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My 4 year old German Shepherd had a skin allergy and my wife went to PetSmart for some remedies. They recommended a "hot spot" spray and a doggy aspirin.

This was on 9/16/18. They showed her the product and highly recommended it to sooth any internal pain my dog may be experiencing. Two days later, 9/18/18, my dog suffered cardiac arrest due to blood loss because of internal bleeding. I gave him CPR and was able to revive him.

I took him to the emergency vet. They said he had internal bleeding and needed multiple blood transfusions. And, would need immediate surgery but would most likely survive it. He is only 4 years old!

He had no choice to put him down that evening. My best friend. The vet said that you should never give your dog aspirin even if suggested by pet stores. It is deadly for dogs.

It eats holes in their intestines. The vet cant believe that PetSmart would even recommend this product. Truth is, employees there have no veterinary training or schooling. They place the value of selling a product over the value of your pet.



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Sorry but this was def mostly on you, you can’t expect a retail worker to have vet schooling?? Sure they should not have recommended or sold aspirin cause that’s dumb.

But you also shouldn’t have taken advice from a random retail worker. Just cause you work at a pet store doesn’t mean you have vet training, if they did then why would they be working minimum wage retail for a pet store and not be a vet?

to Jam #1590574

Hey Jam. F#@$ you.

What do you do when you have a cold? Run to the emergency room? If you do, then you are an idiot. And I actually think you are.

No, you go to CVS or some other pharmacy for cold medicine. Well, my Chance had a cold and we went to the pharmacy. You ignorant *** It's easy being a sideline quarterback, isn't it? Why are you even responding to my post?

Do you work for PetSmart? Why are you even on this site?

I bet you have nothing more in your life then to try to beat someone down. You weak piece of ***


Not sure why any pet owner would go to a pet store for medical advice for a dog after my observations of some employees at these stores. And, yes aspirin is definitely not advisable for a dog.

They have a new profession that will diagnose and treat a sick dog. It's called a veterinarian. Not a clerk in a pet store.

Sorry about the dog. I know the feeling.

to h.kitchener #1564065

If you truly knew the feeling *** why would you would you even write this. We thought it was a simple "itchy skin irritation ".

WE are not the problem, we are very responsible pet owners. The issue is Petsmart. Do you run to the doctor for a simple rash, no probably not, you head to your local CVS for ointment.

THE Issue is the uneducated employees at Petsmart, recommending treatment they shouldn't even be carrying on the first place. If Aspirin is not acceptable for dogs, why carry K9 asprin????

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