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I went in pet smart in Tallahassee on NW capital circle to get a bearded dragon they would not sell me one unless I bought there 500 dollar set up said mine wouldn't be good enough they didn't even know what I had,( I had a 100 gallon tank and the necessary stuff ) it wasn't there's ) I was so pissed I called the manager she sided with the worker and said they don't have to sell it to me. I was driving pass and stopped in one more time to get... Read more

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I'm writing today as my 14 year old dog was abused by a pet smart groomer in Peterborough Ontario. My appt. disappeared from their computer and they were over booked. This young lady agreed that she had time to fit my boy in, so I left him. BIG Mistake!!!! 5 hours later I went to see why it's taken sooooo long, she was working on my boy and I witnessed her yanking his hind leg very hard, then grabbing his face to try and get him to stop... Read more

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Petsmart Dog Grooming Service Review from Sebastopol, California
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Horrible service when grooming. Our first time at Petsmart in Santa Rosa, CA. I only asked for a puppy bath for my 3 month pomeranian and for her sanitaries, paws and ears to be trim. When they called to pick up my puppy the first thing I saw was that her face had a full haircut without my consent. Her paws and sanitaries didnt had a trim. When I went back, they made i had to wait and still didnt got her paws trim or where she pees, only her... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 12
  • #917010

I adopted a cat 2 months ago from petsmart in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The poor thing is infested with roundworms. I am absolutely disgusted that they would allow pets to be adopted in this condition. Now my other pets are at risk. What a horrible business petsmart is. I have been a customer for many years. That ends now.

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 11
  • #916920

Rude petsmart groomer who did not even groom my dog turns to me while im picking up my dog to lecture me that i needed to crate train my dog and then turns her back on me. She could have said it nicely as a suggestion but no. Rude as can be.

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I took my two dogs to Petsmart to have their nails trimmed on 8/17. At that time I had brought their shot records (their records were outdated) I spent twenty minutes watching this young woman painstakingly trying to type in the info on her computer. Two other employees were helping her. I offered her a hard copy but was told - we don't do that. Ok. I liked the way she handled my small dogs so I made an appt. to bring them back for a full... Read more

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I specifically scheduled my dog's grooming appointment for 7:00 am at the Eagan, MN store online. The website gave this time as an available option, and sent me a confirmation as well as having me reconfirm the time via email. When I arrived at my scheduled time, along with 2 other people who had appointments, only 1 groomer had showed up to work. The computers were also down, and I was made to wait 20 minutes to sign the appropriate... Read more

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I have already complaint about this employee and no response has happen. Well, I would like to I form you that will be the day I will ever shop at petsmart since this is the way you treat your customers with no respect and you do not value my business. I sincerely hope your insecure employee will spent enough money in your store to pay her own wages. I refuse to be treat the way she treat me for my money. There are plenty of pet stores in... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 29
  • #909506

I always took my pet to the same groomer at petsmart but the regular groomer could not. Bath. Him this time. When i picked him up and took him home he was limping on his back left leg. I asked the mgr what happen to my pet. She. Said. She did not know dont ever take your pet to petsmart go elsewhere

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We made an appointment well in advance to groom our two dogs. Arrived with both, were told to take one back and wait for call. Petsmart called and belittled us, saying dog should have been there already. Brought dog in, were told we would need to reschedule as groomers were going to lunch. Management was no better. If you love your dog, avoid Concord NH store! The one dog groomed came down with sickness. These people are horrible! They... Read more

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