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I took my 5 month old puppy Ram a lab/boxer mix in to get his nails done and he came back to me with cut down to the quick and bleeding on 2 nails and as well split nails. I have never seen dog nail's that bad or short.

The woman who did his nails told me my dog was a biter, I'd like to know how when he is around a toddler all the time and other dogs. I take him to the park and everything, never been told that until 4/12/2014 by this lady. When we went back in and talked to the manger of grooming, the lady who did his nails tried to pet him and he backed away from her hand right a way.

My puppy is now scared of having his paws touched. I will no longer do business with petsmart any longer.

Review about: Petsmart Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Poor dog! I've always cut all my dogs nails myself.

I used to have a shih tzu who passed away a couple of years ago, and I have 2 great danes now. One of my danes hates his paws touched, so I have to play a game with him to get his nails done. I sit on the floor with him, and I tell him to give me his paw, I let him sniff and lick the clippers so he's not so scared of them, and usually I get one nail done at a time. Sometimes I have my husband feed him his favorite freeze dried liver treats, and then I can get all his nails done.

If the nails are dark in color, it better to try getting the dog used to grinding the nail instead if u can. That will eliminate any chance of you cutting the quick, which with my mostly all blue dane who has all blue nails, his quicks are very far down the nails, so I can't cut very much off his like I can my other dane. I usually end up cutting the quick on at least one of his nails every time. I always have stipstik (sp?) powder on hand to stop the bleeding.

Use that and apply pressure until the bleeding subsides. If my scardy cat dane hadn't convinced my other dane that getting his nails cut was a bad thing, I would have been able to have gotten him used to grinding his nails. But, that's what happens when you're living with Scooby-Doo!

Hope this helps you do your own doggie's nails! Plus, it'll save you lots of money in the long run.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #812597

Was this your puppys first time getting his nails done in a grooming salon? If so then he most likely was not an angel for his nails, too many new things for him to be nervous about.

And if he was afraid and biting out of fear and flailing around one groomer most likely had to hold him and restrain him in a safe way while another did his nails and if he was acting like that it is all too easy to hit that quick and make him bleed a little. Does not mean he was treated badly at all, groomers are not there to scare or be mean to your dog.

Just because your dog is perfect with all other aspects of life does not mean he likes getting his nails done and wont ***. Next time ask for them to do his nails where you can watch and i can almsot guarantee he will act how they described and you will see how and why two of his nails might have accidentally been cut too short

to erica11 Chicago, Illinois, United States #816276

Very few dogs are "angels" when getting their nails trimmed. If the PetSmart groomer felt that this dog was a biter, she didn't adequately restrain him.

I know a rescued dog who is a biter when getting her nails trimmed yet when she came back from PetSmart after a grooming her nails did not look like this picture! That shows incompetence in the Universal City, Texas PetSmart grooming location. If this was my dog I would be contacting the upper management not just worrying about $7 dollars. You need to condition your dog to get used to getting his nails done.

He will learn, he's only 5 months old! My advice would be to buy your own clippers and a Dremel pet nail grinder and condition your dog to be more relaxed while his nails are cut.

There are so many articles online about how to avoid the quick while cutting nails. It is worth the investment and offers peace of mind.

to erica11 Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #828906

You are a dumbshit!!! Must br s groomer at petsmart


Its' best to be there with your animal the first few times to reasure them.

But this is terrible. If they couldn;t do the trimming, they should have stopped and called you to let you know.

They are responsible. And ig you suspect abuse, you were within your rights to call the Animal Humain people to file a complaint.


I just want to say, just because your dog is friendly and good around your child does NOT mean he's going to be well behaved for a nail trim. Groomers are not there to beat your dog or make him fearful.

Don't you think it'd be so much easier for them to be nice to the dog and get it done quicker and easier? Of course they're going to be nice and upbeat and gentle until the dog starts fighting and resisting. If your dog isn't used to being restrained, having his feet touched, etc, then it's not a surprise he wasn't good for the nail trim.

SO many people say their dog is an angel or super friendly but they have no manners and will not let a person lightly restrain them. It makes a world of a difference when people get their puppies used to having their teeth checked, ears played with, feet touched, and accept restraint from others.

to VetTech Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #813030

Very true!!

to VetTech #1235643

justanothervettech here again!

i know you'll never see this, yet just came across this posting&surprise, surprise(....nottt) found yr beautifully written response yet again. thanks for providing the clueless with actually useful feedback. :)

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