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I have been giving my two dogs Simply Nourish grain-free dog food for about a year now with no problem. However, yesterday (11/8/17) I purchased a bag of the Simply Nourish Adult Grain Free dog food, took it home and fed my dogs.

30 minutes later I was wondering why they hadn't finished all the food in their bowls... I opened the plastic container the dog food bag is held in and it was infested with worms... the bag was filthy and has plenty of evidence that it had been infested for some time now. There was worms crawling out of the dog's bowls...

Absolutely pissed, disgusted and disappointed to find this. Petsmart customer service couldn't care less. That is the last time I purchase any Petsmart brand dog food.

BEWARE. This specific bag was the Chicken & Turkey recipe, adult large breed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Simply Nourish Chicken And Turkey Recipe Dog Food.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $41.

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My 4 month old dog has a large spike in eosinophils and is in acute renal failure (kidney)This number shows on a complete blood count test aka CBC. The doctor doesn’t know why this is.

She keeps saying it it is a strange case. I’ve only fed my dog the simply nourish puppy chicken and rice. In fact we are still on the first bag. I keep hearing complaints about moldy food.

I’m just wondering if the food is casing the issue. Has anyone ever experience this. We have exhaled every possibility but the food one. Please help.

My puppy is not well she is 4 pounds. She has been getting iv fluids for two day. Any thoughts. I’m not accusing the food company just keep reading bad reviews.

I just need to know if it is a possibility. I’ve taking her off of it completely and giving her land foods the vet sent home.


I had posted on Facebook about this issue on 5/23/16 and it’s still Happening! So disgusting. https://www.facebook.com/59404413854/posts/10210093216991487?s=1369347514&v=i&sfns=mo


SAME!!!! And PetSmart made me feel as though I stored it wrong.

Just ordered a bag from CHEWY and had the same problem!!! This is my third bag of WORMS!!!!!


Just got a bag from simply nourish around the same time with dead moths and it's cacoons spun in it. Disgusting!


It could also be how long the bags were sitting on the shelf.


This can happen with the dog foods that have minimal preservatives. Take it back for a refund or exchange.