if you are a professional and injure my baby, you best contact me as soon as possible !!!!!

NOPE,NOT HAPPENING IN THIS DAY AND AGE !! I am so sorry for ignorance and people that just don't care.

Florida, United States #931138

Really? Accidents happen?!

Are u people morons. U can control cutting a tongue but since the shltty groomer knew it happened they should have told the owner right away or had the dog looked at by banfield and taken care of free of charge. The shady groomer tried to hide it. Who cares if pets are like kids or family.

Who cares?!!! They're ANIMALS and should be treated with utmost care. It doesn't matter what emotional damage it causes to the pet parents u retards. It's about the safety of the animal stupids.

Cutting a tongue is grounds for getting fired or a lawsuit or at least getting the dog treatment. We don't own pets were just temporarily taking care of them or permanently.

People give the dumbest reasons and no accidents do NOT HAPPEN LIKE THIS. GET HELP CREEPS

South Bend, Indiana, United States #892272

Sorry this happened to your little friend. From some of the horror stories I've read here about Pet Smart, you may be fortunate, that was all that happened.

Hopefully he heals fast.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #789081

I groom my own dog. Because it calms him, he licks continuously while I do it.

The scissors, my hands, etc. It's never happened to me, but this isn't that unusual.


dogs stick there tongues out all the time during grooming. it is actually a very common place for a dog to get cut.

i have seen some dogs try to like shears and clippers.

they dont just stand there like statues all the time. so before we go assuming the groomer is shoving shears in the dogs mouth for sh*ts and giggles lets take a second and think logically here.

to anon San Marino, California, United States #892283

Children wiggle around quite a bit too, but you don't expect their stylist to cut their tongue in the process. Some pets are loved just like a family member, so when they're hurt, it can be an emotional experience for the person who loves and cares for them.

This owner has earned the right to be upset, and this forum has supplied a place for her to do so, whether anyone else approves or not, or whether or not having a piece of one's tongue cut off is "a common occurrence."

The vitriol isn't needed; it helps no one.

to Breck Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #903973

I understand your point and you are very right the pet parent has every right to be upset but they need to understand accidents happen. This is not a child that we only trim the hair on their head that is away from their mouth but a dog where we trim very close to the mouth.

Children also understand a lot more than a puppy does. Its a terrible thing when a puppy is injured but we cannot always stop it. I work at a petsmart where we are very careful not to injure dogs but 99.9% of the dogs that come in are excited or nervous and most wiggly on the table.

many do lick our instruments that could harm them we try our best but we are not perfect. I apologize to the pet parent and I wish your baby well.

to Breck #941241

Seriously?? Your kids stylist cuts the hair on their head.

They don't go near their face. Dogs move, thrash and move unexpectedly, and even try to *** scissors and clippers, nail trimmers, dremels, so it is very possibly to nick a tongue.

If it's so easy do it yourself.

What an idiotic comparison.


If feel sad for your dog and you. Pet co's grooming abuse needs to stopped!

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #694513

I hope you reported this to their corporate office and to authorities for mistreatement of animals.

There is no reason to have any kind of sharp object near the inside of animals mouth. NOT at a groomer, anyways.

I have actually seen abuse take place at a petsmart groomer. Thankfully, at one that I don't go to on a normal basis... but a groomer was nipped by a dog and she turned around and punched him in the head.

Can't say I'm very impressed with their actions.

to Danielle #807196

Danielle and others you don't know what you're talking about. Grooming a dog is extremely dangerous!

Sharp objects are constantly around them. How do you think we get the hair by their mouth? With clippers and shears! As groomers we don't intentionally hurt dogs.

They are extremely nervous and wiggly and we practice patience everyday!

It brings us down when a dog is hurt while in our care. Your dog is a completely different dog when with us, they're scared, confused, and so wiggly!

to Danielle #941242

Nobody puts scissors in a dog's mouth!!! That is ridiculous.

Dogs don't stand still like statues and don't know scissors are sharp.

Groomers do need to use scissors to trim the hair on the face.

Do you think they just ask it nicely to trim itself??? Maybe you should watch somebody groom a dog's face and then you'll understand and not say things that make you sound like a ***.

to Danielle #998411

Lol that is ridiculous Danielle. There is HAIR, around dogs mouths.

So therefore, that IS a valid reason that shears and clippers (both of which are sharp...) do need to go near the mouth... So your comment on the sharp objects not needing to be near the mouth.. Is ignorant.

Now I am not directing anger at the pet parent who wrote the original post, just an ignorant comment that was made.

I wish the pet parent well and while I do agree that accidents happen (I am a groomer), this was rather extreme if I'm reading correctly and that the tongue was not nicked or scraped, and an actual chunk was taken out. The groomer had no right to not tell you the whole truth. That was wrong. Whenever I've cut a dog in the past, I've showed it to the owner, so that there is nothing that's going to come as a surprise.

I'm sorry this happened to you and your pup.

This does not happen just at Petsmart. Anywhere that dogs are groomed, there are accidents, and unfortunately ANYWHERE you go, there are bound to be some dishonest, insincere people

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