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I visited the PetSmart store in Whitby, Ontario, Canada on the weekend of February 26, 2011 to purchase packets of Whiskas tender bites food for my newly adopted cat. So this was my first visit to the store.

As I was searching in the cat food isle, I received a test message on my phone that I was expecting from a friend. I immediately removed my phone from my coat pocket and responded and put the phone back into my pocket. I then see a man quickly approach me from the other end of the isle, at which point he violently shoves me up against the isle, refusing to let me go. A female customer in the store came to my aid after hearing me shouting and screaming and told the man to get his hands off me.

I then realize that it was the stores general manager Don who just assaulted me, and he was accusing me of stealing and asked me to empty my pockets. I asked the the female customer to call the police and refused to empty my pockets until they arrived. Two police officers arrived approximately five minutes late as we all waited in the isle. This immediately caused a spectacle in the store, as dozens of customers and employees watched as the police questioned us.

The police asked me to remove everything in my pockets, only to find my cell phone and car keys. I did not steal anything! A police report was filed, however no charged were laid because I decided I would like to address the issue with a civil action(I am currently planning a lawsuit with my lawyer).

I was never given an apology by Don, I only received an email from PetSmart head office with an apology which seemed like an automated message after complaining to them after the incident. I will never visit this store again as this was the most appalling and embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me!

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Maybe if you stuff something in your pocket at a store and the manager thinks your stealing you should just show him that your not. YOU made the spectacle and wasted the time of law enforcement.


@Actual Witness your version of these events are completely inaccurate. I worked at PetSmart Whitby and I was there the day this took place.

This woman (Darlene) did not steal anything. She was not even wearing a coat, so how could she have concealed an entire bag full of merchandise? Keep in mind this happened in late February. Also, Don did not try and and stop the woman from leaving the store, she was still shopping when he attacked her.

She actually had a PetSmart basket on the floor, tossing packs of Whiskas food into it. She was planning on buying these items! That story about Darlene being booked by police is a complete lie. In fact, Don was nearly arrested.

The only pictures the police took were of her bruised arms, which can be found in the official police report if you care to look it up. Stop standing up for this despicable and vile piece of shît Don Lee! I quit PetSmart because of him. I was scared to go to work after seeing what he did to another young lady.

He also abused animals in the store! Please tell me why he was subsequently fired from PetSmart after the incident if he didn't assault a customer?


Actually, this story is entirely false and you're all ridiculously gullible for believing this story from the get go.

Firstly, Darlene Anne, you are as big a liar as you are a despicable thief. You were caught with a coat full of PetSmart merchandise which dropped from your coat like an over-weighted grocery bag when Don stopped you from leaving the store. It was then and only then that you decided to embarrass yourself with a tantrum and a hissy fit which drew the attention of myself along with the other witnesses.

The police were called and they did show up... to photograph the would-be stolen merchandise and book your sorry ***.

I'm guessing you batted those eyes nicely and got a slap on the wrist, seeign as you're here trying to get back at the guy who CAUGHT you. Even if you DID get a bruise from when Don stopped you from walking out the door... which I highly doubt you did... probably inflicted it upon yourself later... it's a lot less then someone like you deserves.

I highly doubt anyone will be sued, or any court dates will be issued.

This whole topic, as well as this Lady herself, is a *** joke.


Um, this is a crime and that manager can get jail time for it (at least in America, but Canada is very wierd so...)






You go Glen Coco lol! I agree with you.

She should have had him arrested. Personally I would have kicked his *** right in the store if he put his hands on me!


@what ever, you are an ***. How the *** is this a waste of time?

Since when is it appropriate for a professional store manager to assault a customer, even if they were stealing. Did you see the photo of her arm, if it wasn't serious, they why were the police called, and why was a report filed!

I am a paralegal and I'm very familiar with Canada's law system. This lady has every right to sue not only him, but probably PetSmart as well, and any judge; I'm %100 sure will grant her whatever she decides to sue for; which I hope is a lot!


