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I bought my nine-year-old a hamster from here. It was cooped up any tiny cage with about six other hamsters.

In my mind I was saving this one, so I bought it. When we got home and took it out of the travel box the lil Hampster was covered in it's own diarrhea! Not knowing anything, and hoping the diarrhea would go away. I kept our hamster on a dry food diet with plenty of water.

A couple days later I thought the hamster was giving birth! Unfortunately, I was wrong. The hamsters anus coming out due to excessive diarrhea! After calling my vet and doing much research on the internet...

I learned if a hamster is kept in unsanitary conditions and is cooped up with to many or contaminated hamsters, in a stressful situations they can get a disease called wet tail. Please note Wet tail can pass salmonella on to you and your children! Wet tail can also be pervented from happening with over the counter meds, (Petco gives this to there hamsters in order to prevent wettail) also proper care of the animal, cleaning the cages, not over crowding them, quarantine any sick hamsters ect.... Treatment for wet tail includes antibiotics, even then it may be to late.

If not treated the excessive diarrhea will cause the hamsters rectum to fall out. When my hamsters rectum fell out I called PetSmart immediately asking to speak to the store manager. I asked her if there was a chance this female hamster was around a male and maybe (hopeing) giveing birth. I explained to her that she had excessive diarrhea since the day I bought her.

The manager was very rude to me. She refused to give me her name, nor her district managers information. She said if I had my receipt and it's within 2 weeks I can get my money back so I need to quit complaining. I told her I was not concerned about the money, but the health of the animal and salmonella that now could pass on to my children due to diarrhea.

She told me I should have thought about that before getting my child a pet because all pets have salmonella. This is not true at all! She was full of lies and sadly didn't care about this lil animal! I hung up with her to call my vet.

Unfortunately, he was busy and our hamster died a bloody and from what I could tell painful death. After my hamster passed away I called to PetSmart one more time demanding the store managers name and any info on who oversees the care of the animals in there store. I was again refused the information. They told me I can give them my name for her to call me back and that's all they will do.

I stated I'd leave a review on there website and contact somebody above them. Thanks to the internet it's not hard to do. The store manager just laughed at me and said that she didn't care what review I left, because they have ways to keep their ratings high on the internet. Needless to say I'm absolutely disgusted and devastated.

The saddest part is wet tail (this terrible diarrhea hamster disease) can be prevented.

Petco for instance gives their hamsters preventative wet tail medications, they also keep clean cages and only a couple hamsters per a tank. I am going to keep on the higher-ups or whoever else needs to be contacted in order to make sure PetSmart takes better care of their animals.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Hamster.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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