Groomer said they knew how to groom a Papillion. I verified when I made the appointment, and twice when I dropped him off.

The groomer even sounded upset that I would dare to ask if they knew how to do their job. They DON'T. When I picked up my Papillion, they had cut off all his butterfly fringe. I've looked on line - that doesn't grow back.

Store manager said sorry and that is sad. He also said he would talk to the groomers.

That was all. $60 lost and my Papillion doesn't look like a Papillion any more - no more butterfly ears.

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Miami, Florida, United States #1271824

You should have sued them. The reason you pay so much for a papillion is the butterfly ears.

That is BS. Any judge would definitely award you.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1239893

Hair is hair, and it grows back. If it doesn't, your dog has an underlying medical condition that is causing it's hair not to grow. A CUSTOMER has requested that I cut off his dogs ear fringe, and every 3 months he asks me to cut it again because IT GROWS BACK.


Hair grows back.

to Anonymous #1057557

Not always. My king shepherd had crimped ear fuzz and it didn't grow back


Rest assured, the fringe should grow back with no issue. I've seen clients have the ears shaved (which they've asked for) and it grows back just fine.

It just might take a month or two.


I'm sorry to hear that, and I understand how upset this may be for you, but perhaps this will make you feel better: Your dog could care less that his butterfly fringe is gone. What he cares about is to be loved by you and other family members.


Oh, how sad you must be about this. But your dog is absolutely gorgeous no matter what.

I imagine it will be very difficult, but please try not to upset your dog with your emotions over this. Your beautiful pup cares what you are thinking.

Thank you for alerting everyone.

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