I only read up to the "I will address this in civil court and lawyer and blah blah blah".

The whole story sounded "fishy" to me from the get go but soon as person said they sueing, the REAL agenda became clear as day!

Lets assume this is even 50% true, you got pushed, BIG DEAL!

Get over it and move on with your life!

You must be from the USA if you think this is even remotely actionable!

Hope the judge (whose time your clearly wasting with this all) makes you pay for everyones court fees for wasting peoples time with this ***!


@HA that site only lists police reports filed within in the last 30 days, she said this happened on February 26!


Anonymous, you must have missed the part where the story said a police report filed, and there were several dozen witnesses. If this matter reaches court, this lady will have more than enough proof to show that nothing she posted was inaccurate. There is only one victim here, so I don't understand who or what you are trying to defend.


Anonymous, regardless of the fact The Communications Decency Act is a US law. Canada has very similar laws regarding internet slander, libel, or defamation.

Even if this lady was issued papers to receive in court, she could easily prove here case and that her comments were true.

Then this manager or PetSmart would be out thousands of dollars in legal fees! And PissedConsumer privacy policy clearly states that they will not share, sell or disclose any personally-identifiable information, and even if they did, like Mark said; this lady could have easily posted this at her local Starbucks, or a public library, or maybe she used a proxy.


Mark, you are a sad troll who clearly don't know the difference between Canadian law and US law.

The Communications Decency Act, 47 USC applies to the USA only - and it applies to *** websites, nothing else.

Look it up yourself.


Do you know how expensive libel suits are? No one is going to spend the money to hire a lawyer and have this website hand over this lady's ip only to find out that she posted this while at her local Starbucks or under a proxy server.

And also, ISP do not just hand over a persons information based on a civil suit, they will only disclose this information if they person had committed a crime such as distributing illegal content, or threats.

Have you ever heard of the Communications Decency Act, 47 U.S.C? Why do you think websites like this one and Ripoff Report and their users are never sued?

to Mark #955357

Yes but...the brusies on her arm tell a different story.He should be charged with assault.Alot of lawyers take money after they win so she probably would not have to pay up front.She might also have ptsd and be afraid to go into stores now maybe get money for that.


Why would a lawyer ask her to post this online? And why not post the PetSmart email apology where they admitted her story is true? And why didn't she file assault charges - you can file charges and sue in court - it isn't one or the other.

And why not identify the officers who filled out the police report? Or post the police report itself?

The only thing she posted is a picture of a police officer in a PetSmart and someone's badly bruised arm.

This site logs and tracks IP addresses, and every single ISP in Canada (Rogers, Bell, Telus, and every little independent one) is bound by law to disclose the identity of a poster who commits a criminal act (such as libel) on their computer.


D you are an ***. This woman's lawyer probably asked her to disclose this information online.

I have already sent this story to a few local news networks. If this story picks up, it could help her case and PetSmart will probably begin to fear for their reputation and offer her a huge settlement, which would be better than going to small claims court!


Please, this woman is acting ridiculous. From those 2 pics with NO story I'd assume the cop gave you a beat down and a good one at that to you're arm at least :S.

"I'm going to sue, but I'm not going to press assault charges" *** ***.

btw: Does your so called 'lawyer' know you're disclosing this much info + pics to the internet/alot of people without so much as a court case being opened. You're a real winner aren't you.

Who bruises that badly in the '5 minutes' you waited for that cop to come whom I assume has no idea you took his pic and put it up here, I hope you get in huge *** for that as well.


Ashley You're a dumb ***. You might be able to read but you sure as *** don't COMPREHEND what you read.

Go stuff some kitty litter in your big mouth and shut up already.

I won't bother coming back here to read your reply, I have a REAL life and better things to do than you who obviously enjoys ongoing antagonism. Yeah, go find a dictionary for that one and ask someone to explain it to you you dumb ***.


That is outrageous!!! :( I hope he was fired and hopefully she gets a hefty settlement!


I bet Chow is really the manager or some other lowly employee. pfft

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