PetSmart - Horrible Customer Service

I had one small issue that I emailed PetSmart customer service about. In the mail I receive a postcard to sign up online with my PetPerks and they would send me a $5 Instant Reward. Well I signed up but never got the instant reward. They gave me complete run around. First saying to log back in and it would appear (which it didn't), then the system would log me back on (finally it let me back in), then it still didn't appear and they said to send my address for the coupon (which never came), then told me I had to sign up for emails instead to get future coupons....arrgghh!!! I ended up emailing back and forth 6 times, and still was never offered the coupon. So frustrating! I will go elsewhere now because of the horrible customer service.
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petsmart based in phoenix

petco based in san diego


Jack, are you sure you aren't talking about PetCo, which is based out of Wisconsin? PetSmart is out of Arizona and has NO call center in Wisconsin.

To the complainant, why didn't you just go to the store and talk to a manger?

I am sure they would have been happy to help you out. Complaining on this site got you...nothing.


Same experience. 5 complaints to Wisconsin call center and never a return call

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Englewood, Colorado
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Petsmart Grooming Las Vegas

Never take your dog to the Petsmart grooming salon on Eastern in Las Vegas! I've been taking my Shih Tzu to Petsmart for his grooming since I got him 2 years ago. Usually, I have a good experience, but not this time. Chewy always has a little matting around his legs and behind his ears since he won't let me brush back there. His regular groomer will just shave down those two parts and cut the remainder of his hair with the scissors. But this time it was a new groomer and she said they would try to leave as much hair on as they could. I said fine expecting results similar to Chewy's past grooming experiences. Not! She shaved every inch of hair off except his ears. His belly, his back etc. were not even matted! Just a little bit on his back legs. When I got him home he kept chewing at his legs and backside and whining. He wouldn't let me touch him at all which is definitely not like Chewy as he is a very affectionate dog. He whined all through the night and the next day his entire backside was bright red. I called Petsmart and asked what happened. The salon manager Theresa said that shaving always causes skin irritation, use some Neosporin, and remember I signed a waiver. Really?!? I don't believe I signed a waiver for negligence and incompetence. Chewy is a Shih Tzu so with his long hair I always have him shaved down in the summer (since I live in Las Vegas) and this has never happened before. He wouldn't sleep, eat, or even drink water. He just whined all day and even started shaking at times from the pain. I took him to his vet (which was $200) and they told me he had severe razonburn. I had to put him on anti-inflammatory medication as well as antibiotics just in case of infection. I hate that Chewy had to go through this and I would hate for any other dog to have to go though this as well. Inexperienced grooming staff are what caused the problem. Please don't take your dogs to that Petsmart!
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I just went though the same thing with my cocker spaniel mix here in houston Texas. We had to give him anti inflammatory, anti biotics and pain killers.

This infuriates me!!! I hope your dog is feeling better now.


if your dog doesnt let YOU brush his legs, just imagine how he is for a complete stranger brushing or shaving his legs. It most likely was not razor burn, but from the mats finally being shaved out. his skin was most likely irritated long before he was shaved and after he was shaved he was finally able to reach it to scratch it and chew at it.


I agree with groomer. I am also a groomer at PetSmart.

I have worked at 3 different stores, and all of them have very high safety standards. I have heard stories of other PetSmarts that don't care about what their groomers do, just about the money. It's very sad to think that you, as well as many others, have to go through this experience. My advice to you is to discuss with your groomer EXACTLY what you want, and remember that as the parent of your dog, if you don't feel comfortable leaving him with that groomer, then don't.

You know the groomer will be good if they are attentive to your wants and the dog's needs at check-in. Also, PetSmart's policy is to pay for any vet bills for a problem that the vet encountered during grooming.


My regular groomer was not there so I should have waited until he was. The girl who shaved him was new, but I would think she was qualified enough to deal with a little matting on his legs.

I don't care how much matting a pet has. That's no excuse for all the razon burn he had on his body.

I've had bad haircuts before, but I didn't end up with a trip to the hospital as a result.

And maggots? I don't know where the pets you've seen have been, but there are no maggots in my house to speak of.


your the owner, you want him long, brush him train him to like it and not hate it.

When there are mats there is not telling what is under them. I work at petsmart and I can tell you I have seen MAGGOTS inside hiding inside matts before.

