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You Scalped my Maltese

I have 2 Maltese, one 8 Pound and other 4pounds. I brought them to have a grooming, i specifically said "don't" touch the tales, IT took me over 6months to get the beautiful full tail a Maltese should have, IT was chopped all on 1 side and the other was just...
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As a groomer my best advise to all of you is no matter where you go there is great groomers and BAD groomers. But no fear there is an easy fix!

Ask for the groomer with the longest experience in grooming at least 10 years should be fine and demand to talk to the person who will be grooming your dog! And stay and watch if a groomer is good they will not mind...unless all your baby wants is to get to you and if that is the case no biggie just get to where they can not see you but you can see them!

Don't be afraid to ask your groomer questions no matter where you go!! :)

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Petsmart Grooming Service

Improper Euthanization

In 2004 we had to put our longtime Yorkie companion of 17 years to sleep. This was performed in Daytona Beach PetSmart by a vetinarian doctor. She did a horrible job. First off we were not allowed to hold our beloved pet, he blew out the catheter and blood was going...
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As said, Banfield operates independently from Petsmart. They share a location, but the companies are separate. I work for Petsmart, and I don't even like the Banfield in my location- the vet specializes dogs and cats, and is useless for all other pets.

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Petsmart Manager = Cust Service of a Pit Bull

"The letter we sent to Petsmart Corporate" My son & I visited your store on Friday 9/18 between 4:30pm and 5:30pm. In the last week, We have spent quite a bit of time & money in your Vestal, NY store because our 3 cats (2 adults & 1 kitten) had fleas. I purchased Advantage, anti-itch sprays & shampoos.. I spent nearly an hour with the vet technician, in the last week, regarding the Frontline flea product vs. the Advantage flea product, which she convinced me to buy the Advantage. She also told me all about the vet offices there, which I was unaware of. She explained the programs they offer for adult cats & kittens..for a monthly fee. I was so pleased with such a great program for my pets care..and we were looking for a new vet..Perfect! The day that I visited with my son was not such a great experience, in fact, it left me with a terrible distaste for PetSmart – enough that I felt I should write to this experience doesn't need to be anyone else's. My son & I were looking at all of the "really cool" animals that Petsmart had..particularly the hamsters, gerbils, bird, and we even spent some time with the cats..even though I told him "No Way, we have 3 already"! He was really enjoying the hamsters and said that he might want one again..he had one when he was younger. Then the small birds caught our eyes..especially the little finches. He couldn't believe how small they were, and we talked about what it would take to care for birds that little. We saw about 3 or 4 finches in a nest attached to the side of the cage, in the back and he couldn't get over how adorable they were.. Knowing that my son is older and more responsible, I briefly considered a "new" pet..for him (he is 15) I took out my cell phone and was going to snap a photo of the finches. I was not about to buy any "new" pet without speaking to my husband. Just about the time I held my phone up to the cage, a man's voice thundered over us, as we were knelt down with our back to him, in a tone in which he clearly assumed we were 2 adolescents – and he said "NO PICTURES, YOU CAN'T TAKE PICTURES". I just about fell over. The way he spoke his demand to us was extremely uncomfortable. And he continued, after I put my phone away..he said "PICTURE'S ARE NOT ALLOWED". It was embarrassingly loud and in a very deep voice. I dare say there are no postings that say "No Photos", I certainly did not see any..if there were, of course I would have cooperated with them. My son & I got up, I wanted to leave but was sort of in a shock, so we wandered for a few more minutes..the entire time that man stood and stared at us, watching us. It was clear that this man must have been a manager – He was dressed differently, with a blue button down shirt and dress pants..he had dark full hair and I believe glasses. It was the most uncomfortable situation I've ever had at a pet store. When I finally figured out that this man was absolutely out of line and how uncomfortable I was, we which he followed us out, up to the register area. Please take this opportunity to educate this manager (or so I think he was) people skills/customer service. He could have just as easily said "Excuse me, we don't allow pictures…but I see that you're interested in the finches..can I answer any questions for you?". Had he done that..we would have had a totally different experience. I will not go back to Petsmart unless there is some way to know when that man is not working. Realizing that knowing his schedule is not possible, we will likely take our business to the pet store across the street and look for a new vet in the Yellow Pages.
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If the store has nothing to hide than pictures would be allowed. I found petsmarts to be cruel to the animals and found bugs , and crickets on the floor, in the dog and cat food and one on my own arm.


