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There’s a reason why Petsmart only has a 2 star rating on the internet.

We brought our 2 poodles into Petsmart for basic grooming haircuts on Friday June 8, 2018... Our dogs were perfectly fine when we dropped them off for their appointments, but when we picked them up they looked completely dazed and traumatized for good reason.

I received a phone call two hours earlier than expected from Petsmart stating that they had finished with my dogs haircuts and that I should pick them up immediately. When I arrived, both of our dogs looked awkwardly nervous and completely shaken up.

Bella’s haircut was horrible (photo attached) she had a large strip of hair that was missing off of the top of her head that was obviously clipped off by accident a lot shorter than the rest of her hair which was extremely short to begin with.

The staff and management stated that the strip of missing hair off of the top of her head was a result of Bella having a cowlick. Our vet later confirmed that there was NO cowlick on Bella’s head, and went on to say that it was only a mistake made by the groomer who had clipped Bella’s hair.

After noticing the strip missing off of the top of Bella’s head, our attention quickly shifted to our other dog Zorro. His haircut was totally blotchy and completely unfinished. After asking what happened to his hair, the manager of the grooming dept stated that Zorro had Hematoma in his left ear and further stated for that reason alone they were unable to continue on with his haircut.


Just a few days later during an appointment with our vet, she confirmed that Zorro had no visible signs of Hematoma in his ear, and stated that if he actually did while receiving his haircut on Friday June 8th, it would still be noticeable/visible for her to see on June 14th.


Shortly after arriving home with our two dogs from being at Petsmart, they both started looking clued out, dizzy and in a big bubble. Within a couple of hours Bella’s eyes started to swell and Zorro began to throw up repeatedly while both dogs had diarrhea throughout the entire night(s).

I contacted the vet the very next morning and explained what had occurred thinking that the dogs may have experienced some side effects from the rabies shots that they had taken just a couple days earlier on June 6th.

The vet confirmed that the symptoms were not related to the rabies shots, and if they were the symptoms would have been noticed almost immediately or shortly thereafter of receiving the shots.

The vet recommended that I bring both dogs in for an examination to further look into the symptoms, and to figure out exactly why they were throwing up and experiencing diarrhea and looking completely lackadaisical.

I thought that it could be possible that both of our dogs may have picked up the flu; so I thought I should just wait it out for a bit just to see how things would progress. The symptoms resumed, so we brought the dogs back in to the vet on June 14, 2018.

After our vet conducted her examination and bloodwork, she asked me if our dogs were venerable to any chemicals etc at home that the dogs could have been able to access for them to eat or drink?.... (the answer of course was NO!

The vet stated that it appeared that our 2 poodles could have either been doped or poisoned based on the symptoms that both dogs were experiencing. (Keeping in mind that Bella and Zorro were perfectly fine prior to dropping them both off at Petsmart)

Bella started to feel better on the third day, she stopped throwing up and her eyes were less swollen and her behaviour was slowly returning back to her playful self.

Zorro on the other hand couldn’t seem to shake it off and continued feeling extremely sick with ongoing symptoms.

While at the vet, the veterinarian completed comprehensive blood work on Zorro after examining him. She then recommended a prescription known as Cerenia to prevent Zorro for constantly throwing up, so that an antibiotic called Metronidazole could fight the infection that was causing Zorro to be sick. Also prescribed was a Pro-biotic known as Fortiflora.


Petsmart has accepted responsibility for lying about Bella’s cowlick and refunded the full amount for her haircut in the amount of $ 89.27 (which was far more expensive than other groomers to begin with)

Petsmart has also accepted the responsibility for lying about the Hematoma in Zorro’s ear by refusing payment (for whatever unexplained reason, something obviously occurred in the grooming department at petsmart that had made both of our dogs sick, this is why they probably wanted us to pick them up 2 hours earlier than expected. (And Of course they blamed it on our dog Zorro having Hematoma which we now know never existed to begin with according to our vet).

We think that the management at Petsmart knew something that we didn’t; and wanted our dogs out of their possession immediately knowing in advance that they were getting sick from either being doped or from eating or drinking something toxic in there building while being in their care.


Petsmart has refused to refund the amount that was incurred by the veterinarian for the prescription medications which totalled $315.38 (Even though they promise that if a dog is injured or sick in their care that they will cover the full costs and would send the dog to a veterinarian immediately...


The regional manager wanted me to go out of my way (like having to drive back and forth to the vet and stay up all night with my dogs to make sure that they were okay wasn’t good enough) and to provide her with full disclosed of my dogs medical file at the veterinarian before they would even consider providing me with a refund.

(Plus the regional mgr stated that if they ultimately decided to provide a refund after review of the medical file, it would take an additional 4-6 weeks until a refund with be presented.

(WHAT A JOKE, they want to be able to review your Vets full medical file on your dog in case your pet dies to protect themselves, and if he doesn’t die then they just decline your request for a refund and say it wasn’t their responsibility)



So I called Petsmart head office hoping to address my concerns with a senior manager but they provided me with an incident number saying that a progression manager would contact me back within 48 hours.

