I have bought quite a few things from petsmart.But recently I have realized I'm only buying animals to get them out of that horrible place.

Every guinea pig I have brought home has had to go to the vet for medicine and further treatment. What happened to vet assured pets?! None of them have lived past a year old. I swear they are all interbred and sick.

They also sell rabbit pellets that have stuff in it that kills rabbits. My bunny nearly died last week because of the food they recommended for me. It had terrible ingredients. I spend $200 at the vets to get the food out of her system.

They don't know anything about small animals. They just want your money. Once I brought back a guinea pig and demanded them to pay for it to get vet help. They told me to pick another guinea pig and they would deal with the sick one.

I said no I want this Guinea pig that's why I picked it. They kept her for a week and then gave me her back. I don't know what they did. But a few months later she died.

I'm disgusted that they are in it for the money. Not for the love of pets. I refuse to buy anything from there anymore because they don't love animals. They love money.

I hate Petsmart. I don't recommend it to anyone. Also. The small animals never have clean water.

They never have food. And the birds get trapped under the toys they put in their cages. My friend just had to bring back a hamster because it was sick. They made him pick a new one.

And I bet they just threw the other one in the garbage.Sick bastards.

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Pooler, Georgia, United States #884263

I feel 100% the same!I have rescued 3 rats from PetSmart in the past year and 2 of them have died from Pneumonia.

The first rattie I got was sick from the get go and I took him to my local vet and got him on antibiotics and he passed away a couple of days later, luckily his brother didn't catch anything but had to mourn for weeks! I thought Pipsqueaks' death was a freak accident and months later I decided to get another rat for Cheezus (his older brother) b/c rats have a happier life with a companion in their cage.When I brought my third rat home he seemed fine and within 2 weeks I noticed the same symptoms as Pipsqueak, rushed him to the vet today got him meds and he died a few hours ago :(.... I'm heartbroken for these poor innocent lives cut short and the families that have to deal with PetSmart's negligence. When I talked to the manager about my ratties (just to spread awareness and warn them) all they did was tell me to bring in my dead baby and get a new one?

or I should have gave him to them and they would of took him to their vet(if you sold me a sick rat why in the *** would I trust your vet)?

I was disgusted....Just be careful when adopted pets and don't go to the petshops or you'll feel like I have to feel :( DO NOT ADOPT FROM PETSMART!!!!!!!!!

Animal Lover and Proud Rat Mommy


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Pet Shops should not be able to sell animals.I've seen puppies laying in their waste and lying on metal to allow the urine and waste to fall down.

These animals should not be subjected to this treatment.Puppy mills need to be shut down and if pet stores would stop harboring them, maybe this cycle will stop.

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