Mistakes happen, as far as a bad haircut goes. How many times have you been to the hairdressers and you didn't like your hair cut? If you knew the groomer you had before was on the same page as you why not keep going back to her? Or did she not want to take you no longer?


brush your dogs legs....


Which location on Eastern?


Sue them for your vet bills. Easy money.


Yeah, sue someone who helped the dog rather than the person who neglected it. uuuhhh ok


I am a groomer for Petsmart, and I agree, this should not have happened. There is never an excuse for razor burn.

The waiver says that Petsmart is not responsible for PRE-EXISTING skin conditions underneath the mats, and since razor burn is NOT a pre-existing condition, they clearly dropped the ball on this one. I am sorry you had a bad experience at that location, but as a Petsmart groomer, I assure you, we are not all like that.

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Henderson, Nevada
Petsmart Grooming Service

Pet Smart Groomers - Whitby

I was just looking around to see if anyone else had complaints about the Whitby Pet Smart groomers. I bring my Pug there to get his nails grinded every three weeks. I don't think I will go back, which is unfortunate because it is right around the corner from my house and I have had some very good results in the past. That's the problem - the inconsistency. I have been trying to bring him at the same time, on the same day of the week for the last few months, so that I can get the same people that have done a good job! It doesn't work. I request and pay for a grinding, and this is the third time they have clipped his nails, and the third time they have cut the quick. I request the grinding because a groomer (who cared, and did a good job) told me that this was a better option, given my dog's long quicks and curved nails. It costs a few dollars more, but that would not bother me if it was a better service. Unfortunately, I suspected that some of the people were not grinding the nails, and when I went this time, I watched as the girl clipped them. I'm taking him to a real groomer from now on.
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Not ony do they charge more the one in tyler, tx on Broadway are so rude, inconsistent with time. The one's that work in the vets office have no knowledge of what's going on. There is no way I'm taking my dog back there.


Recently we brought our Golden Retriever in for a grooming. We had a PuppyPerks coupon and thought we would give it a try.

He was bathed, had his teeth and ears cleaned, and his nails and fur trimmed.

The trimming was awful. Aside from the fact that they missed a few nails, the fur was trimmed badly.

It looks like "Edward Scissor Hands" went to town on my dog and not in a good way.

I complained that they did a terrible job, and would not be returning.

I think we make the assumption that the people doing the work are qualified to do the work in the first place.

This is the same with other grooming salons....

Anyway... good luck in finding the perfect groomer that does what you want them to do every time!


i have not been there. but i was at the warden and eglington location once.

they were amazing with my yorkie. very thorough and explained everything to me.


When you make an appointment at Petmart make sure your groomer hasn't had to close the store and then open the next day. The store doesn't care about the employees getting enough sleep the night before and your dog may suffer because of this.


Dogs get quicked, its happens all the time. I quick my pugs nails all the time.

The thing about pugs like husky's THEY HATE their nails being done and Pugs have the worse nails ever. Mine does like grinding over clipping but its always a fight.

That is why all groomers have quick powder, that is why its sold. Its basically like when you cut your fingernails too short.

IT HAPPENS TRUST ME I AM A GROOMER .. every groomer quicks a dog at least once a day.


A lot of groomers will cut the nails first and then grind them if they are too long, so that might have been why you saw her clip them. Did you watch to see if she ground them down after with the nail grinder?

I know you shouldn't have to do it, but if you do notice that they didn't grind the nails just tell them right there before you leave the store and have them redo it, or if you don't notice until you get home just call and tell them and you can bring her back and get them redone.

If there is a girl there that you like all you have to do is call ahead of time and make an appointment with her.

Most of the time groomers will have a varied schedule so you cannot guarantee that a certain person will be there at the same time every time you want to come in. Each groomer has 3-8 different time slots. One groomer might have a 7am 10am and 12:30pm and another will have a 12:30pm, 3:30pm and a 6:pm. If you come in at 9am you would get the groomer with a 9am time slot. If you request a certain person they will give you that specific groomers available appointment times and she will be written down as a request dog in that groomer's time slot.


If your dogs nails are too long, they must be clipped first. Do what everyone else is suggesting here and call them ahead of time to see if your favorite groomer is available.


sometimes groomers cut the nails first then grind. and cutting the quick isnt such a bad thing sometimes it needs to be done b.c its just to long.

and i agree why don't you just call a head of time to see if shes there. or ask her before you leave she should have her schedule 6 -9 weeks in advanced


If you like one of the girls there, you should call and ask when she'll be there. Just request her.

