I have a Cooker Spaniel and a Maltese. Took both of them for grooming I told them I wanted my Cooker Spaniel to be short all over sense I love in Florida she needs short hair... I went to pick her up and all they did is her hair... no ears cleaned... no nails trimmed. For 80 dollars??? ridiculous... her face was the same her ears where not brushed... horrible!!!

After this I took my Maltese that had very long hair... for them to cut it medium/short... he came home almost bold! and no only that but with this paw and his let cut... right now he has an infection on his wound... I went there the girl that did his hair treated me like a lier... ??? Mananger didnt do anything... saying that I had to check my dog before I leave the store????

I got home and he was hurt....

Personnel SUCK!!! they do not know how to treat animals... for me my dogs are like my kids... I am never coming back...

And I am putting a bigggg complaint...

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Haven't you people been listening??Places like PetCo and PetSmart are injuring and killing pets because people are not qualified to groom them!

Geez! Open your ears and listen a bit! Take your animal to a reputable groomer if you love them as much as you say you do. I would never, ever, even on a dare, take one of my precious pets to either one of those places.

I love my babies too much for that.

Sounds to me like you picked the cheapest place for your pet to be groomed and now are complaining when its not done right.Do me a favor, give the dogs to someone who cares.


Pet SMart in Downey, CA caused a minor injury to my dog.They then brushed it off when I complained.

I will never return there!!!

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