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This place is not suitable for ALL dogs. shy, nervous, scared dogs are neglected.

The employees all seem to want to pay attention to the funny energetic ones and all your nervous dog will do is spend their day in a corner. They will not be comforted.

Signs and ads everywhere will say "OUR PET CARE SPECIALISTS ARE CERTIFIED IN PET SAFETY" and this is barely true. The online test is basic knowledge with a few tricky ones, anyone with dog experience can pass it.

THE PLAY ROOMS HAVE HUGE WINDOWS. These play rooms are concrete and have a drain in the middle. When dogs pee it is mopped, *** is scooped up. Day Camp lasts from 9am-5pm and boarding dogs are left in those small rooms with a maximum capacity of 17 DOGS (should be more like 11).

Meanwhile, your dogs whole day will be exposed to the huge window, where customers can gawk from 10 feet away and kids can run up and down to get the dogs going.

I have witnessed dog fights in these windowed play rooms and every single fight, the room was currently PACKED FULL of dogs. Either that or a dog will attack the window at a child that thinks its funny to tease them.

When the Pet Hotel has enough check ins, they split into Big Dog and Small Dog camps. But when business is slow they will put a Chihuahua in a room with 3 Labradors and a Great Dane.

When your dog checks in for Day Camp, they will be walked to the back by an associate and literally PUSHED into the playroom with 17 dogs waiting to smother them on the other end. Whether they want to go in the play room or NOT, they are put in.

The pictures hanging in the Pet Hotel lobby depict attractive employees kneeling down to give dogs blankets and toys in their cozy Suites, which are more expensive than normal cage-type rooms. The reality is that your dog is put in a walk-in closet sized room with a windowed door. They will have a plastic cot and water, but you'll just have to hope that you get a good part-time "Pet Care Specialist" in order for your dog to get a soft bed or any blankets or toys.

Sometimes even your OWN TOYS that you bring for your dog will be forgotten.

The point is, this place has a near fast-food restaurant quality staff that is caring for your animals. They aren't trained, and they are barely certified.

I believe the big Petsmart corporate big-wigs got together one day and decided that they wanted more money, so they made a pet kennel INSIDE a retail store and, hey, LETS ADD WINDOWS FOR THE SHEER ENJOYMENT OF OUR CUSTOMERS. They made this place so it would JUST BARELY pass the guidelines for a decent kennel.

If your dog is submissive to everything and goes with the flow and will remain puppy-like happy through crowded rooms, and being neglected in cages for hours, the Pet Hotel will be fine for a day. But ANY dog with ANY special needs or concerns will be treated like cattle in the playroom, and are very susceptible to being attacked or being traumatized by witnessing an attack.

This review is not to personally attack a certain employee or certain store location, it is to warn all dog owners that the ads you see and the great amenities the employees tell you about are sub par, or sometimes just lies.

Your dog will hate it.

Lets just say they'll be VERY excited when you come to pick them up.

drekun43 wrote the review because of bad quality at Petsmart and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Petsmart to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was safety regulations. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Seems like some very specific bad information. Everyone is trained and certified and not "online".

The safety policy's in place are sound, and as for the rest of the complaints, mere exaggeration and misinformation . Either a employee or customer with a axe to grind.

The animals and their safety are number one. Not catering to lunatic armchair experts on what is safe and how they think things should be run.


The picture you posted.. That just makes me want to cry..

What is that dog hiding FROM?? Because dogs don't just behave that way unless there's a reason. I don't know how even a min wage worker who has no reason to go the extra mile, could look at a dog n NOT know its scared. And then to just sit there and let it happen.

Pitiful. Just sad.

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