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Petsmart Grooming Service
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Petsmart service people are not smart.

I tried to buy some fish at Petsmart Surrey BC, Canada. I have a gift card given to me by my sister last Christmas. Thought I will buy and add fish to my community tank collection. At the store, told this saleslady to catch fish in the CORY tank without marks and medium to large size. She just netted what she can catch and told me they are fast and its hard to catch what I would like buy, and I should just take what she caught. She caught random fish, some ugly, with marks, small and thin and one is looking like at the bottom of hierarchy/sick. Told her I am an aquarist I cannot accept what she likes me to own eh. They will be in my fish tank nice and pretty that i wish to admire everyday when feeding them. I guess she did know the difference between fish keeper and aquarist or this lady has no knowledge in fish keeping either.(Not all fish are the same to a hobbyist). Told her I am in fish hobby for 15 years and I can help her catch the fish if she has no patience. =) Called the manager, manager seems to have the same stand of no choices. I guess they can only sell fish to the little kids but not to us serious hobbyists. I walked away.
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Honestly? While I understand that you were frustrated, try to see the other side. She probably wasn't a fish enthusiast, just working what job she can. None of my fellow employees (and myself) were really specialists when it came to this stuff.

I worked as a cashier when I worked at Petsmart. If one of the "specialized" salespeople were busy, I got called over to net fish and catch crickets. I could get the fish alright, but I could never catch the crickets. One guy actually got so impatient he called my manager who threatened to fire me over the incident.

Next time some poor kid can't get the fish you want, try to be a little more patient. They probably have no idea what they're doing because they were never trained. Not ***, just not properly trained on how to catch fish.


@ Fish Addict, I am aware of that, the reason I gave the exact location of the store. Hired staff will make the company who they are. Customers will be pissed of services if they dont hire qualified people.

@ Pat Smart, no choice, Petsmart GiftCard can only be used in Petsmart.


Again, don't blame the company for the person. I am a serious fish enthusiast (working on tank and maybe my area has the best PetSmart has to offer?

I live in the Albany, Ny area and have 6 pet-smarts to choose from that are withing 20 minutes, and I always enjoy going to the Albany city one especially.

The employees there are helpful and knowledgeable. Too bad your experience wasn't the same :(


serious fish hobbyists do not go to petsmart. you get what you pay for cheap ***.

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Vancouver, British Columbia
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Petsmart dogfood had maggots in food!

Bought "BLUE" dogfood today and when we got home and opened the bag the food had maggots. Took the food back and the manager by the name of "Perry" would do nothing to make it right. He gave us a credit and we went to Petco. He said it was a common occurance. I will...
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I had the same problem from Petsmart TWICE! I had two guinea pigs a LONG time ago, who died suddenly and mysteriously after I bought the food that contained cocoons, and webs.

I didn't think there'd be living maggots, or any organism inside of the bag, but now realizing this is a real problem I kind of have many questions answered. I knew I was capable of caring and loving a piggy, and it wasn't my fault. A few weeks ago, my mother got cat food from Petsmart, now I hadn't known it was from there, as there was more stores around. But apparently, it is.

I went as any other day to scoop some food into her bowl, and there was a cocoon and larvae inside of the cup moving.

And a ton of webs inside the bag. They have a real problem, and the workers don't seem to care.

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Dallas, Texas

Ick from petsmart

i am pissed i have had all of my fish for about 1 year.i just got 2 red belly paccu's from petsmart and not even within a half of day the showed signs of ick.mind u i never had ick in my tank my whole tank has ick i will never get fish from petsmart again.because they dont have a passion for fish like we do and they could give one *** if our fish live or die the only thing that they care about is sales thats please dont get fish from there i have gotten fish from walmart that did not bring anything to my tank WALMART!!!so what does that say about petsmart?there tanks look clean but remember all of the tanks run on one system so if one tank is sick it spreads to all of the other tanks.and for them to just cram all of those fish in a tank that is about 8 know they are going to have a disease.
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fish get ick from stress and you would have noticed the ick even at petsmart. fish were prob stressed when you brought them home.

and if you went back to petsmart all of the fish would prob have been dead all he tanks run on the same water. and you could have easily gotten your money back.


My advise to you is go buy a deep fryer.

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Midlothian, Virginia

Afraid to take your dog here?

