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In Sept. 2012 my doxie,Oscar went there while I waited to have his nails cut.

In April 2011 he had a slipped disc and I did range of motion therapy and got him to walk, tinkle ond *** on his own again. It took 7 months of intense therapy, the last 2500.00 I had and hard work to get him well !!( yes I sepnt my last penny on the most loving dog I have ever had... *** NO as he never gave up on me when I could not walk. I too am disabled.I took him for a nail cut and advised them he had been disabled and asked if I could hold him they said NO.

I watched as they decided to hold him instead of putting him on a table even though I asked if they are going to be ok with him and they stated yes. As I watched my dog fall to the ground and BOUNCE off the concrete my heart sank. They took him to Banfield ( the vet inside the petsmart on Stephanie in Henderson NV and xrayed him. 2 RUPTURED discs !!!

They did nothing but give him medicine which he will be on for the rest of his life and close the case ! I called corporate and the know the laws of my state NV and that a dog is consindered chattal property which means it's just like a car. They are not considered living beings that suffer. By the way Petsmart SELF INSURES !!!

Which means there is not much recourse....

Please research your groomer.. I never want any dog cat or pet to suffer at the hands of that place !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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If i put all that time and effort into rehabbing my dog i would take him to a vet for his nails.

I would have refused your dog, too much risk when they are fragile or injured .

Grooming salon is for pets in good health who can tolerate the process of grooming. Dogs with extensive health issues or injuries aren't a good fit and need to be groomed in a different setting.

Even for nail trims.

I'm sorry it happened to your dog, accidents to happen. Certainly no one meant to hurt your dog.


That is horrible! I work at a salon now and it is against policy so have owners hold dogs, although sometimes I feel dogs would do better with their owners next to them.

Personally I would have just left him on the floor and clipped his nails that way. (that is allowed) IYour wonder if the bather had anyone helping them hold him?

Your poor sweet dog! They should have paid for every cent!!!

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #617207

Sorry for that happening to you and your little loved one. That is bull***!

I think they should have done more, in a way he was walking when he went in and not when he left. Pain medicine isn't enough.

to ur2animalcrazy Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #625298

Thank you soooo much. Oscar, is my best friend !!! They did absolutely nothing got rude and all I wanted by this post is to make people aware that they need to know their groomer and make sure they carry outside insurance as Petsmart is self insured.

to jalt1952 #941248

Petsmart groomers don't need their own insurance. They are covered by their employer so money hungry people wont bankrupt them and ruin their lives for having an accident.

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