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i took my Australian Shephard to Petsmart for grooming.They literally shaved her down to almost nothing!

Within the week my dog had open sores, losing hair, and irritated. This is an outside dog. A real trooper, never ill, 10 years old and always in a good mood. While I'm on duty my wife takes her to the vet.

The then does shave the remaining fur off and discovers that she has burned right down the middle of her back! After almost $1000 in bills, her blood analysis looked awesome (she really is always healthy as a horse, even after injury) her skin biopsies came back negative for any MRSA or related issues, and the final lab determination was thermal burn!! They felt she received a sunburn due to her hair being almost shorn-off. I requested them to review all the vet comments and lab results.

all I asked for was recompense of the original bill, not the vet-hospital care we have to give her several times a day. They have refused! Do not go to Petsmart for anything! Boycott these people who have built a tidy animal product empire but consistently allow the abuse and mistreatment of animals in their grooming shops.

They are ill-trained and should know that certain breeds cannot be clipped as short as my dog was!I don't expect people to know how to handle catastrophic emergencies, thats my job, taking care of and being educated about animal care and well-being is there's!!!!!

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I work at Petsmart, in a different department, and everyone in our store knows, you can't shave certain breeds.It's bad for their skin, can cause all sorts of skin problems including lesions- not just sunburn, and we deter customers with certain breed dogs from having their dogs shaved, and to try another method.

Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch.Most stores would at least forgo your grooming cost, ESPECIALLY with the knowledge that they should have advised an alternative to shaving your dog.


You should sue PetSmart for the cost of your dog getting groomed and the vet bills.


you probably went in and asked for her to be shaved instead of trimmed?COMMON SENSE dogs who are outside get sunburned with no hair.


The longest a groomer can leave is 1 inch.

If you wanted a trim you should have said TRIM shave is a shave!Your fault, live and learn.


Are you for real, luvtheheat?Like, are you really honestly and truly in the belief that keeping a dog outside all of the time when it is shaved down to the skin and neglecting to brush the coat with a rubber curry to encourage hair regrowth in the middle of summer (judging by the date this was posted) wasn't going to give it any kind of problem ever?

Like you honestly believe that's true? Please tell me you're just being a troll right now, because that's the only reason why I would be able to make sense of those comments.

You are absolutely correct, Aussie's should not be shaved, but if your dog was matted or you asked for it to be short, we as groomers don't have any other option but to shave it. "Outside" dogs tend to always, without fail, come in matted. We can try to save the coat and just yank on your dog's dreadlocks until they loosen up and eventually come out, or we can do what will be a more positive experience in the salon and we can shave it.

The responsibility then falls on you, the irresponsible owner, to make sure your dog's skin does not burn. Every time you check in your dog, you are asked to sign a form stating that you agree to pay the above price for the above haircut.

So someone agreed to having the dog shaved down.You're leaving out some major details here, which causes everyone to disregard what you say.

Canterbury, England, United Kingdom #319934

:roll :sigh :eek Wow!!!I would really like to know what Pet Smart the rude and lack-luster pet groomer is employed to make d--- sure I never take my dog there.!

I challenge you to re-read what you post and tell me did you do Pet Smart any justice!!!

In fact, what you have done is dis-credited them and help make choosing a groomer alot easier for those who would have atleast tried Pet Smart. SHAME ON YOU!!!



I have worked for this company for several years. While I may not always agree with their policies and procedures, I do know that one thing they're good at is engraining them into our heads. First we are bathers for at least 60-90 days. Then, only if approved by the salon manager AND store manager we are sent off for a month of training to be groomers by a certified instructor where we learn all the different coat types and what will happen when you clip them certain ways and the proper way to clip. We also have a breed test where we have to know every breed listed on the AKC poster and their coat types. After completing academy we return to our own stores and have to continue training until we have groomed 100 dogs under the close supervision of our salon manager. EVERY groom we complete during this time is watched and inspected.

We have a check in process called HOP. Hands On Pet. We go over each pet at check in and assess their coat, skin, teeth, nails and overall condition. We then ask YOU, the customer, what YOU would like done. Coat permitting. We even have a blade chart hanging on the wall that shows you just how short the coat will be. After we gather all the information from YOU we go over general health questions and then YOU sign the paper saying you understand what you're getting.

If you are not happy with your dog after it is groomed then you really need to say something right then. Not wait forever and complain about vet bills. Which, by...

But, I will also say, while razor burn does happen it is usually a side effect of having to work through a matted coat that the clippers cannot easily go through. And if that be the case you are asked to sign a Matted Pet Release upon check in which clearly states the dangers of shaving a matted dog. Which is probably why they didn't refund your money. Because you agreed to it.

We hear it all the time, "Oh, no my dog isn't matted! I just brushed him yesterday!" while we can clearly see that is not the case.

Personally, I think either you or your wife are leaving out some pretty important details.

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Oh and the abuse and mistreatment of animals?Are you kidding me?

Throwing asinine comments in the end of your post only discredits anything else you've said.Good try though.


You sound like a complete ***.I would bet everything I own your dog was matted or your wife asked for a short cut.

We deal with people like you all too often. Pay attention when your groomer is going over the details with you because chances are pretty *** good it was fully explained how short your dog would be. It doesn't matter what breed a dog is, if an owner asks for a shave down they're going to get it. It's up to you to not leave your dog outside when it's been shaved down.

This sounds like a case of negligence on your behalf. Furthermore, only a *** would assume that Petsmart doesn't train their groomers properly. Every groomer goes through extensive training which is probably why Petsmart beats it's competition by a landslide when it comes to grooming.

I feel sorry for your dog.Not because of the haircut it received, because of it's owner.


:eek Wow!


i go to the petsmart groomer and the groomer made sure i was well informed with everything. she told me everything she was going to do, explained how she was going to do it, why she was going to do it a certain way, and explained all the extra stuff she could do if i would like, and the pros and cons of everything. They also always make sure i clearly tell them what i want done.

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