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I took my cat to the Petsmart in Dallas off Dallas Pkwy/Inwood a month ago and slowly over the past month her hair started falling out. Now all three of my cats have ringworm as well as my husband and I. I guess they don't think it's necessary to clean any of their cleaning tools after grooming infested animals.

The cat that was originally infected with the ringworm has lost almost all her fur now and was very old and not in the best of health to begin with and now our vet is suggesting that we should put her down since she will most likely not be able to get through the ringworm treatment.

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So I have just had the same problem.Reading the comments in here most likely some of you work for pets mart which is good.

However I took my dog on the 16th of January to the vet as I normally get a monthly check on him. Right after we took him to pet smart for grooming and the vary next day he had a small spot that we thought maybe he just was having a reaction to the shampoo. So we waited a week am to see if it got better but nothing. So we took him to the vet yesterday and the vet said it was most likely ring worms.

They did some test and ruled out some things but everything came back negative. The vet sent off some samples and said we should know the results for ring worms in a couple days.

There's no doubt in my mind that my dog contracted ring worms from getting groomed.Now that being said I can't say that I solely blame petsmart but if stuff like this happens then I think they should step up their cleaning procedures.

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How come it seems like most of the complaints come from owners who have little, hyper, yipper dogs (Yorkies, Pommies, Shitsu (?) etc. These are the ones that seem to always have a chip on their shoulders due to the puny size.


HA!You can get ringworm from any where!

You can be pissed off all you want at the salon but even a doctor will tell you it could have been anywhere. If your so worried about ringworm I would stay away from cash if I was you.

Know how dirty money is?A lot worse is crawling on that than ring worm.


Your going to blame petsmart for ringworm?When its one of those things you can't say where it came from!!!

Someone in your family could have had it. Just get some anti fungal cream from CVS and put it on and move forward in life.

You can get ringworm from hospitals very common!You can get it from sitting outside, shaking someone's hand, durrr


sorry for your troubles i am going through the same thing now but from ine of there guinea can read my post if you like.

horrible thing ringworm.I am now dealing with there insurance agency.Don't worry about peoples comments, ive had the same and i'm 100% sure the ringworm came from them and there policies do not help prevent transmitting to there clients.:( :( :( :(


well you guessed you know that ringworm is most commonly spread through human to human contact AND it mainly thrives in areas that are hot and moist aka athletes foot, jockitch...etc i really hope you dont blame petsmart for any of those either....

the only thing we dont disinfect are out clothes and im sorry but im not bringing 9 smocks and 9 pairs of pants to work because someone thinks they can catch ringworm lol you would be amazed at what animals can get just by walking on the floor or even just being introduced into a different place such as a PETSTORE.....distemper, kennel cough, parvo just like humans animals get sick, you just need someone to blame.


Um.. you're blaming the salon for ringworm?


Have you confirmed another animal had ringworm at the time? How in *** do you know an animal with ringworm was there? ANY animals with contagious health concerns are immediately sent home... Specifically for that reason..

Did you bother to read anything?

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