In my opinion petsmart in south county has the worst grooming staff. I don't feel as if my dog was safe in their care. I refuse to do any future business with these people. They seem more concerned with churning out as many dogs as possible with little regard for the dogs. They had my dog for 5.5 hours and when I called the second time to get my dog back they had many excuses why he was not ready. At one point the manager threatened to "traumatize"? my dog. I am concerned for how my dog might have been treated behind closed doors. They actually seemed to find the whole incident amusing.
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PetSmart groomers are required to go to a grooming academy that PetSmart sets up themselves. Then after this they are required to groom 100 dogs and be approved by the corporate offices to be able to groom.

They are the most trained and safest salons. No other salon requires this kind of training. And each associate must past a safety test. In all honesty PetSmart is the safest place you can take your dog.

If something like this has happened to you try switching to another location. Most groomers really do care about every dog that comes in.


groomers dont have to be lisenced. petsmart is one of the safest places to take your dog.

unfortunatly there are some idiots who are hired.

and if you have a problem the best thing to do is call and inform the manager so the problem can be taken care of. petsmart groomers are trained and certified.


I won't take my dog to the petsmart groomers anymore. They are not trained and licensed groomers, their "groomers" are merely sales associates who probably got a quick crash course in grooming. I've taken my dog there a few times, but now I go to a real groomer and it's not even anymore expensive.

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Saint Louis, Missouri
Petsmart Grooming Service
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Humiliated at Pestmart

I went to a local Petsmart to buy some of the black friday specials. When walking around the store I saw 2 shoppers with a cart loaded of a special price cat litter. I also witnessed one of them opening one of the cat litter box on the floor. As I did not know what...
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Seriously? I think any sales associate would see someone opening bags and assume the other ones are there. She shouldn't have yelled at you, but then again, Black Friday gets sales associates yelled at all freaking day and it's hard to keep sane.

I also like how everyone on here calls themselves honest and hard working. So honest that you opened a bag of litter to get a damned $5 coupon? Yeah.

Also, don't use quotation marks for emphasis. They're not meant to (remember grade school?) and if you do, it just makes you look like you're being sarcastic, as if you're telling us that you WOULD allow yourself to steal a coupon but are hiding it in sarcasm. WTG.

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Athens, Georgia
Petsmart Coupon
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I took my dog to Petsmart over the weekend to let him pick out his own treats. The sales people were all rude, and made it very obvious that they were not happy with the fact that I had my dog there. The woman at the checkout counter didn't even offer one of the many treats she had at her counter. I e-mailed a complaint to petsmart. They want me to give them a call. I'm at work, and don't have time to call, so I guess I just have to deal with it. Never going back there again!
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wow some of you people are ridiculous...but thats not why i am here. i just started working at a petsmart to make some money while i'm attending a six month dog training class.

i wanna work with dogs for the rest of my life...that being said i will let you in on a secret that many of you out there will find heartbreaking: not all petsmart employees are pet-people. many don't know as much as they should and some flat out don't care. petsmart is first and foremost a RETAIL store. thats the kinda people that get hired.

luckily, the nature of the store attracts many people like me that can't get enough out of giving advice with fleas or food or, my favorite, a new puppy. but you will get some bad apples that got the job based on retail experience and not animal/pet experience. it will take EFFECTIVE complaints to living, breathing managers who care about surveys and stats to eventually *** out a bad employee. so please, quit with this online fracas and complain to a human being.

it will make it a much better process for pet parents out there and the good employees who cannot do anything, shy of blackmail. kidding.


This is a very strange story. It must have just been the store you were at.

All my associates love the dogs that come into our stores and always take the time to bend down and interact with friendly dogs.

And why are you complaining about the store and not willing to do anything about it besides send an initial email complaint? Corporate was clearly trying to right whatever wrong there was and you refuse to cooperate?

This is how PetSmart changes for the better. We truly care about what our customers have to say, and customer compliments and complaints are read each day by the managers, and relayed to associates so we know what we can work on.


I have also had rude customer service from Per Smart. After buying a turtle form them I went back a couple of days later and said that he was VERY sick.

All they could say was bring him in and I would get a refund. That's all they would say even after I said I wanted him over & over.


Ok, let me address some things! I just started at PETSMART and I can assure you that they really do care about their Customers and pets!

They are what makes the store run! I don't believe any of these stories you people posted! A woman posted a manager assulted her so hard it left huge bruises because he THOUGHT she stole? Please, no manager is going to assult you!

