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My husband took our four month old Peke to get groomed for the first time. We thought Petsmart was a better place to take him cause they groom dogs all day long...Well I sent a beautiful dog to get groom and got a mess back...it looked like a 2 year old had gotten a hold of a shaver and and went to town..how dare they say it was the dogs fault...can you believe that it was the dogs fault that he got a bad hair cut..it was his fault that they shave all the hair from his back paws...telling you my dog looks like a mess, they shaved his back paws and they didn't even try to shave his front paws to try and make then at least look the same he's got the hair on his ears one side cut and the other not...I REPEAT NEVER EVER TAKE YOUR DOG TO GET GROOMED AT PETSMART THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!! I WILL NEVER TRUST ANYONE TO DO MY DOGS HAIR I WILL DO IT MYSELF....HATE PETSMART WITH A PASSION HOW DARE THEY TRY AND EVEN CHARGE FOR THIS MESS...

Product or Service Mentioned: Petsmart Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $61.

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The petsmart in Dothan, Al. Works wonders! Only Issue I Have With Petsmart is their high *** prices...." :zzz


A 4 month old puppy does not need a hair cut, a peke at 4 months is just a tiny little fellow I can't imagine why on earth you did that. Not only this but any Petsmart groomer will tell you it is neither necessary nor wise to do so. I'm sure you didn't allow a little itty bitty thing like a four month old peke puppy get in such a mess it had to be shaved........did you?


I've been grooming and sitting, my own business and I'm the only employee for 8 years. I joke with my customers all of the time, and tell them that grooming a fur-kid is like trying to cut a little kids hair while they're running down the street.

This is why I only do one appointment at a time. Sure, I make alot less money than other groomers, but all of my pet parents are happy, and their fur-kids PULL THEM TO MY DOOR when they come for an appointment, because they know I love them. They get potty breaks and a few chances to get out and stretch their little legs. They NEED that - grooming is STRESSFUL no matter how great the groomer is!

And imagine having to STAND for hours!!! Loud noises, pushing, pulling, getting your hair pulled! If your fur-kid was posing that much of a problem with the groomer, then she should have CALLED you and asked what you wanted to do. Out of all of my customers, I have only ONE fur-kid, that MUST be sedated.

She is difficult for even her parents to handle. I DO NOT and WILL NOT sedate! The parents have to get it from THEIR VET and administer it to them. Way too risky for me.

I may not be rich, but everyone goes home happy, safe and sound, and always happy to return. That's why they call me Auntie Sandra - and that's why the last part of my business' name is "Grooming with LOVE" I won't say the entire name of my business because I'm not here to solicit customers - just for some advice. TRUST YOUR GUTS - AND IF SOMETHING DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT - TAKE YOUR BABY AND LEAVE!!! Don't worry - who cares what anyone thinks.

There are plenty of loving and amazing groomers to choose from. You are NEVER stuck!


Where r u located I’m looking for a good groomer


Puppies are bad for grooming its like chasing a squirrel. On crack with a pair a scissors the first hair cut is more about acclimatisation to the grooming process than the perfect haircut, you try it with Simone else dog at four months old lol you'll cry I promise you

Being a professional does not make you magic you do what the dog will "let" you do or sedate it but I personally will not manhandle a dog for vanity


Thanks for replying to my post you just proved how un professinol petsmart employees are, to reply the way you did.... I guess you felt that I was talking about you and that's why you felt the need to post what you did since I don't live in ST.

Louis I am thinking maybe you have done the same to some other puppy an you felt the need to defend yourself..

I just wish I had looked up complaints about petsmart before I took my puppy in guess this is a lesson learned... but hey you have a nice day now...


:( :x

If your dog is a 4 month old puppy, it shouldn't have gotten a full hair cut anyway. And if you were to watch your dog being groomed, more than likely you would notice that he or she was probably a giant ***.

Puppies are not easy to handle for haircuts, specially if you wait to take them in. Don't automatically assume you're dog is the greatest dog in the whole wide world and would never create a problem at all.

because thats not true. Don't be so rude.