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Above is a photo of Don Lee, the manager who assaulted me at the PetSmart store in Whitby, Ontario. I've learned that he has now been transferred to the PetSmart store in Scarborough, Ontario. This is the most recent photo of him at work. Beware!

*Original Story"

I visited the PetSmart store in Whitby, Ontario, Canada on the weekend of February 26, 2011 to purchase packets of Whiskas tender bites food for my newly adopted cat. So this was my first visit to the store. As I was searching in the cat food aisle, I received a text message on my phone that I was expecting from a friend. I immediately removed my phone from my coat pocket and responded and put the phone back into my pocket. I then see a man quickly approach me from the other end of the aisle, at which point he violently shoves me up against the aisle, refusing to let me go. A female customer in the store came to my aid after hearing me shouting and screaming and told the man to get his hands off me. I then realize that it was the stores general manager Don who just assaulted me, and he was accusing me of stealing and asked me to empty my pockets. I asked the the female customer to call the police and refused to empty my pockets until they arrived. Two police officers arrived approximately five minutes later as we all waited in the aisle. This immediately caused a spectacle in the store, as dozens of customers and employees watched as the police questioned us. The police asked me to remove everything in my pockets, only to find my cell phone and car keys. I did not steal anything! A police report was filed, however no charged were laid because I decided I would like to address the issue with a civil action(I am currently planning a lawsuit with my lawyer). I was never given an apology by Don, I only received an email from PetSmart head office with an apology which seemed like an automated message after complaining to them after the incident. I will never visit this store again as this was the most appalling and embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me!

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Stealing is bad, if you had nothing to hide, you would emptied your pockets right away


That is not a picture of Don Lee - and I am sure that police officer has not approved having his picture taken and posted. Please don't post false claims.