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Petsmart has me totally outraged about the way they care for (or fail to care for) their fish, especially the Betta fish.I recently bought one sick Betta and tried to save it, which cost me a lot of money and I ended up having to redeem my "14 day guarantee" on a new fish.

I ended up with a male and female which are both happy and healthy. However, when I went in to buy some food etc for them, I check out the Betta fish display.... These fish were stacked on top of one another so they could not breath from the whole on top of their pathetic little jars. The cups they keep them in are bad enough as it is, there is no need to further suffocate the fish...

Also, many of the cups had about and inch of water in them- barely enough to submerge the fish. I spent about five minutes rearranging the cups so the fish could at least breath. It is just so hard for me to fathom buying any of my pet supplies (I have a bird and two cats as well), from petsmart when they are clearly neglecting their animals- even the ones that require such minimal care and upkeep.

I hate to write bad reviews to discourage people from buying fish from there- only because these animals need to be rescued from these conditions and go to good homes.They are great little creatures and easy to care for- there is NO EXCUSE for the negligence of this massive corporation, nor their inability to provide humane conditions for their "MERCHANDISE" AKA LIVING CREATURES!

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #996717
do not buy beta fish for children or adults as pets.
betas are not warm water fish if the air temp is above 88 the
fish live on the bottom of the tank and the fins infect from the
food settled on the bottom then they get fungus bloat and bacteria.
the female betas die in about a day from bloat. there is very
little chance in warm water that u can detect bloat and treat it before its to late for females. its very heart breaking to buy a beta female or male in the winter and warm weather kills it in the summer. the beautiful fins turn to rotten bloody stumps. pet shops say these are rugged pets *huge lie, but they hope u fall into buying betas cause they are very beautiful.
to Anonymous #1081426
Keeping proper temperatures and preventing and treating bloat, fin rot and other ailments isn't exactly rocket science. I and many other betta keepers (yes, even beginners who bother to educate themselves) in this wonderful hobby have kept fish happy and healthy beyond their "expected" lifespans by practicing proper care and husbandry. I partly agree with you on the "rugged" part though many pet shops tend to give bad fish advice in general. You sound like a child and/or an ignorant PETA doof talking out of your rear.
No One Gives a Shit
Fishkill, New York, United States #940429
You bought a sick fish.
You don't gave cancer. No tornado blew down your house. Your family is not starving.
You bought a sick fish.
ShutTheFuckUp, you WhinyBugfucker.
Of course Petsmart knows this is wrong. I work there. But guess what. WE DON'T CONTROL THAT. Anytime a customer comes in to buy a betta we always recommend at least 2.5 gallons and a heater/filter. Do idiots listen to us? No. They say "actually bettas prefer small cups". If you go to any store (petsmart, Jack's, petco, Wal-Mart) this is how the fish are kept. It's not just petsmart. And the stacking sounds like that stores issue. We always make sure not to stack so they can receive oxygen. Of there was only an inch of water and it was dirty you should report it to the pet care manager. If our betta bowls are dirty we get our butts handed to us.
Tupelo, Mississippi, United States #818854
MY PetSmart store is the opposite of this. Yes, the Bettas are in the regular cups, but they ARENT stacked. They are spread out among three whole shelves, none are covered up. They are placed where there is plenty of light, and the whole store is kept at a warm, comfortable temperature for all the animals. Granted, there isn't much water in the cups, but there is plenty for the fish to move around and the water is always very clean and clear. ALL fish always seem healthy. This sounds like an issue with one particular store.
to Me #940424
No. Its with Michigan to.
I bought a betta and when I took it home, I noticed it had FIN ROT :( This outraged me as I had spent a lot of money getting all the equipment :upset AND when I went to get medicine for him, I noticed that the water in the tanks was extremely cloudy and there was not enough of it. :roll. Also, betta fish don't live in puddles they live in rice paddies it is just a myth that they live in puddles. :?
to finrotfrompetsmart #1081422
Aquarium salt, water changes and most importantly, keeping their environment clean. Curing fin rot isn't rocket science.
amazing how how people take a completely false statement like bettas can live in small cups and believe it, despite not having any actual knowledge of fishkeeping or fish behavior, or biology for that matter!
They shouldn't have been stacked and they do good in low oxygen small habitat. They love warm water as well so heaters is a must. And also bettas can put with other fish. Only white clouds, African dwarf frogs, snails, Cory catfish, kuhli loach, and ghost shrimp. But don't think all petsmarts r like this

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