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i bought a beautifull ball python baby from petsmart for my wife we decided to name it vine my wife and i held the snake for a while spent 200 dollars on the snake and the entire cage setup. we got her home set up her tank put her in it she was fine and active.

i got her out 2 more times that night and again she was fine and active.

the next day wich is today that i'm writing this 10/14/2014 our new snake who was a baby ball python is dead and petsmart wants me to bring in the corpse for an exchange or refund.

yea great idea now that my wife is crying over the loss of vine. thanks

Reason of review: sick animal.

Monetary Loss: $89.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Pissed.

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This is old af. But this happened to me.

I got her habitat a week in advance to make sure it was temperature and humidity ready. And i handled her a bit. She wouldnt eat. But i didnt think too much.

I tried two different days. She was still alive. And i thought she was okay. I left and came back and my roommate had turned off her light.

She was in her hide but i turned it back on. I was gone several hours mind you and roommate didnt ask me about the light. She hadnt come out so i didnt think about it turned off the light went to bed. Woke up.

Still hiding. Was ready to check on her. Lifts up the hide. Shes cold af.

And dead. She was a baby. The pet store didnt ask me to bring in her body. So i buried her.

I got the other snake they had. So far shes going well.

I think. Still trying to figure out why my baby died though.


I know this is an old thread, just sticking my story in here...hoping someone may see it.Bought a baby ball python from Petsmart a month ago. Held it in the store first and thought it was a nice little snake, wasn't flicking it tongue or being overly wiggly or anything.Having issues with feeding (mind you baby ball pythons need to eat at least once a week).Shortening the story.

After a month we took her to a vet. She only has a partial tongue. She has a very short tongue that does not extend to the end of her mouth and she has NO forks in her tongue.

She cannot smell her food with her lack of a full functioning tongue.I would think that the breeder who shipped to petsmart should have seen this. I also think that since we have to assist feed her, they probably assist fed at petsmat and didn't divulge that information to us.I am beyond PISSED !


Mine only lasted 3 days as soon as i got attatched to him he died.

Germantown, Maryland, United States #953813

I admittedly work for Petssmart, and I alone care for the snakes. They do make an excellent choice as a pet, especially ball pythons.

My guess would be stress was the cause of death, not knowing how you set up the snakes habitat. I always encourage my reptile customers to set up the habitat days in advance, as reptiles have very specific heat requirements, and in the case of lizards, very specific lighting requirements. If the snakes heat zones were not set up properly, then that could very well have added to the stress and the death. I always encourage novice pet customers to RESEARCH before they but any animal.

The internet has volumes upon volumes of free information. I'm one of the oldest Petcare reps in my store (44), as I do the job part time mainly for fun, and to help people. You cannot expect the average 18 year old rep to know everything. Ask who is the snake expert in this store.

In mine, they point to me. If there is no one and you feel uncomfortable, go somewhere else, get on the internet. I'm not defending the company, but you have the right to chose, and go somewhere else.

As far as the return policy, it's the only was we can keep people from scamming us. They can't just give you another snake sight unseen.


I got my first Ball Python two years ago now (he was from a breeder, not a store). He was a baby and my very first snake.

When you first get a snake, especially a BP, you should leave it alone for a few days (I have mine a week) to let it get used to its new environment. From what it sounds like, you may have stressed her out by handling her too much. Even when the snake is used to its environment, over-handling can stress it out. I don't care what other people say on here (a lot of them clearly know nothing about Ball Pythons or snakes in general).

Ball Pythons can make wonderful pets. My snake is healthy and happy. Next time, I suggest you buy a snake from a breeder. At the Petsmart I went to, they had two Ball Pythons housed together (a bigger one and smaller one), which isn't the best idea.

I would avoid buying pets in general from pet stores, but that's just my opinion. I'm sorry for your loss.

One last thing: before I even wanted my own BP, I did TONS of research on them.

I think you will benefit from doing the same. Always do research.


Of course you have to bring in the corpse. They're not going to give you another snake without proof that your first one passed away.


From what you're saying it sounds like the problem was stress. Between being moved from the store to a new environment and then you taking it out twice more over the first night, that's a lot of stress on a little body. You're supposed to leave them alone for the first few days after you take them home so they can adjust properly to a new environment.


Holly collects kiddie ***

to hollysa*** #892817

Those are some incredibly well thought out replies!

Let me guess...back in the 90s were you raised by a divorced whôre of a mother, never had a father figure in your life, force fed Ritalin on a daily basis and loved listening to Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins?

Now in your late 20s you feel like a "rat in a cage" because of what society has done to you?


Ricochet rabbit and borismorris work for petsmart. See how they mock their customers.

Burlington, Colorado, United States #889708

That is what you get for buying a snake--what were you gonna feed it?Live mice???that is gross animal abuse.


to Holly Germantown, Maryland, United States #953814

All Petsmart snakes are fed a diet of pre killed frozen mice. They are flash frozen so there is no suffering, and then thawed and warmed to feed the snakes.

There are few in the reptile industry who recommend feeding live animals to snakes.

It is cruel, and very dangerous to the snake. NOt everyone has an appreciation for snakes.

Florida, United States #889383

you killed it! great job!


Does she miss having it greet her at the door after a long day at work? No more playing fetch or snuggling up with it while watching a late night movie...so sad.

I bet it was almost litter box trained too.

Must be heart breaking to lose an over-sized, brain dead, soulless worm.

If you take it back, see if they'll upgrade you to a pet wasp.

to Ricochet-Rabbit #886073

I know I'm wasting my time and energy here but why do you feel the need to put down someone else's choice of pet? A pet that you obviously know nothing about.

to Anonymous #886080

They never loved that pet in the first place, they are more concerned about the money it cost. That is why they mentioned how much they paid for it. Also if it was healthy and active when they brought it home and died the next day in their care they must have killed it.

to Anonymous #1069271

Dumb *** that doesn't mean they killed it... *** people with an IQ of a grain of sand really annoy me.

to Ricochet-Rabbit Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1069256

Wow, you must be missing some brain cells. It doesn't matter what the pet is whether it is an annoying fur covered thing that drools all over the place or sprays all over your clean laundry or its a beautiful snake in which you have invested time and energy in.

Your appreciation of snakes is completely irrelevant. If you have nothing nice to say, well then don't let the door hit you in the *** on the way out....have a good day.


I'm so sorry for your lose. Ball Pythons can make wonderful pets, unfortunately I've found that most chain pet stores have no idea how to care for them or even worse the teenager "reptile expert" doesn't want anything to do with them.

I know your wife is grieving, I would too if I lost one of my babies, and if you decide to get another Ball I wouldn't get one from a chain store. Get your money back from PetSmart and go through a breeder. Yes they're going to be more but it's worth it to get a pet that will be with you for many years.

I've personally gone through both Backwater Reptiles and BHB Reptiles or even better see if there is a Reptile Convention anywhere in your area that way you can talk to the breeders in person and they can get you the perfect pet. Good Luck!

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