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I had 2 of my dogs groomed at this location for the past 3 years. Now they are not taking both of my dogs because they are saying one of them have "aggression".

If they are not fully trained to groom a dog that is not comfortable getting groomed, then they are not qualified in my opinion. Both of my dogs, probably like any other dogs, can be uncomfortable getting groomed. I do not think it is fair for them not to groom by dogs. My dogs are perfectly normal like any other dogs.

I am very upset that they are doing this to my dogs and this needs to be mentioned to upper management. 3500 SW College Rd, Ocala, FL 34474 Manager's name is Carmen.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow. So you're mad because the groomer is refusing to groom your aggressive dogs?

Are you serious? You do realize that a groomers lively hood is made w their hands. Why should they risk losing their career and income?

Just because you said so? You are an awful person.


No groomer HAS to groom a dog that is potentially CAREER KILLING. I have known too many groomers who took too many chances.

From reconstructive surgery to their face to destroying their hands and wrist making them unable to ever groom again.

Groomers know dogs like few others. And refusing to groom a dog means they LOSE MONEY. If they refused, its a good reason.

Seek a trainer. Stop blaming others for your mistakes

Preungesheim, Hesse, Germany #1336988

A dog is a product of their environment. It seems your dog may .

have latched on to your attitude. You seem to feel entitled. That store does not owe you anything.

Go else where if you are not pleased.

I hope that dog bites you really really hard.

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