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Bought "BLUE" dogfood today and when we got home and opened the bag the food had maggots. Took the food back and the manager by the name of "Perry" would do nothing to make it right.

He gave us a credit and we went to Petco. He said it was a common occurance. I will never shop there again. It was the PetSmart on Parker Road in Plano, Texas.

Their attitude was very flippit and I will never shop there again.

When we went to Petco the manager said it was not a common occurance and that Petsmart doesn't take care of their customers. Don't shop there, they obviously don't need the business!

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I had the same problem from Petsmart TWICE! I had two guinea pigs a LONG time ago, who died suddenly and mysteriously after I bought the food that contained cocoons, and webs.

I didn't think there'd be living maggots, or any organism inside of the bag, but now realizing this is a real problem I kind of have many questions answered. I knew I was capable of caring and loving a piggy, and it wasn't my fault. A few weeks ago, my mother got cat food from Petsmart, now I hadn't known it was from there, as there was more stores around. But apparently, it is.

I went as any other day to scoop some food into her bowl, and there was a cocoon and larvae inside of the cup moving.

And a ton of webs inside the bag. They have a real problem, and the workers don't seem to care.


Terrible experience,

Just picked up two different bags of dog food and they were infested with maggots.

One bag was a Simply Nourish Lamb *** Recipe and the other was a Simply Nourish Grain Free Chicken and Turkey.

Both bags were sealed and they were not expired – Not an isolated issue as these bags came from two different store locations.

Again, both bags were infested with white and brown maggots.

OPEN THE BAGS AND CHECK THEM BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE. The store will not be responsible for any damages Ref Buena Park Store.


You are so full of entitlement. THey offered you a refund and you expect a bag of food for free due to an error on manufacturers part, not petsmart.

People like you are the problem in this country.

Always looking for a handout. Get your head out of your ***


it was there attitude you dumb *** and if they had of shown somewhat remorse over this issue I wouldn't have written my comment as such. like I said I will never step foot in PETSMART again - the staff is incompetent! :upset


There is no entitlement when the problem is not being resolved. These people were being rude, and not even trying to tell their corporate of this issue.

I doubt they bothered, any of them to tell the manufacturer of their FOOD. This has happened already twice to me, from one store. And another time from a further petsmart from my home. No ones head is in their *** if anything they should make sure their corporate knows.

This has been reoccurring at SO MANY petsmart's. Don't you think the stores would've ALREADY warned them BY NOW? Your comment is on September 01, 2013, I just got a bag in Oct 3, 2018. I think your own heads in your *** That's 5 years?


So before you call anyone ENTITLED, think of how long this has been going on. "Normal occurance," thats not okay.


I've had issues with Blue brand food. They often have recalls I bought a bag of rancid food from PetSmart so I switched it.

The new bag was rancid also. Turns out almost half the shipment was bad due to ill temperature during the shipping process. this was not PetSmarts fault. Besides they can't open the bags and check before they sell it.

Would you buy an open bag of food? Of course a rival company is going to say bad things...


Same here.Went to petsmart to get my dogs food an hour before closing. Since my dog was out of food it was urgent.

They were out of his kind. Was reffered to another store and told was only one bag left. Rushed to store. Got home and opened bag.

White worms. Yuck. Cal store. Am so upset but, since store is closed have to wait.

Food is outside.

Not in my cupboard as usual. So dissapointed.


...You said you got a credit. That credit should have been face value of the food, thus free bag of food.

What are you not understanding?

And as someone said, the only food manufactured by PetSmart are the Grreat Choice, Authority and Simply Nourish line of dog and cat foods. Everything else is manufactured by a third-party and shipped to our stores.


I personally work at petsmart and I have worked for Petco in the past. We have a program including food audits where foods past expiration are taken off shelves.

However if one little hole happens to be in the bag, ANYTHING can get inside, including flies that can lead to maggots. There is nothing to do about this, but get rid of it when discovered. In my store, you would be issued a refund or exchange with or without receipt. We have a 60 day return policy with items of no receipt and a 90 day return policy for items with receipt.

Honestly it just sounds like the manager did not realize this or he just did not want to deal with you. This falls into bad management, not bad petsmarts everywhere. No matter what a store can only be graded by their management. The company itself cannot be blamed.

If petco told you that NEVER happens, then they were lying.

This is common, and can always happen when dealing with consumable products from a human grocery store to petsmart. By the way, you can always go to petsmart.com and complain to cooperate with issues concerning management instead of knocking the company completely off your list.


Why should they give you a free bag? They didn't manufacture the food - why should they give you free stuff?

They merely sell products manufactured by other companies. Call Blue and see what they would be willing to do. It's not the pet store's fault. They can't open the bags and inspect them since they are sealed.

And to LJ - maggots would NOT cause your cat's death. From a vet tech.


In regard to the ANONYMOUS post regarding the maggots in my dogfood back in January 2011 from PETSMART, whether I had a receipt or not I bought the food that morning, went back and they were very uncaring and should have GIVEN ME A FREE BAG OF FOOD!!! I now make my own dogfood and HAVE QUIT TRYING TO DEAL WITH PROCESSED DOG FOOD WHICH IS FULL OF ***.




I just had to put my cat down last night and he had showed no signs of sickness or pain till Sunday afternoon. He was in perfect health.

Up to date on all shots and goes to the vet regularly. So it was a shock that I had to put him down on Sunday night we was having trouble breathing and was urinating on himself. The doctor could not give us a clear explanation on what caused his death.

Until we went this evening to go feed our other cat and found MAGGOTS all in the food. So I thought oh my god what happened to their food.

A fly or a bug must has somehow have gotten in the food. So I threw everything out and went to Petsmart and bought a new bag and a new container. I got home and looked at the Food. The BRAND NEW BAG WAS FILLED WITH MAGGOTS.

I am now having to mourn the loss of my cat and left to wonder if it was the food I was giving him that killed him. Which was PURINA HEATHY CHIOICE. I call up to the location I got both bags from and they do not seem to care or sympathize they said bring everything in for a refund. CAN YOU BRING MY CAT BACK THEN!!!!!

I have read some info on the internet on the same issue. So if anyone has experienced what I am going threw can you please post back to me.


Purina Healthy Choice.

Obviously it's not healthy nor wise choice to give to your cats.


I just brought the same food a month ago and found the maggots!! If you could Please reach back out to me so we can talk. Thank you


I wouldn't say it is a 'common' occurrence but yes, infestation does happen in dog food from time to time. What do you mean by the manager wouldn't do anything to make the situation right?

You said he gave you a credit, which means you returned the food with no receipt. We cannot give a refund on a receipt-less return, but we are more than happy to let you switch it out for another bag of food or give you a credit, which is what you received.