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"The letter we sent to Petsmart Corporate"

My son & I visited your store on Friday 9/18 between 4:30pm and 5:30pm.

In the last week, We have spent quite a bit of time & money in your Vestal, NY store because our 3 cats (2 adults & 1 kitten) had fleas. I purchased Advantage, anti-itch sprays & shampoos..

I spent nearly an hour with the vet technician, in the last week, regarding the Frontline flea product vs. the Advantage flea product, which she convinced me to buy the Advantage. She also told me all about the vet offices there, which I was unaware of. She explained the programs they offer for adult cats & kittens..for a monthly fee. I was so pleased with such a great program for my pets care..and we were looking for a new vet..Perfect!

The day that I visited with my son was not such a great experience, in fact, it left me with a terrible distaste for PetSmart – enough that I felt I should write to you..so this experience doesn't need to be anyone else's.

My son & I were looking at all of the "really cool" animals that Petsmart had..particularly the hamsters, gerbils, bird, and we even spent some time with the cats..even though I told him "No Way, we have 3 already"!

He was really enjoying the hamsters and said that he might want one again..he had one when he was younger.

Then the small birds caught our eyes..especially the little finches. He couldn't believe how small they were, and we talked about what it would take to care for birds that little. We saw about 3 or 4 finches in a nest attached to the side of the cage, in the back and he couldn't get over how adorable they were..

Knowing that my son is older and more responsible, I briefly considered a "new" pet..for him (he is 15) I took out my cell phone and was going to snap a photo of the finches. I was not about to buy any "new" pet without speaking to my husband.

Just about the time I held my phone up to the cage, a man's voice thundered over us, as we were knelt down with our back to him, in a tone in which he clearly assumed we were 2 adolescents – and he said "NO PICTURES, YOU CAN'T TAKE PICTURES".

I just about fell over. The way he spoke his demand to us was extremely uncomfortable.

And he continued, after I put my phone away..he said "PICTURE'S ARE NOT ALLOWED". It was embarrassingly loud and in a very deep voice.

I dare say there are no postings that say "No Photos", I certainly did not see any..if there were, of course I would have cooperated with them.

My son & I got up, I wanted to leave but was sort of in a shock, so we wandered for a few more minutes..the entire time that man stood and stared at us, watching us. It was clear that this man must have been a manager – He was dressed differently, with a blue button down shirt and dress pants..he had dark full hair and I believe glasses.

It was the most uncomfortable situation I've ever had at a pet store.

When I finally figured out that this man was absolutely out of line and how uncomfortable I was, we left..to which he followed us out, up to the register area.

Please take this opportunity to educate this manager (or so I think he was) people skills/customer service. He could have just as easily said "Excuse me, we don't allow pictures…but I see that you're interested in the finches..can I answer any questions for you?". Had he done that..we would have had a totally different experience.

I will not go back to Petsmart unless there is some way to know when that man is not working. Realizing that knowing his schedule is not possible, we will likely take our business to the pet store across the street and look for a new vet in the Yellow Pages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Cat.

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If the store has nothing to hide than pictures would be allowed. I found petsmarts to be cruel to the animals and found bugs , and crickets on the floor, in the dog and cat food and one on my own arm.


Customers and associates alike are not allowed to take photographs. It was nothing against you personally, but because of scandals involving undercover PETA workers, Petsmart has a very bad taste in their mouth regarding recording devices.


a better choice of your title might be in order, pit bulls are wonderful dogs and should not be equated to something bad, especially when it has nothing to do with a pit.


Heshould have taken your *** camera and stomped on it. No company lets people take pictures inside there stores. Get a grip and get over it.


That's not the point Dogmatic1, it was the way they were told.


...Yeah, whatever!! That won't stop me from taking pictures at Petsmart.

My kids are my world and I'll always capture the moment wherever I am! :))


While I agree he should not have yelled at you, I think you are over dramatizing the situation. You think he was wrong for telling you not to take pictures.

Did you ever think you could be in the wrong for assuming you can randomly take pictures anywhere you go? Did you know there are laws in place for that kind of thing? Do you want to get sued?

Maybe this guy was having a bad day, but either way, he saved you a lot of trouble. Stop being so dramatic.


Petsmart is constantly the target of PETA. PETA has taken many pictures and have used these pictures for propaganda.

I'm sure the control freak manager at that store is paranoid.

The retail industry is probably the worst industry for their inability to hire employees with people skills. Petsmart is no different, they hire a bunch of dimwits!


common sense you are not allowed to take pictures in stores, thats everywhere not just petstores.


That manager was an ***!!! I can't believe how RUDE he was just cause you wanted to take pics of the little birds.

I would call their head office and blow the whistle on this rude ***. :(