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My family member, Hobo, is missing.

She has been sold to another unsuspecting customer because of the negligence, irresponsibility, lies and incorrect information given to me by the management of the Blomington Indiana PetSmart.

This morning I had the chance to speak with David Harshey, the store’s manager about the situation with my lost guinea pig, Hobo. My pet is MISSING. I can't say that David did or said anything that truly helped the situation. He told me that both his customer service manager Carie and manager April Stewart had cause to lie to me.

David explained to me that Carie lied to me because she was trying to doing me a favor by breaking store policy and telling me that they would hold my returned pet and I would be able to claim her once she was healthy again.

Had I known the truth of the situation and the policies set by PetSmart, I would have never allowed her to be returned to the store.

David also said that Carie had attempted to contact me this past Thursday and left a voicemail message for me letting me know I could pick up my pet. I never received a call, nor did I receive a voicemail. When I asked that he check his facts and pull the detailed phone report so he could see that I was never called he told me that Carie had no reason to lie. This is the same Carie he said was trying to do me a favor by lying to me. I’m sorry. You can’t tell me she was helping me in once sense by lying and then try and convince me that she has no reason to lie about a situation. Either you are, or you are not a liar. Once you lie everything you say is in question. There is no ‘good’ or ‘helpful’ lie.

David and I also spoke about interactions with April Stewart (another manager in the Bloomington store) and her conduct during the situation when I was informed that the store had sold me pet to someone else. He told me that April had EVERY reason to lie because our situation had been escalated to the corporate level and she wouldn’t want to get in trouble. I’m left asking myself what kind of people does this store employ?

I’ll add another layer of bizarreness to this story. Nearly 2 weeks ago now, on a Friday night I called the store to inquire about symptoms Hobo was having and the policy on sick pets that were sold. When I called I asked to speak with a manager, the man who answered the phone, Kyle, assured me that he was a manager and that there would be no issue with the same guinea pig being returned to me.

The next day Chris and I went in the store to purchase pet supplies. While we were in the store we stopped to look at the piggies in the display and noticed one of them seemed to be hurt. I stopped a man wearing a nametag that said Kyle and I asked if he worked there. This was also the same man I saw standing behind the #3 register as we walked into the store. He said that he did work there and asked how he could help me. I pointed out the issue and he assured me that someone would take a look at her.

When I went back into the store this past Saturday to check on Hobo and what the vet said about her, I noticed Kyle standing back in the grooming area of the store… back behind the glass doors.

Now, here is where things really get bizarre. When speaking with David, the store manager, he informed me that they do not have a manager named Kyle. They don’t even have an employee named Kyle in the store. At this point I was rather concerned because this person was answering the store phone and tending to the floor as a manager. I told him to check his store surveillance tapes and I gave a rather detailed description of the person, only to be told they don’t have security cameras in the store.

Bottom line, this store’s employees have no issue lying to you about the health, care and policies regarding your pet’s care, but they also allow random people to stand behind registers, answer phones and tend to customers. I will never spend another cent in this, or any other PetSmart, store location. I will also try and prevent any other person I know from using PetSmart. They have lied to me, condoned the lies that prevented me from knowing the facts about the care of my guinea pig and then they sold her to another family. They have also refused to contact the people who purchased her and explain their screw up. I have received absolutely no help from management on any level in regards to getting my family member back.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Petsmart and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Petsmart to "i want my family member back".

The most disappointing in user's experience was lies and incorrect information, solution given to me and rude employees. Author liked the most selection of pets and products. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Midlothian, Virginia, United States #1250042

I don't understand why they couldn't call the people that they resold him to.Terrible

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