We bought a plecostmus from the Rockaway NY Petsmart. It died 2 days later.

I went to the store to get a replacement. They checked the water, and told us the alkaline levels were high, but that shouldn't affect the fish, so offered to give us a new one, but only told us then that there wasn't enough algae in the tank to support it. Then the manager, Chris, said they couldn't give us a replacement no matter what without a receipt.

My wife returned that same day with the receipt, and they continued to give us problems.

Mind you, this is for a $1.60 fish! Both my kids were crying at this point over the dead fish, but the manager, Chris, did his best to avoid us at all costs.

Most of the Plecostmus in the store died of starvation anyways, according to one of the staff.

Never buy from this store if you can help it! The fish are not well maintained and the staff know hardly anything about what they are selling.

Review about: Petsmart Manager.

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I really don't believe it is that hard to take care of the fish. I have had my Wal-Mart gold fish for two months now and he is perfectly healthy despite what their rep. If I can keep a walmRt fish alive with some simple care they can keep theirs.

to Anonymous #1136243

Gold fish are different. The oto's need bacteria in their stomach to digest food. When being held in petCo they don't eat bc of stress, bacteria dies, then when they get to your tank and eat, they can't digest :(


Maybe if more people would do research on the fish they are interested in buying, people would have less issues keeping said fish alive. I'm a serious fish enthusist and I can tell you... 80% of the time, the fish dies because of owner error.


OMG They wouldn't return a $1.60 fish? Thats very bad customer service.They have very bad managers at alot of these stores and alot of people don't realize it.They r nice 2 u until u have a problem. :(


Plecos ought to be fed a varied diet of algae wafers, shrimp pellets, and fresh veggies such as lettuce and sliced zucchini- expecting them to survive off of what the tank can produce in the way of algae is setting yourself up for failure as a pleco keeper. Not all algae eaters eat all types of algae, and a healthy, well-maintained aquarium should not suffer from an algae problem.

The majority of fish that die so soon after purchase die because they are acclimated incorrectly.


yea whatever cheapskate my *** if my goldfish died that is like 13 cents id take it back and ask for a new one u bought it u have a right to have a healthy fish that wont croke as soon as u get home w/ it my son is the same way when his bristlenose Pleco died we jes got it replaced!im not thrilled with Petsmart myself they suck!


You really are a cheapskate if you are making a fuss over $1.60 fish.

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