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Update by user May 14, 2015

People, I was not charged for matts cutting or whatever you call it, wish i had the receipt to show, so stop making excuses for bad business and stop insulting me for telling the truth.If you are here to check on others experiences with certain businesses, this is what you see, others experiences.

If you want to bully people go to youtube or facebook.

This is a complain site for serious matters.I did not write my experience so you can judge me, i did for those who are thinking about using this specific business services, might think again and safe some grief.

Update by user May 14, 2015

I took my dog to Petsmart on East West Connector instead of Cumberland this time and the treatment was a lot different, they even care to write down the transition during the process, very different than the careless hiding something attitude from the Petsmart on Cobb Pkwy.

Update by user Nov 01, 2014

For all the Petsmart mediocre workers who think they are so smart to come and say that the dog was matted, NO he did not have any tangles in his hair, ok. He was very neat and well taken care of, to which I would like to say that this dog I rescued from the streets and when I took him, his hair was terrible tangled, yet I took him for grooming and despite the fact that he was matted, he was not scratched one bit, meaning that it all depends on WHO does the job.

Update by user Jul 29, 2014

I forgot to mention, when you get your dog back, if he is wearing a cute bandana around his neck, you need to take it off right there and inspect your dog, because my dog had one and when we took it off at home two hours later, we saw some on his neck too.

Original review posted by user Jul 01, 2014

I took my Shih-tzu to Petsmart, after 8 hours i picked him up and at the moment could not see anything, because all the scratches where under.He came with several red spots where his skin has been peeled off and several cuts.

He was depressed for two days, no barking at cars, just laying down sad, for whole two days.

Absolutely nothing was mention to me, yet I went to pick him up a little before they say, and they wanted me to wait outside.It seems they allowed someone who was learning to do my dog without any supervision, no apologies, no refund of money, nothing at all.

Review about: Petsmart Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $80.


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Mine get a nick or two at the groomers. We come home and play in the yard and have a good time. We don't sit on the couch and cry about it for days.


That dog looks fine and normal

to Anonymous #1318977

That's fine and normal? You must not have a dog, and if you do I would hope you don't think that's "fine and normal" to have a boat load of nicks and scratches all over his/her little body. Not cool what they did


And i quote: "Grammar PoPo to Anonymous Feb 09 #943378 Redwood City, California

"You're dog was matted.Your post is difficult to even understand with the spelling a grammar errors."

Anyone else find this ridiculous, funny, ironic?

What a ding dong..."

ja ja I do "you're dog was matted"????????lol and then talk about someone else grammar, i can see why you are called grammar popo lol


You really have to be careful about groomers.Some drug the poor dogs.I learned to do it myself. You should have sued their assets !!!!Lots of luck to you.

to Patches Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #959855

What?!?!That is not true, I work at a Petsmart salon, and you would get fired so fast if you gave the dog ANYTHING!

We are not even allowed to take dogs if the owner states they give them benedryl to calm them down. Benedryl! So no, what you're claiming is absolute **** and don't go around letting people believe this ***. Yes, some groomers suck and cuts happen when the dog is wiggling and flailing around, that being said if they are doing it so badly that a risk of cutting is eminent the groomer should've stopped and sent the dog HOME.

But most times when a dog goes home and acts depressed or quiet, it is NOT because they were drugged, it is because they are really stressed out and exhausted!

It is very loud and fast paced in the back of a salon, and only about 5 in every 100 dogs can handle it showing zero signs of stress.

to Patches Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #959859

Also, just judging from the imagery in the pictures you provided, I see nothing wrong with your dog aside from a couple of scratches and some general redness, and the way those scratches lie, they don't seem like they came from a razor at all.That looks to be about a #7 blade which is the shortest you can go on the body unless that baby IS matted, then you use a #10.

So it looks to me like your baby has contact allergies, maybe a residue on the fur itself, that caused him to scratch and you didn't see it until it was shaved.There could literally be ANYTHING on your dogs skin and you don't notice till the hair is removed, like if you got a tick on your head you wouldn't know till it got so swollen it stuck out and you caught it with a fingernail in the shower.

Queen Creek, Arizona, United States #911682

Poor Baby, I would have raised *** with the store.The spots look to me to be burns and if one is not careful, one could also scratch the dog with the clippers.

I believe what you say. I groom my dogs and I have many so can't afford Pet Smart, but every once in a while I take them for a professional look. I won't take them any more that is certain. But going back to my grooming, I have had a burn on one of my dogs...I was so upset, that I cried.

Also, have had a small cut on one of them. The clipper can do both if one is not careful. I do my best, but I am not a professional. This is not excusable on the part of Pet Smart.

They are supposed to be professionals.

Next time, if there is a next time, demand your money back from the manager.I would.


I can tell you now that's not from the groomer!!!!!Think about why your dog was shaved!

Also remember he's a shih tzu which means he's low to the ground, which means ant/bug bites! Some of you people are a joke. Always needing to place the blame on someone else when you know *** well those things are caused by your own stupidity!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!:-)


Those are definitely the markings of a matted dog. The groomer did nothing but correct your neglect.

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