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  • From mobile
  • 1 day ago
  • #968249

I took my Airedale to be groomed requesting a breed cut. I even showed them a picture. When I picked he up, her face was cut like a schnauzer. When I complained I was told the faces are cut the same. Apparently they don't know the difference.

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  • From mobile
  • 1 day ago
  • #968093

I purchased Flea and Tick Spray for Small Animals at PetSmart, which poisoned my rabbit. We had to rush him to the hospital, where he stayed overnight at a cost of over $300. More importantly, we almost killed our beloved pet with a product that we purchased in good faith. Please take this product off your shelves!

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On Black Friday I purchased 6 neon tetras from the PetSmart in Appleton WI. Within days 3 had died, I took my receipt and waited forever to get a salesperson to talk to me. Then I was asked where the dead fish were? I had flushed them, but had the receipt. The assistant and manager bother treated me like I was a thief. No dead fish no refund! I have spent several hundred dollars in their store this year, well that I come to an end starting now!... Read more

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Paid for a full $75 grooming appointment for my dog, stated in her progress report that everything was done, ears, trim, etc. such a joke, because it wasn't. My goldens ears do get quite dirty, and I have ear cleaning solution that I use to clean her ears between grooming appointments because they do get bad. Went to the petsmart on 170th in Omaha for the first time (only because my usual groomer was complete booked) this is a picture of them... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 04
  • #966764

Petsmart SUCKS I urge anyone that wants to buy a pet don't buy it at petsmart PLEASE don't go through the pain of loosing an animal after buying. I bought 2 guinea pigs less than a week ago and one of my babies passes away. They don't care if there selling sick animals they just care about selling I don't want anyone to go through the pain I went through

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VA Beach Blvd  PetSmart HOTEL
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some employees really do love the pets and do the best they can with the help they are given. The boarded pets are neglected 95% of the time because there is never enough staff to care for the pets that do not have play time/day camp scheduled. The tall atrium rooms you see are not given to all pets. If you have a "small" pet(PetSmart standards) and that includes golden, husky and lab puppies, they will be put in a room that they can only stand... Read more

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I live in Frederick Md and called the Petsmart located at 2450 Osprey Way to book an appointment to get my cat Sophie groomed. Bath,nail trim and sanatary trim.I was informed the groomer was not accepting new clients.This does not seem right to me.This is the only cat grooming I know of here in Frederick.Apparently this is the only Petsmart store around the area that does cat grooming .Not good customer service.This isn't the first problem I had... Read more

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We took our dog to get his nails and furminator done. Once we picked him up they let us know they were unable to cut his nails. We go our bill and we're still charged for the nail trim, we have another dog is twice the size and full of fur and we're charged the same price and this was with no hair cut. We asked to speak to a manager Draya who came out and said it's standard pricing across all petsmarts did not care at all that we were unhappy... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 27
  • #962079

Took my dog for flea bath went to pick him up and they said he had fleas but has been itching since i brought home but this is tye first time my dog been to hampton location the newportnews location never had this problem the hampton location ripped me off and did.not give the flea bath treatment that was ordered

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Had a bad experience at PetSmart in Toledo Ohio spring meadows shopping center asked two different times about cat tapeworm medicine was told that they put up but was a lie nothing was put up and I live a half hour drive away

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