They will just take you in the back and show you the tapes of you shopliffting then call the police! You are such a liar and just trying to get money! You are what they call sue happy and pay your way through life not working but sueing people! Then you have someone saying the Employees and Manager where upset because she opended containers of kitty litter for a coupon?

*** yeah they should be upset! That cost the store a ton of money!You can not go to any store and start opending items for the coupon..Thats how stores go out of business! And secondly you are lucky they didn't call the police! Thats theift woman!

Then we hare the lady who is mad over her dog not getting a treat at the register!

How does the cashier know you won't get mad if she hands your dog a treat? maybe you would would get mad and say he was on a diet or can't have treats! I think that if the treats are at the cashier desk then you could have simply gave your dog one!

Petsmart appreciates their Customers and their pets very much!

WE ARE TOLD that our customers are very important to the company and to treat their pets wondefully because people love their pets as they do children! I appreciate all customers but some customers are just hard to deal with and are always looking to get something for free!!!!!


First of all, does it really matter that no one cared that you were there? It's not rude to not make a fuss over a person coming into a store.

Did you expect a trophy? And second, why not just ask for a treat for your dog, instead of expecting someone to just give you it?


i honestly hate people who think groomers are " rough, and jerking" around there pet. we will never get your misbehaved dog groomed if we dont have any control.

dont confuse control with " mishandling". maybe if you didn't pamper and baby your "cockapoo" it wouldn't be a b**** during its groom. and if anyone is mis treating there dog its you ppl who think you can baby your dogs. they need to be controlled and trained you need to be the dominate one.

and agreed, its a dog.. would you let your 2 month old baby pick out a toy.. no cuz he doesnt understand wtf is going on just lik the dog. the dog is more curious about where he is and smelling the *** around him.

and you complain about rude cashiers.. how they would to complain about you! your dog bluntly pees and you no it and they no it.. and you walk away.

or you get mad b.c we dont have something in stock for your precious fufu dog and you get mad at us.. oh i didnt no we controlled stock.

i could go on and on. but i bet your a b**** outside of psmart aswell.


"I'm at work, and don't have time to call" but you make time to *** about it on website? Way to yell at the sky genius.

People who visit the grooming at Ps are typically there because they can't groom their dog themselves. If they cared about the quality, they'd spend more than 30 bucks on a hair cut. More often than not the dog has behavior issues the pet parent refuses to address but cast it off on a groomer to deal with. The jerking, or pulling are typical dog control motions that trained and behaved dogs easily and happily can respond to.

Just like their children, ignorant people think they can cast their ill mannered and nasty dogs (or children) onto the world and expect everyone else to conform to their style. PS employees can get grumpy when they have to sit there and grit their teeth while you people make excuses for your dogs terrible behavior.


Yeah, I've encountered many petsmart employees that have been nothing but rude and dumb. The last time I stepped foot inside a petsmart, I had my dog (carried her the entire time, did not run amok or use the bathroom anywhere).

I dropped by to pick up some cat food on my way home and happened to have my dog with me. As I walked up to the counter, the sales associate was glaring at me and when I reach the counter the first words out of her mouth were, "Oh My God! Are you seriously feeding your puppy cat food?!?!" in a very snide tone. Now let me remind you, I did nothing but walk up to the counter with cat food in one arm and my dog in the other.

I hadn't said a word yet. Now maybe I can understand a sales associate displaying concern for a customers' pet, but the attitude was totally uncalled for. I don't get rude with people unless they get rude with me first. Then it's on.

I did tell her that I was feeding my CAT the cat food. Why? Do I need to have my cat in tow to buy the food? Way to be presumptuous.

Needless to say, I don't go to Petsmart anymore.

I haven't been back since that last incident (yes, there were previous ones).

Petco is WAY better! I like their selection better and their sales associates are actually NICE!


People on this forum are so mean. Why would someone post about rude clerks if it wasn't true.

I've had mostly great experiences with PM. Only one did I encounter a rude clerk and that was on the phone. He must have been new because he didn't know the store policies. What irked me was he wouldn't take a few minutes to find out.

If you have a complaint, contact the cetral offices. They take that stuff serious.


Do you people have any idea of what PetSmart employees have to put up with on a daily basis? People bringing their ill mannered dogs into the store and letting them urinate and *** on the floor and the merchandise.