Customers and associates alike are not allowed to take photographs. It was nothing against you personally, but because of scandals involving undercover PETA workers, Petsmart has a very bad taste in their mouth regarding recording devices.


a better choice of your title might be in order, pit bulls are wonderful dogs and should not be equated to something bad, especially when it has nothing to do with a pit.


Heshould have taken your *** camera and stomped on it. No company lets people take pictures inside there stores. Get a grip and get over it.


That's not the point Dogmatic1, it was the way they were told.


...Yeah, whatever!! That won't stop me from taking pictures at Petsmart.

My kids are my world and I'll always capture the moment wherever I am! :))


While I agree he should not have yelled at you, I think you are over dramatizing the situation. You think he was wrong for telling you not to take pictures.

Did you ever think you could be in the wrong for assuming you can randomly take pictures anywhere you go? Did you know there are laws in place for that kind of thing? Do you want to get sued?

Maybe this guy was having a bad day, but either way, he saved you a lot of trouble. Stop being so dramatic.


Petsmart is constantly the target of PETA. PETA has taken many pictures and have used these pictures for propaganda.

I'm sure the control freak manager at that store is paranoid.

The retail industry is probably the worst industry for their inability to hire employees with people skills. Petsmart is no different, they hire a bunch of dimwits!


common sense you are not allowed to take pictures in stores, thats everywhere not just petstores.


That manager was an ***!!! I can't believe how RUDE he was just cause you wanted to take pics of the little birds.

I would call their head office and blow the whistle on this rude ***. :(

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Petsmart Cat
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Petsmart Grooming Will Never See My Dog Again!!...

I have a Border Collie, "Mikey"... who i take to Petsmart Grooming on occasion... When dropping him off i specifically told them not to blow dry him, because he gets stressed out... I told them i would pick him up wet. They said ok no problem i will tell his Groomer...
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If petsmart grooming salon had a dog or cat come in that had fleas. What are the procedures in place to prevent an infestation in the salon.

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Petsmart Grooming Service
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Pets Mart Killed My Dog

I took my 3 dogs in to Pets Mart to board for a week. I was gone 3 days when I got a phone call one of the dogs was sick and on the way to the emergency vet. No more than 15 minutes later I got a call from the vet saying the dog needed to be put down immediately. Temp...
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My pug was boarded at petsmart for one week while on vacation. He was perfectly healthy .

When I picked him up Friday at 6.00 he threw up , within hours he could not breathe well. I rushed him to emergency pet hospital. They discovered lungs full of fluid , major pneumonia. They were unable to save him even in oxygen chamber and massive antibiotics.

My heart is broken. My best friend for 8 years. What happened at petsmart mesquite tx.

A healthy pug dead of pneumonia in less than 24 hrs. After I pick him up.

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Petsmart Grooming in Diamond Bar, California

I had 8 AM appointment today (3-24-2008) at the Diamond Bar Location(Grand Ave/Valley Blvd.) for Grooming for two Adult Dobermans. Service in the past has always been "Excellent", since the storerelocation from "Golden Springs/Brea Canyon" to "Grand Ave./ValleyBlvd." the grooming service has not been the same. I can understand the Grooming area is usually busy durning theweekends and weekdays if it's a holiday. After todays experience, I really need to address todays visit. I scheduled an appointment on Sunday the 23rd for today the 24th for 8am. Upon arrival at 7:45 am both dogs were in a shaken state walking intothe grooming area (never before at the Golden Springs/Brea CanyonLocation), both dogs did not want to be brought to the kennel area.(Reason I don't know), this is our 4th trip to the "Grand Ave./ValleyBlvd." location. Their first visit after the relocation was fine (justanother trip to Pet Smart), the last three visits they refuse to stepinto the Grooming area. Both Dogs go into a paronoid state. This mornings visit staff was able to get one of my dogs into thekennel with my assistantance, and my other dog, he fought every stepof the way, finally staff decided to have him go first before my otherdog for bathing. It is now 8:20am and I felt everything is under control and I left the premises. At 9:46 am I recieved a call from the Grooming dept. saying both dogsare ready for pick up and upon arrival both dogs did not receive thepackage they usually get when they have thier grooming visits. Both dogs usually get the "Top Paw" package, (teeth cleaning, nailscut, and bath). I noticed both dogs did not have their nails trimmedand I asked the person that brought both dogs out if they had theirnails trimmed and she said "no", I guess from the vibe in the room shenew we had just paid the cashier up front for the "Top Paw" packageand went and got the clippers and trimmed both dogs nails. Once in the veicle on the way home, the mail doberman (uncropped ears)was shaking his head like if there was water in his ear but with closeexamination there was a cotton ball in his right ear. After the cottonball was removed and we were still in route home and could not look athis left ear yet because he was still shaking his head. Once home the male's left year also had a cotton ball still in his earcanel. If whoever that may concern would like digital images I canforward them since there is no option to attach images from this form. Both dogs have been going to Pet Smart since they were puppies forgrooming, (TN and CA), I do not wish to be the one to bring this typeof news or complaint but the last three visits to the new Diamond BarLocation has not been the same for me and both dogs. Here are some images of the cottonballs.
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PETSAMRT in 5781 Chantry Dr. Columbus, OH 43232

