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As an update so people do not get confused. My dog is very healthy, we have had her vet checked and three vets says she is at a healthy weight, i don't want people to take this review the wrong way.

I can post a picture of our dog to (I'm not sure if this sight allows it).

She is at 28lbs and whippets range from 25-40lbs depending on size. We feed our whippet 1 cup of dry food, with half a cup rice or oatmeal 2 a day, and half a cup of dry food at lunch.

Original review posted by user Nov 29, 2015

A couple weeks ago me and my daughter (13), went to pet smart with our 2 year old whippet. This was our second time at pet smart only because they have a bigger selection of items, but we really prefer pet value. Anyways, my daughter was looking at some treats to get her dog and one of the employees was whispering to the other while looking at us but we thought nothing of it. Eventually the employee comes over to us and bends down on her knees and asks if our dog can have a treat, we say okay. She gives our dog a couple of big treats. Than she stands up and asks us if our dog is sick because she looks "unhealthily skinny", my daughter than replies, "no, she is a whippet, she's naturally skinny, and she is on the smaller side too", the employee than nods and asks what we are feeding our dog. My daughter than replies with "just dry food, chicken soup for the soul, she's been on that all her life as she used to be a show dog." Than the employee starts saying how we aren't taking proper care of our dog and how she should be put on a wet food diet and being fed more. She also mentioned that she would have called the humane society because we weren't taking proper care of our dog and our dog "looked scared".

We left immediately. My daughter was extremely mortified and started crying in the car. Let me tell you this. My daughter loves her dog more than anything in the world, she wakes up extra early to make eggs, or some sort of treat item to add to her dogs breakfast. She literally takes her dog wherever she can bring her, and all she talks about is how much she loves her and would do anything for her. Wherever we go, people always tell su how happy our dog looks and how great of a pair they both are. To have someone say to a child that they are abusing there dog is just not right. Shame on you for hiring inexperienced employees

now let me explain that Whippets are naturally slim and skinny. We feed our dog a lot, more than the recommended amount for her breed, because she is on the smaller side, and she has never been raced so she hasn't built any muscle mass, so you can see a faint outline of her ribs. We do have the occasional person ask us if this is "normal" for the breed, but they ask it in a nice way, the way that employee spoke to my daughter was just unacceptable.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: get knowledgeable staff that know about pet breeds.

I didn't like: Customer service, Employees, Unknowledgeable staff, Rude employees.

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PetSmart knows absolutely nothing regarding pets. Their employees consist of uneducated teenagers and "animal loving" middle-aged women.

Go to your local animal store. The big box chains like this don't educate their employees at all.


I know this type of dog and yours looks healthy

Snover, Michigan, United States #1253602

I was followed on the streets of Toronto by well intentioned but misinformed concerned people because my Saluki looked starved. Like whippets, salukis are sleek and lean.

A fat sighthound is an unhealthy sighthound. Instruct your daughter to pleasantly but firmly inform the public of the athletic build, ability to run and the breed standard. If they want to call humane authorities encourage them to do so. You have done nothing wrong.

The parent company won't like the publicity. Pets mart employees are not breed knowledgeable. They make 10.00 hr to sell pet supplies.

When you see round golden retrievers all day a whippet would look thin!

Your beautiful whippet is in perfect weight and is obviously well kept.


I would tell your daughter not to worry about what some uneducated employees told her as long as her vet says the dog is ok. As a senior vet student, I have been horrified multiple times by the "advice" these employees give.

Most of them have no training or education in medicine or animal care. I'm sorry your daughter was made to feel that way.

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