I just want to express my great disappointment in the "service" that we received today at one of the PetSmart stores.

We had our 2 dogs get the "defurminator" de-shedding treatment and get their teeth cleaned. First of all, they were very unfriendly, disorganized, and rushed when we checked in. All the information I had given them on the phone had to be repeated and they had a hard time finding our reservation.

Once we finally dropped them off, it took 5 hours for the services to be completed! 5 hours!! What could possibly take that long?

Once finally got the call that they were ready and we went in to pick them up, our bill was a lot more than we were quoted. Candice told us that for our Flat Coat Retreiver it would be $36 for the de-shedding treatment. In reality, we were charged $66 for her and $44 for our Mini-Dachshund. Both of those prices are higher than what she told us.

And now that we have them at home, as we pet them, we are still pulling out massive clumps of shedded hair. I am now in doubt that they even got the treatment at all.

I am very disappointed in the service, price, and people at this grooming facility and will never take my dogs back.

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Apple Valley, California, United States #945436

I was confused about the furminator when I went in as well. On the sign on their counter is says $3-$5 extra for furminator so I thought what a great deal and asked for it.

However the price ended up being $25 more than I had paid the last time. They explained that even though it says $3-5 with a bath, you have to buy the premium bath. Confusing. I have only taken my dog there twice.

The first time it was great.

The second time, not so much. Do they keep a record of who grooms your dogs so you can request the same groomer?

Marietta, Georgia, United States #713272

It seems that Petsmart grooming managers are at this site, answering every complain, don't they have work to do, no wonder it takes so long to have our dogs back.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #713210

They have my shitzu for 5 hours and it was only one small dog. They did not even called me, well I went in after four and a half hours and the dog was still not ready.

They told me to go pay and that they will call me, I can feel they did not want me there. They never called me, i went and waited in the clinic bench and went back in 20 or 25 minutes. He smelled the same when I took him in and they gave me the medicine and told me to put it on him in two days???? What is that?

Then when my husband got home and inspected the dog, we saw he has scrapes, scratches and cuts, not to mention uneven in places like behind the leg.

I have used the service before and was happy but this time my dog was hurting and red and I am trying to look for the so called: "look great guarantee" and cannot find anything on how to place a claim. They also charge me for brush/demat when i requested the smallest hair they had there and we inspected the dog before and he had no mats on the head or tail, which was the only thing with enough hair to brush when finished.


first id like to say that im a soon to be former bather at a petsmart.

secondly, a furminator for a dach is either $34-36 depending on it being smooth or long coated, the toothbrushing is $11, so theres that, a lab, just because i dont see many flat coated retrievers, is $56, plus the $11 for the toothbrushing, so theres that.

third, we ask for 2-4 hours per dog. PER DOG. it was 2.5 hours per dog.

lastly, the furminator treatment is a bath with de shed shampoo, a soak in a shedding solution and brushing. the solution loosens up dead and dying undercoat. you will not get all the hair loosened by the solution in only half an hour. the treatment was done, and the groomer saw a significant decrease in undercoat shedding, so they decided to tel you they were ready.

its people like you that make me happy i am going to a salon with better clientele. :roll


Unless your dogs were first in line and they were groomed at exactly the same time, I'd say that 5 hours isn't a terrible time.

When we brought our shih-tzu to be groomed, sometimes it would take a couple hours, sometimes it would take 4 or 5. Depends on how many dogs were dropped off before ours and how many groomers were in that day.

You should ask for common sense for Christmas. Or patience. Because you clearly have neither.


Everything "Groomer" said is correct (I use to be a bather at a Petsmart). But I would recommend asking where your groomer or bather went to grooming school and if the school is accredited.

I left the company because of poor training and a non-accredited training program. Call around, you'll find groomers with education


I got my dog deshedded recently at PetsMart and had to get him rebathed since I thought he was having a allergic reaction to the product! Which it was great that they didn't charge me for this!

Unfortunately he was still getting bigger hauls spots a week after the rebathing! however took him to my vet and found out he got a bacterial infection from the grooming salon! I will never bring my dog back just bc of this situation!

I do use PetsMart for other needs and will continue to but not for anything else but dog food and toys!! ;(


Call them back and let them know that you are unsatisfied. Let them know that you are not happy that you were quoted a different price.

Honestly, you should have asked about the price at the register when it was more than you expected. Those prices are fair. It is a lot of work to do a Furminator treatment on a Flat-coated Retriever.

PetSmart however is extremely good with it comes to customer service. They value your business and with their Look Great Guarantee, "your happy or its free". You have legitimate reasons to not be happy. Call and tell them this, get a refund, and also see if you can get a compensated Furminator by the Salon Manager. Sometimes it may just be an inexperienced bather.

Worst case scenario, they give you your money back and hope you decided to come back. Best case, you will find a groomer who does the treatment well, and will continue to ask that she or he be the one to take care of your pets.

Also, they offer quite a few coupons in E-mails, Surveys, and even on the internet. There is always a way to make the price lower. You just have to know where to look.

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