I took my dog to get groomed at the Chelmsford store and I will never go back. He came home with his poor privates red and swollen.

I waited a couple of days only to find him itching it and and the area more agitated. Long story short, they messed up grooming him (cut his poor hair too close to the skin causing an infection) and now my poor dog has to be on antibiotics for his private area.

The store managers were notified and were pretty helpful taking care of the situation and getting him checked. However, my dog will never go back there to get groomed again!!!!!!

Review about: Petsmart Grooming Service.

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Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #636438

I highly doubt there was a "infection" just irritation from where the dog was groomed. The vet gave you antibiotics to shut you up!

It happens and it happens a lot.

Some dogs are more sensitive down there most owners put a little bit of something on it because its that common! Petsmart don't want you as a customer anyways you suck.


groommgr is perfectly correct. Part of any good groom is a well-clipped tum and bottom for sanitary/hygiene purposes.

Sometimes (rarely) a dog will have a bad reaction to close shaving in the groin area. You never actually know until it happens and I tend to use a longer blade if I'm a little uncertain, especially if the hair is prickly in that area or the skin looks irritated.

It is heartbreaking as a groomer to hear that one of your dogs has suffered after their groom.

It is very rare, but it does happen and you have to work with the studio and the groomer so they KNOW what went wrong and can fix it. If you just chop and change studios you're doing yourself and your pet a disservice.


Calm down! Some dogs are very sensitive to having the sanitary area shaved.

We don't know that until it happens! I don't see how shaving caused any infection, unless his skin was nicked. If it is just that the area was senstive and caused irritation that led to him licking and chewing, then he caused his own infection. You can't blame the groomer for that unless you clearly instructed the groomer that he has sensitivity in that area and told her not to shave it.

Otherwise, consider this a learning experience and where ever you decide to take your dog for grooming, instuct them not to shave the sanitary area. Don't blame the groomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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