I’m writing in regards being overcharged for my services for the grooming department. I have taken my dog to the groomers at PETSMART for a number of years. But today for some reason I was charged $70 for a service that usually cost me $48. Plus for some reason...
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Petsamrt groomers must charge for the amount of work they do. If your dog is not in good condition, meaning you can take a comb through your dogs hair, the groomer doing the job must charge extra for matting, flee's or ticks, or even special handeling if your dog requires extra care, another person to help with the groom, or bites.

Maybe you wouldn't be "overcharged" if you took care of you dog and gave it some training. In fact the groomer probably undercharged you for the amount of work they did!

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Merrillville, Indiana
Petsmart Grooming Service
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Wasted my time and gas

I live across the street from a mall with a PetSmart in it. They did not have an item I was looking for (a particular size/color pet patio door). So, I called their next closest location, which is about 15 miles away, to check. They claimed they had just gotten the...
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Ive worked for PetSmart for over 7 years and Im so sorry you had such a horrible experience. We thrive on making our customers as happy and pleased as possible, unfortunately their are a few that leave unhappy due to different circumstances. I apologize for the expensive run-around you were faced with.

Sandra Sartorius, Idaho

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PetSmart does not care about the animals or the customers

Last week, I traveled to our local Pet Smart to buy my little 11 year old daughter a group of African frogs. I asked the young woman working in the aquatics section for help. She piled on an expensive tank, top of the line water clearer, and suggested lots of accessories. My biggest concern was that we had everything for the survival of the frogs and the girl insisted that we would be alright if I followed her instructions. Excited, my little daughter and I set up the tank and followed the lady's instructions to the letter. Overnight the frogs were covered in fungus and dead. My daughter was depressed for the next few days. We returned to pet smart to see if we could get some of our money back for the incident. I was put under an inquisition by the gentleman who apparently was the one who normally operates the aquatics section. He kept trying to figure out what it was that I did wrong to kill the frog, as if I didn't follow the instructions. "it may have been something you put in the tank beforehand." "What about the water in the area you used." "What did you feed the frogs?" The manager then comes out and glares at the employee and asks what's going on. Next thing I know, I was being questioned by the manager as well and she almost started screaming at me. After about twenty minutes of this I finally got my refund. Turns out that the girl from the day before gave us a solution to make the water just look cleaner, not clean the water. My wife still insists that the frogs were more than likely sick before we even purchased them. Even then, the manager stared at me while talking to another employee the entire time i was in the store. I have never felt so embarrassed at a store in my life and now my daughter is afraid to buy any pets. If we ever do this again I am going to PetCo.
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It is always recommended to add a water conditioner/dechlorinator to water intended for use with aquatic animals. Your water may contain chlorine, chloramine and/or heavy metals, so these harmful substances need to be neutralized.

Clarifiers are a waste of money because if the water is not clear, it is generally due to a water quality problem. In other words they are a band-aid, and do not solve the actual issue.

When people bring back deceased animals, it is required that an associate tries to figure out what went wrong. We cannot read your mind, so we must ask questions. I know it feels like we are giving you the third degree, and I am sorry for that.

