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Letter to Petsmart, no one from Petsmart responded to my complaint. My name is Pam Cohen.

I took my dog, Ruger, in for a bath at 11am this morning (6/13/17) at the Hiram, Ga location. I left him in the care of your employee Jadan. At 5:00pm, I called your store and was put on hold for a while so I hung up. I called back 5 minutes later and inquired about Ruger.

The young lady answering the phone said "Oh, he's been ready." I told her no one called me and her response was "Oh, I'm sorry." I arrived at the store to pick him up around 5:30pm. I was informed that Jadan went home at 3pm. I inquired why no one called me when he was ready and why Jadan left the store without completing her care of my dog. Again, the response was 'Oh, I'm sorry." At this time, I stated that she should not be allowed any responsibilities with animals as it is apparent that she is completely irresponsible.

The young man working stated that she has only been working there for 3 weeks, as if new employees of Petsmart are allowed to be negligent because they are newly hired. After my experience today, it is apparent that your employees are trained to respond to customer dissatisfaction by simply saying "Oh, I'm sorry." Well, I'm sorry because this response is completely unacceptable. The employee responsible for my dog went home without calling me and letting me know that he was ready for pick up, which resulted in him being there for 6 1/2 hours for a bath. In addition, at least 2 1/2 of those hours, he was left in a cage while the employees there assumed that Jadan had called me because it was her job and her responsibility.

I've been a customer of that store for I know a good year or more. I buy my dog food there and I have my dog groomed there. I can have the dog food delivered to my door from your competitor, but I chose to shop at Petsmart. I can have Ruger groomed at a half of dozen other groomers in the vicinity , but I chose Petsmart.

I chose Petsmart because I assume, due to your success, you have professional responsible individuals as employees. After my experience today, I feel that many employees there have little or no training and are clearly given responsibilities above their capabilities. Employees who handle live animals should know better than to abandoned a little dog in their care in a cage and assume someone else is going to care for it. Jadan's actions today were irresponsible and negligent.

I am very disappointed with the grooming service Ruger received today and the apathetic response I received from Petsmart employees. I am questioning my decision to support your store.

Review about: Petsmart Pet Groomer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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They tell you a pick up time and say they will call if it’s sooner. Your fault for not listening to the pick up time.

to Lumpis #1388983

They do NOT tell you a pick up time. They call you....always have.


oh my God shut up ,,, it is not like she let him get out loose on the highway

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