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I took my Akita as a one year old to get bathed. As I picked him up I noticed one of his fangs was broken out.

that ended up costing them 3 grand to fix and put in a sterling silver fang. today he is 7 years old 7/5/14 and my groomer is always too busy so I thought I would try again. As I picked him up the woman was holding him with one arm and proceeded to let him climb up a grooming table and as he was trying to get to me he fell off the table into another. I YELLED...YOUR GOING TO HURT MY DOG AGAIN!!!!!

These people should have control of the animal at all times and be careful with them.

These are our children for some of us!! That's all I have to say but thought it should be known to others...Dan Ignash

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Grooming Service.

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O ya...they agreed that it IS what happened. So sorry but thanks


It's a fact dumb ***!!! Sounds like your making assumptions.. Lol probably a woman at


Big dogs dont go in a bathtub. They are bathed in the floor where it is safe.

No groomer would pick up your akkita and lift it into the tub. Our tubs are waist height to most people and we don't stran ourselves to lift big dogs into them. You may have had a careless groomer but you were not there so you shouldn't just make assumptions.

Also I have seen plenty of well trained dogs freak out when their parents leave. We are not the dogs master and they don't alway listen.


Yup has been trained with a trainer, didn't break his tooth on the cage. We believe he was dropped getting in or out off the tub.

That was eight years ago . I believe they have diff. Ones now. And a proper groomer should have training on handling dogs.

I guess u had to see how it happened to understand how it went down . if so you would have obviously seen the lack of control they had on the dog. Our usual groomer loves h and says how well trained he is. So nice try on that.

I'm guessing you're one of the not so good ones yourself.. Lol


We'll first off I recommend you get your dog some training . Seeing how it obviously Dosent listen.

Second did you ever think if your dog is anxious to get it a express groom so it does go into a cage. Were it can certainly *** the medal bars in the cage and brake it's tooth!

Really people love to blame the groomers. This is why the groomers job is so stressful.

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