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I've been using the PetsHotel part of PetSmart on Innes for a while and I seem to have a different problem each time. If you care about how your dog is treated there then you have to say something but they pass it off as "I wasn't the one to check him in, or I wasn't the one who set up the room, or I haven't been back there so I don't know... you have to talk to "..... " . I've a dog that doesn't travel well (anxiety) AND doesn't board well without HIS stuff and some attention to the care requests.

I did get a tour once and was appalled at how some of the dogs were being kept. They say they provide a bed (I saw on on just a thin towel lying mostly on concrete, and some large dogs in the smaller kennels.. Constant barking and of course no outdoor walks. I provide my BF his own bedding and protection from the concrete so he doesn't get arthritis from lying outside his bed AND toys AND food AND treats as he is fussy eater. It seems this may be too much for them to bother with... Each time there is something wrong and he comes back either dehydrated, sick , or with inflamed eyes even for only one night stay... And as I find the best way to avoid these (eg., use his bowls, provide a little doggy tent, etc,) they find a way to change it the next time so you're not sure of the care he is actually getting and what may be the problem.

The Last visit in 2013 it was clear they didn't use much of what I brought for him and Manager argued with me that there is NO agreement to use his bowls and clearly they didn't use the rubber mats, and other comfort items. My dog doesn't chew or eat his things... so it's OK and if he did at least he'd have an out for his anxiety for being there.

What I've found the problems stem from are:

1- too many different people handle your requests AND don't really seem to care about the instructions you give them to help make your pet's stay more pleasant ... the response is "we have over 100 dogs here"... So what's the point of trying to make your pet comfortable? and set your mind at ease??

2- the arrogance of some employees (new?) who simply don't listen to what you are saying/booking BUT insist on you listening to their talking about something that is not what you're booking (marketing other services to sell you even when you have already told them your dog only wants 1/2 hour group play NOT day camp, not grooming), it becomes problematic when there are errors

3- standard procedures to only follow what they write down and not accept pre-written instructions from the pet owner - we have to rely on their notes that they type in as you speak

4- inability for pet owners to see the conditions your dog will be set up with. .. their safety policies. They no longer allow visits to the back.

I suppose for toughened dogs, outdoor dogs, or dogs that like to be in the hustle and bustle of other dogs all the time the minimal care given at PetSmart Hotel is adequate...but is not my first choice ... not for my current dog and I'm looking for a good care facility or home that will help me make it a pleasant experience for my family's best friend.

Last visit dog came back sick, vomitting and not drinking for 2 days ... needed vet attention $200.... It was likely nerves from not having anything he was used to with him.

Most recently .. I discovered they had "DISMISSED" us from their "HOTEL".... at that location --- clearly they do not care one IOTA about trying to make things better for your pet, (fiercely defensive) ... and have no "SMARTS" at all about dealing and keeping customers... It seems we are easily expendable.

My suggestion: If you have a problem with PetSMART Hotel decide if they are your only boarding option and if so put up with whatever they do ... or leave... forget trying to talk to some of their people they either don't know anything, can't do anything or the managers are "@#&%%s" ...

Too bad ... it was a good concept, but perhaps they should stick to selling pet supplies, especially if they are self insured as I've read elsewhere on here (can't confirm that). I considered our last visit a total loss, the cost of the overnight plus walks plus play time plus the vet bill.

Of course my pet recovered and I don't expect PetSmart Hotel would ever refund for any reason, (God forbid!), but I would have liked an apology and to respect that customers have a right to question what is and wasn't done for their pet during the stay and to accommodate adjustments in the future AND not to treat us as expendable and our pet needs/requests as irrelevant.

Review about: Petsmart Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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