Petsmart associates only have to become "safety certified" to work in the aquatics department. Meaning someone can be completely uneducated when it comes to the hobby and be assisting customers. While they should certainly be better educated, it is also the job of the pet parent to do research prior to purchasing a pet.

I am a pet care specialist for Petsmart and I have had fish for 14 years.


well my experiences with the petsmart i go to is great they take care of their animals and they don't overcrowd the enclosures and they give them a proper set up and veterinary care and our staff actually was very educated on all the animals they had there and experienced owners and handlers and the animals are very active.our petsmart will even just let you hold them and they will inform you on them and from what i have seen they are very correct.every animal i have gotten from them is still alive except my first dwarf hamster i had him for 8 months and then he got wet-tail and i didn't know in time and i had got him medicine and died after a week of treatment,he was at petsmart for over a year because he was a little bit nippy,and i told them i would take him.but all my animals are doing fine, and i look forward to getting more from petsmart.and some people say that petco is better than petsmart but my petco always has dead animals in the enclosures and over stocked in general you should not say all petsmarts are bad because last time i checked there was 50 states and i am pretty sure there is at least 2 petsmarts in each state(maybe not in Hawaii and a few others),and also last time i checked petsmart was not managed by the same person.there is not many stores i trust with just personal experience and petsmart would be one that i do trust.and with all the footage and stuff from the peta investigations on the suppliers they should also include that they just don't supply petsmarts animals but petco's and many more huge retailers.and not every pet store has the same retailers.and also i have yet to see any problems with our petsmart.


I never like Pet smart, every time I got a hamster or another pet there it would die. I googled Peta and found videos of proof of were these animals come from.

Pet Farms. Rabbits are force to breed . Most of the birds are kept in tiny crates or wire cages on top of each other. Guinea pigs all jammed together.

Before pet smart gets there pets, they are neutered . First they wipe they genitals with Clorox wipes then they are neutered by non vets.

Most of these animals Die at pet smart because they hire idiots that have no clue what they are doing. GO TO PETA AND LONG IT UP FOR YOURSELF .


I'm an employee at petsmart... and let me tell you...the reason they were asking you all those questions was to make sure that you were given the appropriate information.

Not to accuse you of anything. And yes, the girl in petcare should have given you the right stuff for your water. Another thing, if the frogs were sick before you adopted them they would have been in the sick room and been treated..not out on the floor to be adopted out. Petsmart does the best to ensure every animal is taken care of.

They use Banfield most of the time..

other times they go to another vet. These animals are always taken care of!


i bought 2 hamsters at petsmart and they both died in like a week and recently i bought 2 newt. i took them home and i had the rite set up and all that stuff i got the food they needed but they wouldn't eat so i got worried.

i went back to the store and asked them what do they feed their newts. the lady had no clue, so she asked the manager. the manager came in and showed me the same food I've been trying to feed them for the past 3 days. So i went home.

i came home to 2 dead newts. petsmart doesn't care for their animals.


Mario, that is a little strange that they wouldn't just return the frogs, especially in light of the guarantee. And Gary, they should have been able to sell you the Rx food you needed for your dog.

I realize it doesn't change anything and it probably won't make you feel any better, but I've got news for all of you out there: Petsmart doesn't care about their employees either.




HE THOUGHT IT WAS HUMEROUS, THE FOOD IS ON A REGULAR SHELF JUST LIKE REGULAR FOOD WITH PRICING. Ignorant! It was low fat diet food or a bland diet to aid my dog with terrible vommiting and diarreah. This was a total snapshot but i am so upest!

My partner is an attorney and was with me and I am suing the manager himself for refusing to serve and sale merchandise available at at retail outlet that is on clear and open display to the public. This is not as funny to me as it was to him. My yorkie poo of 10 years all of which only had been seen by Banfield vets located in Petsmart stores with the Optimum wellness plan. I immediately called customer service yes on Sunday and they in turn agreed with me and even called the store while I was driving the 45 minutes home.

Corporate contacted me this morning and apologized and agreed that the manager acted in uncoming behavior and are going to contact me later today with a action plan and corrective action at the store in Morehead City, NC. This is so wrong and disturbing and has not registered with me totally at this time as I am still fighting for his life even though he has passed.


