Tyler, Texas
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A week ago, I returned the Pedi Paws to Petsmart. It was put back on my debit card.

It always immediately shows as pending and then will take 3 days to clear. This time, it never even showed up as pending so I called the store.

They made up some excuse on how they are experiencing a large volume of returns, it would be processed in 3 days, and "nothing can be done on the store level." Now, a week later, I still do not have my return money back, and still has not even showed as pending. I came into the store with my return reciepts and a printed bank statement showing I have not gotten my money, but all I have gotten was a list a mile long of excuses!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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we lsot 200$ count yourself lucky it was only 15$


Similar situation for me as well. Returned an item last week and still don’t have my money back.


I was very surprised when I recently did a return they made me use my debit card instead of refunding cash as they have always done in the past and it has been 3 days I have seen nothing of it if it was $20.00 or so no big deal but $200.00 is concerning to me


debit returns are supposed to be refunded as cash. next time just go about it that way


I received in writing that the financial institutions have absolutely no power over this, it is the merchant that provides the info for refunds to the banks that reimburse your account. Looks like PetSmart lags in this department.

Perhaps for their own benefit. Why else.


Have you gotten your money back yet ?


I have a return of 238 put back on my debit card and still have not seen it


If u had the receipt for the transaction of the return then thru our system it was returned. That's a problem with ur bank.

There is a way to look up transactions for up to ten days at store level past that we would contact customer service to find the transaction to prove it went thru on are end. Discuss this matter with ur bank 8)


Sounds like a problem with your bank.