So... 5 days later the same regional manager from the same location that I had the problem with contacted me back, really?

I wanted a head office manager to call me back, not the same manager that I had a problem with to begin with... why did I spend an additional 45 minutes out of my day to explain my complaint over the phone with a representative of Petsmart if they’re only going to forward my complaint back to the same regional manager....


So listen people, I would rather write this *** review on Petsmart and take the chances of not receive my money back back from Petsmart if I can’t actually address my complaint with a senior manager.

Soo... at the very least, other potential customers considering using Petsmart for the first time like I did; will know what they’re up against with a very unprofessional company.

Because of this bad experience with pet smart grooming, I will never shop at their store again for food or other supplies.


They could have been honourable and paid my veterinarian medical bills at a low cost of only $312.00, but they chose not to, so hopefully they now loose thousands of dollars in potential business from customers that read this and other reviews that are on line.

(Which add up to a pathetic **2 STAR RATING)


Sure they have an impressive sales pitch when you call for details and pricing , but the final results are unsatisfactory to say the least from a corporate name in the pet industry that you would expect to trust.

If you love your pet, please don’t send them to Petsmart!

Kyriakos V.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Dog Grooming Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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thank you for the review, I am so glad you posted this I was going to take my 14 year old white husky to have him washed and groomed I will keep on doing it myself !!!!!


I'm so sorry what your beloved pets had to go through. I have read many complaints about their grooming dept.

Very unprofessional upper management. It was such a small amount if money you were asking to be reimbursed. They are suppose to have insurance for this reason.

Hope your fur babies are doing well now. Sincerely, Sherry


I'm SO sorry, for what happened to your fur babies Thank you for writing this review. I was considering PetSmart for our Yorkie pup, but they will NEVER get business from me or any of my friends (after I tell them about your experience).

I hope that they are healthy and happy, poor babies. Emily


I like when people take the time to write and warn others about what could potentially be a bad experience for others. Thank you for taking the time to let me know about what unfortunately you had to experience


Took my Maltese in for grooming at Petsmart in Billings, MT 59105. Not only did it take 4 hours but when I picked her up I didn't even recognize her!

She was absolutely butchered! I knew that she had some matting but it was only under her tail and a little on the back of her ears. I asked them to keep length in her ears and tail but they did nothing but shave everything off. She looked like a dog with mange.

Even the top of her head is bad; all different lengths. Her tail looks like a rat's tail. They even tacked on a $7 charge without telling me. I had to buy her a little coat to keep her warm.

I walked out without paying. Never going back and will never recommend them to anyone unless they want their dog scalped.


I too made the mistake of taking my tiny teacup 2 1/2 pound yorkie to Pet Smart to be groomed. My regular groomer had recently shut down her business for health, (cancer diagnosis) reasons.

So I hearing and seeing their commercials on television took her in. When I picked her up her cut was cute but she too didn’t act normal. I examined her on the way home and noticed several, 8, areas on her tummy, chest and groin area that were extremely red and irritated. She whined and pulled away and I could tell she was in pain and uncomfortable.

Taking her to the vet the next day; she was diagnosed with 8 BURNS on her abdomen, chest and groin from the metal clippers that the girl used to trim my dog! She was NO groomer!!!!

She burnt my dog by using over heated clippers!!!! I will Never use them again and tell everyone I know how unprofessional they were and refused to take responsibility for the burns!


My beautiful English bulldog Scruffles died at petsmart grooming in Dec. please go to justice for Scruffles Facebook page and see all the stories posted by petowners who’s dogs died or were injured by petsmart grooming.

Also tube dr oz April 12.

And see our story. Please share your story on justice for scruffles


I can’t find the necropsy report - can you ost it please.


Looks like a guard comb popped off the clippers on the one top knot that was stripped. And they wernt prepped properly on the body .when you dry a poodle You need to brush it while stretching the hair so it will dry straight and not curly .If you leave it in the cage dryer it dries curly and you will never get the hair to cut evenly .The dizziness and vomiting is puzzling unless they were overheated because they were left in the cage dryer too longBut considering the way the coat looks that may be a possibility.

Some thing is amiss that's for sure .

I'm sorry this happened to ypur dogs. Don't take them to the places that take walk in because that forces the groomers to be overbooked and these types of things happen .I'm not making excuses for this situation just telling you what goes on in these profit before morality chain stores .


https://petsmart.pissedconsumer.com/murders-201805061249289.htmlcheck out thiis review and try to contaact these people via the private messaging system here and see if you can combine your suits if you do decide to file!


PLEASE consider pressing charges via a lawyer! You certainly have a case, and if possible, return to that Petsmart and maybe talk to some other customers that use their grooming services if you can.

If they've had issues, even minor, you could have a class action on your hands.

There may already be one out there that you can join. Otherwise, I would sincerely consider filing a lawsuit of some kind, and gathering all documentation needed in order to go forward.This is beyond unacceptable.