To say that an entire company and it's employee's don't care about animals is ridiculous and ignorant. They ask you those questions because they want to prevent it from happening again, not because they're trying to blame you for it.


Wow, Marrio, that is such a claim that thousands of employees in hundreds of stores don't care about animals. You cannot generalize a company by one bad experience you close minded ignorant fool.

I love when people say they will go to a competitor to "teach them". Honestly, dude, situations happen. A responsible pet owner would educate themselves on the animals they wish to own.

You cannot rely on just what a kid at a pet store tells you. Do your homework.


I have been buying my three rescued cats food, supplies and litter at PetsMart in North Olmsted, Ohio for seven years. My one cat was adopted from PetsMart. Two weeks ago my son and I were walking up to the counter to pay for our purchases. The younger girl says to the older lady "what a waste, what's he doing with her?" Luckily the other woman knows us and said, "that's her son." I was wearing a fur coat and the young girl also killed me a "hypocrite" while the other woman agreed. I left the store pretty angry but promised my son I wouldn't cause a scene. I'm sure these two knuckleheads didn't think I heard them. I did file a complaint with their corporate office and had the manager of the Ohio store call me. I'll be calling him back shortly.

My point is this: if you want to express your opinions about a customer wait and do it AFTER they leave the store. Also, I'm pretty certain that the hundreds of cats that PetsMart has for adoption came from people who would swear they wouldn't be caught dead in a fur coat. The sales people themselves are likely to be consumers of animal products so they could also be considered "hypocrites."

Just having my say cuz I'm gettin' a little sick and tired of people's unwanted opinions within my hearing range. I really don't want these knuckleheads to lose their jobs but they really should be counseled for their lack of respect. I guess my cats don't need to eat their over-priced gourmet cat food either. Cat litter is available at my local grocer who treats me with respect even if they might not like my fur coat.

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Fort Mill, South Carolina

Petsmart groomer dislocated my DOG's left shoulder

Pets smart groomer dislocated my 6month old toy poodle's left shoulder and pulled ligaments. Maggie has been in body case for 7 days. Today she is now limping a week after body case removed. Vet has stated our puppy will now live with this injury for the rest of...
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First and foremost let me just say that I am writing this letter as a concerned and distraught pet owner. 

On Friday, March 15, 2013 I took my miniature Schnauzer Lola to the PetSmart located on 19175 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Mesquite, TX for a regular grooming appointment. Within an hour of dropping Lola off I received a phone call from PetSmart stating that my dog had been admitted to Banfield Pet Hospital, directly inside the store. Upon my arrival I was informed by the store manager that one of her paws had gotten stuck in a cage where she had been placed until her groomer was available. Apparently, it was until the groomer went to remove Lola from the cage that they noticed she had been bleeding. The manager clearly stated that this was not the first time an incident as such had occurred in their store. I was absolutely alarmed that such an issue had not been addressed and was so light heartedly taken.

Prior to releasing her, the veterinarian confirmed that Lola’s back claw had been completely detached from her bone. Per the veterinarian, the only way to prevent an infection was to proceed with a surgery to completely remove the claw. Sadly, Lola was completely banned from walking for a period of 4 days. Lola had always been an obedient well behaved dog and I had never needed a kennel, therefore, I had never purchased one. The veterinarian restricted Lola to a kennel and in complete desperation I asked the store manager for his assistance. The store manager stated “PetSmart will pay for Lola’s medical expenses but not a kennel. Kennels are for sale.” Due to the fact that this entire situation was the outcome of PetSmart’s lack of supervision and lack of care, I found his response to be very unreasonable. Had it not been for PetSmart, Lola would be walking just fine and not facing a possible infection. I strongly believe that PetSmart should be responsible for ALL expenses.’

Fortunately, Lola is recovering. The care provided in Banfield has been amazing. Nevertheless, I cannot believe PetSmart has the audacity to call this incident an accident. If the store manager clearly states this issue has happened to other dogs, it clearly isn’t an accident. PetSmart needs to do something to fix this entire situation/incident/whatever you’d like to call it. I truly believe this is complete negligence.

It’s sad to say but today this happened to my dog and tomorrow it could happen to your dog and/or cat. If you have a small breed dog that requires grooming, please make sure your dog is being placed in a safe place and not in a place that will but them at risk to surgeries, infections, and ultimately danger.

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