They the employees have to clean it up. Accidents are one thing, having a customer stand there and watch there dog *** on merchandise and then walk away is another. I worked for PetSmart for 5 years and quit because of all the whiney ignorant customers that think they and there out of control dogs are so special.

Get a life people!

Your shopping in pet store your not doing heart surgery! Get over yourselves.

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PetSmart grooming butchered my dog and laughed

I have taken my dog there for almost 5 yrs. This time some new people were in the grooming dept. I have on file that i do not want my dogs ears shaved down ever....Because the first time in there they thought she was a certain type dog and shaved her ears. Remind you,...
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This owner should have been turned away. Any dog that's that severly matted and has the risk of developing hematomas should go to a vet. People need to educate themselves on how to brush thie r dogs

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Cleveland, Ohio
Petsmart Grooming Service
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Petsmart groomers hurt my dog

I just had my dog hurt by Petsmart groomers. He came out limping when I picked him up. I gave it a day to make sure it wasn't him just being sore from the nail clipping, but he has been limping for 5 days now. They did pay for a vet bill to put him on painkillers...
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This same thing just happened to me today. How did you end up getting them to pay for it?

I’m going to wait a day as the vet suggested, but he’s limping pretty bad. I’m not happy.

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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Petsmart Grooming Service
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PetSmart fails to take care of customer complaints in a timely manner

I placed my dog, Blue, in the care of one of your pet hotels in July 2010. When I returned, his *** was bright red, as though it had been burned by something. I took him to my vet for treatment; that visit cost me $115.05. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach the hotel manager at Store #1168,I called the PetSmart "800" number to complain about my dog's condition and the difficulty in reaching the local store. I was told to take my vet bill to the local store (#1168) and I would be reimbursed. Since I was very upset and wanted my dog to be well, I did not deliver the vet bill to the local store (#1168) until 4AUG2010. I have yet to hear from the local store or your corporate office regarding my reimbursement. Therefore, I want the $399.70 I paid for the local store's (#1168) abuse of my dog and the vet bill amount of $115.05, totaling $514.75. Since I am in sales and rely on customer satsfaction to keep me in the top of my field, I fail to understand how your company could treat the mistreatment of a person's pet (family) so cavalier. This is not funny, nor fun for me. My dog was in obvious pain for over 3 weeks after staying at one of your pet hotels in store #1168. The hotel manager failed to take care of my dog and return him in good health. She failed to have the common decency to pick up the phone and call me--after the fact. She did, however, attempt to remove blame from herself, when I returned to give her the vet bill. That simply added insult to the injury--very insulting!!! Please have someone contact me immediately to inform me how and when you plan to resolve this matter. Remember, the incident took place in July; it is now October!!
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you need to read what you sign. remember signing a contract when before bringing your pet?

the manager cannot do anything for you. only the corporate office can issue a reimbursement.



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Do not use PetSmart Hotel!!!

A friend of mine actually had two incidents and should have learned her lesson the first time!! She took her two Maltese puppies to be kept for a weekend at the Petsmart in Houston Texas at Bunker Hill and I-10. When she picked them up, the bigger of the two had had...
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Jenn, it is very possible to get above a 4.0. Hate to break it to you.

There are plenty of people out there who get a 4.1 or higher.

Its called extra credit. :eek

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Addison, Texas


we fed our Cat Lucky Petsmart Sophistacat Sliced Chicken Cacciatore on Sunday, August 15, 2010 and at 1:30am on Monday morning Aug. 16,2010 he woke us up vomitting badly his conditioned continue to get worst so finally Monday evening we knew he wasn't getting...
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Yes Sophisticat is a propriatary brand, but its also the cheapist food in the store. You get what you pay for.

It has not been recalled, your cat was probably allergic to something in the food, or has a low tollerance to one of the ingredients. Or possibly because you changed foods, or even something that has nothing to do with the food.

Unless you can physically prove that it was that food, and not some other reason Petsmart should't give you a dime. In fact the Sophisticate brand should pay not PetSmart.

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Chillicothe, Ohio
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Uninformed about shots

On Tuesday I called Petsmart in Owensboro for a grooming appointment for a dog we recently took over from someone else. The girl told me he had to have a recent rabies shot. I checked to see and found that it had expired. I then got an appointment with my vet and...
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This just happened to us today. Now having to find another groomer this afternoon and the day is waisted . Thanks for nothing Petsmart

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Petsmart Grooming Service
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