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I took my Basset Hound to Petsmart and purchased their "Pawdicure" package, which includes nail clip, grinding, ear cleaning, doggie cologne and bandana. The groomer cut into the quick on two of my dog's nails, despite having white nails with pink quick, easy to see where the quick is.

I asked that someone else take over the grooming. The next person finished the nails but then just lightly swabbed a cotton ball on his ear, without even looking at his ears. When taking him out of the room, another dog, a very large pit bull was coming in. My dog is not dog friendly, which the groomers are aware of.

I could see a fight about to occur so rapped on the window and said "wait, there's another dog coming!" Afterward I was scolded for "scaring" the other dogs by rapping on the window. I think a dog fight would have been more upsetting and caused harm to both dogs. I showed the manager his ears, which she admitted were not clean. She made nothing but excuses.

They re-cleaned his ears but were very rude about it, no apology, they acted like I was being unreasonable. Also, no cologne or bandana. I got my money back and will never go there again.

I plan to complain to an upper level person there about how I and my dog were treated. They are charging money and butchering the animals, aren't careful or don't care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Dog Grooming Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Petsmart groomers need to be properly trained on how to groom the animals. They should not have people working there who are rude and inconsiderate of customers, careless and don't care about the pets. The manager shouldn't be defending these practices..

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