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I bought a toy for my puppy, he liked that it squeaks but 20 min. into playing material was torn.

Today I was at Pet smart to get money back, Betty cashier was polite and professional, she called the manager, young man name starts with J who in front of all the other customers told me my pet was destructive, he was rude beyond words. so instead of buying another toy there i will never go back. There are other pet stores around.

No one buys toy for 20 min of fun. Although money was finally returned the treatment was rude.

Review about: Petsmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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All dogs should be supervised while playing. For moderate to aggressive chewers, no dog toy will hold up, even the extreme Kong rubber toys are not strong enough.

Why should a store take a loss for a used chewed up toy?

Know your dog, it's the owner's responsibility. You should not return used toys back to the store.


I have owned dogs for over 25 years. Only one of them didn't destroy toys in 30 minutes.

My advice is rope toys, tennis balls, rawhides, nylabones, etc. The stuff meant for chewers.

to Anonymous #1391560

Rawhides!? They are extremely dangerous and unhealthy for dogs.


I don't think their toys are the best i bought a DURABLE toy there and my 4 month old puppy has already eaten parts of it so don't think buy a better toy will work to be honest nylabones are the best


It usually depends on which manager is there. I've known of past managers at my store who tend to err on the side that the customer is lying or untruthful.

I usually am swayed by how the pet parent displays the problem. If you come at me barking and screaming and mad, chances are you won't leave completely satisfied.

If you're rational and friendly and can explain your problem, I'm all ears. Its a case by case situation, but in this instance, I would have given the refund.


I would suggest that you buy a more durable toy that your dog wont destroy. PetSmart return policy is very relaxed and people take advantage of it all the time.

I've had pet parents try to return damaged toys up to two months after buying them because that is our policy. Too many people take advantage and buy cheap toys and then return them instead of buying a toy that will last


I wrote the earlier post saying buy a harder toy! well just wanted to give a suggestion, but your dog a tug of war rope or a rubber bone! those work well :)


Its sounds like to me that you just want you money back or a free toy! My cat tears her toys up in 10 minutes and her teeth are mouth are much smaller then a dogs!

A dog can chew a toy up in 2 minutes! Dogs purposly chew to get the squeeker out! Thats why they put them in there! If you want your dog to have a longer lasting toy buy a rubber toy or a very hard material toy, not a cotton plush toy with a squeekers in it!

Those get tore up quick! Common sence should tell you that!


dog toys get destroyed, that's how it is. Puppies are destructive.

Its common sense. My dogs are very rough players and can destroy a toy within minutes.

i don't expect anybody to reimburse me for this. I just have to pay more money for more expensive toys that are more durable.

to ----- #1391561

Hmm, how about the $20+ alleged durable toys and they're coming apart within 5minutes? Exactly. Don't think owners don't do their research and buy what they believe is true what is posted about a toy.


they should stand behind their products, especially when you have a reciept showing you had the item for a very short period of time

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