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I was visting the local Petsmart in Pelham, NY the weekend of 3/10/12. I noticed a van that READ "southern dogs rescue" on it and approached them.

I was curious as to weather there was an adoption going on as I was interested in adopting a dog/puppy. To my surprise, I was told that the woman and her volunteers had traveled from Alabama to do an adoption event at this Petsmart in Pelham, NY with her van full of RESUCE DOGS THAT NEEDED GOOD HOMES!!! It took her 24+ hours to drive there and her volunteers drove up from Virginia Beach to help out. they all paid a numerous amount of $$ to get themselves there to be later PUSHED AWAY.!!

NOT WANTED IN PETSMART, LIKE THEY WERE "BOTHERING" the store managers and associates. I was completely appalled at the fact they had to stay OUTSIDE in the cold/wind. The young volunteer's were so cold and tired from their drive, and the poor dogs were freezing as well. They are not used to this type of COLD weather.

I thought that PETSMART was there for the animals. How dare they!!! I plan on writing a letter to the corporate office about this animal cruelty that PETSMART put on this rescue team. I am not sure I will ever go to purchase anything at PETSMART AGAIN!!


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I am not surprised. After being an adoption partner for over nine years with excellent relations in all three PetSmarts I volunteer for there is a marked change coming down from PetSmart Corporate that is affecting rescue partners.

There is no continuity between stores.

Everything is left up to each store managers picidillos. There is absolutely no upper level support or go to if there are issues or things go terribly wrong.

My recommendation to small rescue orgs is to form an umbrella group - otherwise you can be treated anyway store management wants to treat you and you will ALWAYS be the at fault player in your relationship with PetSmart and PetSmart Charities.


just a quick fyi: all of the adoption agencies petsmart works with have contracts with petsmart for liability and safety reasons. if this group just showed up, petsmart is not allowed to let them in per corporate policy.

employees helping them would be a safety and liability hazard. maybe the group should have been more organized or informed and called ahead.

not the stores fault. they have policies for a reason and letting some random group in is a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Wondering if the organization had a time slot to be at PetSmart ? I can't imagine they just showed up ?

We get dogs from the North down here in Fla and you all get dogs from the South. If all rescue groups supported each other and stopped bickering and all ran their organizations like a business should be run.

Geez, please don't shop at a local Petco, they are as heartless as they come ! If you order items online, they are generally 10-20% cheaper, offer free shipping and you don't have to drive to either store ! Mary, once you are out of the store, the mngr cannot tell you what you can or can't do.

It is your time not theirs. The mngr obviously had issues with the group to begin with. Mean People SUCK !

Also, give directly to any group you want to donate to NOT through the stores ! Most of what is given is used by the companies for advertising foremost !


I worked there at the time of that event. We were all told not to help Lee.

Everyone was offering to help but management said no do not help her. She arrived with 30 dogs and was by herself the first day.

They told us to just do our jobs and nothing more. Many wanted to volunteer when our shift was over but were told not to go assist that we had to go home.So sad!

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