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A friend of mine actually had two incidents and should have learned her lesson the first time!! She took her two Maltese puppies to be kept for a weekend at the Petsmart in Houston Texas at Bunker Hill and I-10.

When she picked them up, the bigger of the two had had her top not hacked off. I was soooooo pissed!!!!! The manager apologized and gave her a week of boarding for free. This past weekend she dropped them off again.

This time the smaller one, who's hair is longer to the floor, had her hair cut/trimmed without any permission from my friend!! She called the manager and they wanted to give her a free bath for both dogs!!??

How about fix or rather fire whoever is not following procedures!! She's already said she's done with that frickin' company!!

Monetary Loss: $112.

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Jenn, it is very possible to get above a 4.0. Hate to break it to you.

There are plenty of people out there who get a 4.1 or higher.

Its called extra credit. :eek


I don't know that this is a complaint about the Hotel or the Groomer. I am guessing the Groomer.

It sounds like there was a communication issue. I am curious, why didn't your friend post this problem instead of you?


Omg, I know this story-I witnessed it firsthand! So much I could say here!


131 is barely above average. Quite a bit below the genius level. Just sayin'


...and I would like to apologize immediately lol. I just realized that there are a few schools on a 4.3 gpa scale...weird! Again, sorry to have made fun of that posting, apparently it can happen.


I know this is an old posting, but I think it's hilarious that someone tried to defend that they were not uneducated by saying that they have a 4.3 GPA in college. If you went to college, you would know that a 4.0 GPA means straight A's, you cannot go higher than that lol.

I do not at all think that where someone works is an indication of how smart they are, but that comment was pretty funny.

I think that the people who linked working at petsmart to being uneducated are simply rude and inconsiderate. I am college educated and working towards my Master's, but I would never assume that simply because of the pieces of paper I have that must mean I am smarter than anyone in a job that doesn't make as much as me.



You should have known Petsmart is another chain store. Yes, they do hire some very uneducated people in the store, but what do you expect.... a person with a Master's degree taking care of your dogs? I'm sure there are some good people in Petsmart though.

Petsmart has to pay them really low wages. You know what that means? Employees don't care about the services; they get paid the same at the end of the day regardless of you complaining or not.

:roll :roll :roll


Pet smart hotel in Aliso Viejo, where we've been a customer for five years, lost our dogs paperwork, couldn't find our listing under my name and then denied they had lost the paperwork after admitting it. Then they said it was now standard procedure to do it every year and asked me to fill out the paperwork they sent (for one dog, despite the fact that they know we have two and the reservation was even for two dogs).

If they can't even handle basic paperwork, I'm no longer going to trust them with my dog.

when I called to complain about the screw up the manager didn't even care. Needless to say we are taking our business elsewhere and warning others.


I don't think it's right for you to be insulting the people who work at that boarding facility, or the people who comment on your highly biased re-telling of what happened.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196319

:grin shut up anon. :grin

Good comeback armyck, how long did it take you to come up with that one?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196317

shut up anon.


Maybe you should do some re reading of your own posts. I did read them.

P.S. Just because I groom dogs does not make me uneducated.

In college I currenly have a 4.3 GPA and a nearly genius IQ of 131. Thank you.


anon is neither a *** or a he. Believe me Petsmart is not my favorite company and I would not defend them if they were wrong.

They are all about making the pet parent happy and pretty much see all their employees as replacable no bodies. Even me wgho has spent many many years there, I don't leave because I am a mother in school and working full time and grooming is decent money to get by on. Before asking why I would stay at a company that has no respect for their employees, regardless of time spent at the company,I am smart enough to know that that is how corporations are, thery don't care about employees only customers. And if I were able to leave them for a job that has excellent benefits, 3 weeks paid vaca, sick pay, maternity leave pay, ect....I would in a heart beat because I hate the "corporate" aspect of it all.

But no groom shops offer such benefits, and with a family I have to have them.

Back to the subject, I have experienced customers who just did not pay attention at check in and have ridiculous expectations. A groomer can't make a maltese all long and pretty if the owner does not brush the dog. Everything is discussed and put on paper which the owner sign including the price and a matted pet release.

Also, I am in VA but policies are company wide, groomers have no access to the hotel facility, groomers only check in a dog at the hotel when a customer requests their pet be groomed while boarding, so we can have the proper haircut gone ove with the owner and have the papers signed. When it comes time for that dog to be groomed, a manager or lead from the hotel must transport the pet from the hotel to the salon. Once the groom is complete, salon calls the hotel to let them know the pet is ready.

Then the manager/lead from the hotel comes to the salon, gets the pet and they are returned to the hotel. It's not a random process, we don't just groom whoever.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196283

Oh Anon, a *** employee replying to my letter. It is cute that you are standing up for your company, however the truth is your company sucks and you did not read the *** complaint which I wrote.

You should be fired because just judging from your reply you are one of those heartless PetSmart Employees. If they really cared about keeping a customer they would have given a year of free baths for the dogs and a year of free boarding and any services that she needs. However they are cheap and only offered a week of free boarding and ONE free bath for the dogs.

Just your silly comment shows your mentality level, but what do I expect from you after all you are in the pet care busiess and they hire people with low mentality and the IQ of a third grader. You don't care about the pets, just want to make money.


I am a groomer at one of said stores (though not that specific location) and have been for about 10 yrs. Papers have to be signed at check in before a dog can be touched.

Groomers work for commission, no one is going to give a dog a haircut for the fun of it and not get paid. My bet would be that your "friend" doesn't know how to brush her dog, wanted to rush through check in, therefore not paying any attention, and obviously didn't read anything she signed. People always want to blame someone else for their own idiocy. Why would I or any other groomer waste our time groomin dogs that aren't even there for grooming, and not paying for grooming?

Furthermore, grooming associates are not given access to the boarding area, so no groomer would have even been able to see and possibly feel sorry for and groom a mess of a dog. Impossible.

And I'm glad to hear you were appeased by the corporate people.

That's their job, to tell you whatever you want to hear. I can guarantee what ever grand results you imagine happened, did not.


I wish you could see what happened. Also, I wish they were your dogs but alas they're not.

How would feel if some ahole cut of...say...your daughter's ponytail? It's just hair right? Well some pets are kids to their pet parents. Oh you'd be pissed!!

The dogs did not need trimming. They needed to be boarded and is all. My friend takes her pups to a professional groomer for that breed. Plus to comment on this....

Goes to show you the mentality of you and some of those like you in the pet care business. You don't care about the pets. Just another buck.

If you gave a Maltese a Schnauzer cut, you have better get ready to get your block knocked off. It's cool though cause the corporate office and district mgr of that store got the folks involved right where it hurts!!


OMG it's hair!!!!! It grows back!!!!!! Maybe they needed to be trimmed?????????

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