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I have been an avid PetsMart customer for years. It is my primary choice for food, clothes, accessories and grooming for my 18 month Shih Tzu, Evie.

I have easily spent several thousand dollars on her there. She has been groomed by PetsMart 5 times at least. I have had several ok experiences, a couple great experiences and what I would consider a very sad experience. I made an appointment for a normal groom, with focus on lower length tummy hair and nail filing because she is getting spayed this week.

I was aware she had a few mats in her hair and gave the groomer the ok to cut them and trim her face. I also agreed to pay extra to have her teeth cleaned; why not? Every time I have had Evie groomed after the grooming I ask how she was. Each time they tell me she was good except she doesn't like ear plucking.

When I arrived to pick Evie up (3 hours after I dropped her off & 30 minutes after I was told she would be complete but never received a call), the groomer told me she didn't like having her face trimmed and that Evie had bit at her. If she did, she weighs 10lbs & it wasn't hard. Also, I would say the groomer was too rough with her if she had that issues where past groomers had not. I opted for her not to pluck the ear hair because I could tell Evie was upset.

I don't even know if she cleaned her teeth. I got my bill, went and bought Evie 2 new sweaters and stocked up on $30 worth of treats. I even felt bad for the groomer and went back in and tipped her $5 on top of my $58 grooming job. When I got home and in the light I was shocked.

I am not picky if the hair is a little uneven. However, both the insides of her eyes looked like they had been shaved to bare red skin. No wonder she didn't like her face trimmed. Her face looks painful and like the groomer shaved WAY too close.

Her eyes could even be scratched and I will be having them checked this week. I have attached photos or her normally and what they did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Midlothian, Virginia, United States #1250035

That's awful.I have an imperial shih-tzu as well and to scrape that area to the degree on her lil face is unacceptable.Poor lil pup!

Atmore, Alabama, United States #1095544

I have NEVER heard of a groomer cleaning teeth. My Veterinarian puts my animals to sleep to clean their teeth.


I don't shop here at all they refused my hundred dollar bill...

Fishers, Indiana, United States #783895

I agree; biting is not ok. However, she has never had the issue before leading me to believe it was a reaction to the groomer handling her incorrectly.

Also, there is a difference between shaving hair and shaving to BARE SKIN. Her skin even scabbed afterwards.

That is completely unacceptable. I am posting a new picture to show the irritation.

to danajeannine Concord, New Hampshire, United States #783992

A #10blade is used to scoop the eyes. This blade shaves very close.

This is the safest blade to use. Also if your dog had a lot of goopy stuff in front of her eyes before the groom then that area may have been irritated underneath.

So the irritation may not have been caused from the groomer. I have seen the area there raw before because of all the goopy stuff that gets caught in the hair there.

to danajeannine Lynchburg, Virginia, United States #955106

As the people have already said, the number 10 blade is the safest to use around parts like that. It is also the shortest length we offer.

That's a good thing, though. It makes it look cleaner! Some dogs just have sensitive skin or there could have been a nasty eye booger or gunk there that was pulled off during the clipping that made it raw. As for the biting, dogs are JUST like people.

They have their good days and their bad. You pup may have just been cranky. I have a request Shih Tzu that I have been working with for two years now and he will come in and be a little brat sometimes for no reason that I can pin point. Just that he feels like it that day.

Don't be so quick to throw the groomer under the bus without looking at things from all angles.


Shaving in front of the eyes is normal. Its called scooping the eyes.

Dogs with runny eyes need to have this hair kept short as this area will get irritated easily. Also biting is not acceptable. If you don't want them to shave it then ask it to be trimmed with thinning shears.

Doesn't matter if its a 10lb dog. No one wants to get bit and yes a little dog can cause a bad ***.

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