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Boss is negligent. I was hurt by a dog who sent me to the hospital. A couple of vaccines later, now no overnight associate is allowed in the rooms. Problem? Well the drains, the covers can be smacked open by a dog. Exposing them to watchdog, scenturion, blue along with ***, urine, vomit, blood, yes blood, flies + their eggs and hookworm. I would be terminated if I entered a room, yet how can I protect these animals? I can't. The hotel is not a luxury people it is a place where owners dump their pets to go on vacation or for business. If your dog is a senior or a "red collar" don't bring them to petsmart bc they don't get out as much as the "white collars" or young healthy dogs can IF they are approved for daycamp.

Don't try and defend Petsmart you wannabe pet trainers, pet groomers, pets hotel overnight unsung heroes, you seniors and management because this company even has flammable tan mats that burn up in the dryer on low heat and are STILL provided to pets. That is wrong, throw them away.

Be part of a company that seeks reform not saves a dollar and sells puppy kits.

But honestly I'm posting this on a forum that exists with a multitude of comments condemning this company and yet the company still lives and breathes. I walked into Petco tonight deciding to job search bc I intend to quit Petsmart today. Petco is crappy in appearance but honestly I might give them a chance, or any pet hospital since the emergency clinic my store takes pets i happen to use for my dog told me they hate their client bc they never pay their bills, makes sense.

The point I'm making is do your due diligence, it's not a perfect world and this company is still a company just like a politician will always be a politician. They will sell you a pretty picture to secure your business what you see on the outside is totally different then what your pet will see on the inside and as close as you are to that dog or cat you cannot see what goes on when they stay in the Petsmart PetsHotel.

If your dog gets cancer, don't blame yourself for bringing them to Petsmart, not only having them reexperience their time locked up in a cage in a kennel before you saved their lives and gave them a home, but don't deny what I am trying to explain. Chemical exposure, resin on the floors - dogs sleep on the floor or on burnt beds, in a cage which we call "rooms" or "suites" they feel they are being punished. They see the blue slip leads we have to take them out of their rooms and as soon as that door opens they rush for the nearest exit.

This place is no doggy heaven, did you know when a dog pants with their mouth wide open it means it's nervous? Yeah I see this a lot. Dogs and cats get tense in their rooms, they bark demanding your attention, they want OUT.

Btw the dog food instructions you owners meticulously put together aren't going to matter bc dogs a lot of times don't eat bc of how uncomfortable they are.

Cat rooms aren't much better their small. Your cat cannot move around let alone stand up straight. I've seen cats left in these small boxes for months and I just think they have terrible owners bc that is not humane.

Due diligence what you consider comfortable and convenient would be traumatic to a dog or cat.

Don't call me a humanitarian or an advocate for animal rights because I worked for this company, but I'm done after being bitten by a dog I quit. The dog that bit me had a sensitive stomach and when I handled him I wasn't aware bc it wasn't documented on his paperwork.

Take it from me if you like, leave your dog with a relative or friend. Don't give them to strangers who follow a business agenda bc you don't know the people your letting near your dog. If you truly love them don't remind them of their past spent in a kennel, more then anything even the cancerous chemicals, that fills me with outrage bc how can anyone lock up something they love in a cage for more then an hour? But for days, weeks and yes even months.

If you feel that's appropiate then abandon your dog at Petsmart, and as a result they'll send to a shelter since you see them as something other then family.

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This couldn't be further from the truth you sound like a disgruntled ex employee who didn't get his way and just wants to bash the company you worked for.

to Anonymous #1158188

News flash, petshotel IS a dump. I currently work at one and I am disgruntled because animals get treated like *** and pet parents are being ripped off.

The special rooms with the tv, the TV's are never turned on. During the holidays there are over 130 dogs there and the place smells like a sewer. Dogs are left without water because all the associates are in a playroom and the seniors/managers are busy up front. The mop buckets that they use to mop up an accident in a pets room, the water is black.

Rooms do not get cleaned every day no matter what they tell you on the phone. I would not leave a pet rock in a petshotel.

to Anonymous #1160239

Hi Sean!!!!!


I don't work for petsmart and never have, nor do i board there.. I am a vet tech.

So don't think I have any relation to petsmart.

You got bit? Well it's obvious you don't know how to read a dogs body language.

This whole complaint is ridiculous and obviously far fetched from the truth.

Yes, there are some pets who don't do well being kenneled. There are some pets who don't do well away from their owner, period.

It's called separation anxiety. You are supposed to be caring for them and helping them. You are supposed to be their advocate.

When a pet stays at my clinic who has separation anxiety, we try to calm them and help them. Then we explain to the owner and find a solution for the next time they have to stay with us.

We've had pets who were terrified and we couldn't get them out of the kennel. Next time they came in, they walked right back and we were able to get them out of the kennel with no problems. Why? Because we are advocates for our patients.

We try to minimize their stress, we have a talk with the owner and go over how to improve it in the future.

If the pets are being exposed to blood, vomit, urine and *** etc and if you are concerned about management and *** pets are handled, then you need to call corporate.

Complaining on here isn't helping the pets. With your attitude, I can guarantee that you won't last at a vet office, if you even get hired in the first place.

#1142406 the sounds of it, if you are this worked up on the job all the time, no wonder you got bit. Also, since when is a 3 foot tall room not enough space for a 10 inch tall cat to stand up in? Over hyped mis infomation and nothing else

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