Fair Lakes, Virginia
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This was out first and worse experience at petsmart hotel in fairlakes. We leave our friends: kiddie and a little dog to enjoy the weekend.

I called them every day to make sure everything was ok...and they said they were fine. The day that we picked them up, we found on our dog's neck a big irritation and bold area, now she needs to wear a boring cone for 2 weeks!. But that is not all; a couple hours later, kittie begins to throw up the rest of the day and he didn't eat any food. We packed them both their kibbles for each meal in baggies, and they only used half of what we gave them, they were under fed, Both of my pets lost weight.

was a casualtie?or maybe they need to check the cleaning services that they are being in. I am really disapointed with all this.

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Midlothian, Virginia, United States #1250039

Kiddie and little dog would have enjoyed being with you way more than let hotel.P,ease read all reveiws on them and do your homework if you must leave them. Just traveling to the pet hotel can stress the animal and cause sickness. I do hope they are feeling better.God bless the lil animals without a voice.

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